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What Leaky Gut Is and How Gut Health Enzymes Help

Leaky gut, which is a fairly new concept, relates to the idea that your gut might be to blame for some of the issues you might be experiencing in your health and a leaky gut tends to mean your gut lining has been damaged. Today, we are going to dive into just what exactly a leaky gut is, how you can work to heal a leaky gut if you find you might have one, and what are the ways in which your gut might be affecting you.

What Leaky Gut Is and What It Means 

When you take a look inside our stomachs, you will find over 4,000 feet of intestinal lining which helps to protect the rest of our stomachs from any toxins, bacterias, and foods that might want to seep out. If your gut is in bad shape though, this is where these substances might be able to work their way into other areas of your body due to holes or breakage in your gut lining. When this happens, it could lead to issues such as inflammation in the overall gut, digestive issues, and create other health issues and affect things such as your mood and energy levels. If you are curious as to what else might be affecting your energy levels, check out one of our latest blogs on fatigue!

Something to keep in mind is that many people are born with a more sensitive gut or a gut that is easier to break through, but your DNA is not the only culprit if you find that this might be the case. Some studies have found that the reason so many people have been noticing gut health more nowadays is due to the lifestyle we tend to live here in the United States of America. 

In the U.S. there is a huge fast-food culture and this tends to lead to a low fiber diet, and instead replace it with one high in fats, processed sugars, and other junk food that is hard for your body to process. Mixing this with our high stress levels and overconsumption of alcohol and you find yourself making the recipe for a bad gut. Luckily, there are a number of ways we can work towards healing our guts and protecting it from any further damage. 

Ways to Heal A Leaky Gut 

Although there isn’t a set way in which to heal your gut, there are many things you can do to work towards a healthier digestive system. The first thing to address when trying to improve your digestive system is figuring out any food sensitivities you might have. For example, there are many people who are sensitive to gluten or dairy foods.

If you are unsure if this is you, keeping a food diary will be vital for you to understand which foods make you feel good and which ones bring you discomfort. After you find the foods that cause your stomach to be upset, be sure to limit your intake if not completely take it out of your meal planning. If you want to learn more about keeping a food diary, be sure to check out one of our latest blogs here for more tips and tricks!

Like previously mentioned, staying away from processed foods, refined sugar, and high-fattening foods is essential to hosting a positive environment for your gut. Instead, try fueling your body with fruits, vegetables, foods high in fiber, and fermented foods. 

Another way to heal your gut is to reduce your stress levels, as this can lead to your gut feeling overwhelmed and not do its job. Being stressed harms the bacteria in your gut, which is also vital for a healthy gut. 

How to Incorporate Enzymes into Your Routine 

Our 3-step wellness routine includes three different vitamins that come together to give you the ultimate protection for your digestive system. Our probiotic, Probiotic Renu contains both bifido and lacto probiotic cultures that work together to give you the support you need to feel confident you are helping out your digestive system. Bifido probiotic cultures help to facilitate the digestion of carbs and fibers whereas lacto probiotic cultures help to control the growth of bad bacteria in the gut. We set up our wellness routine with this one being taken in the morning, making it both convenient for you and a great start to your morning. You can rest assured that your digestive system will be protected, as well as your energy levels, immune system, and heart health. 

The second vitamin in our routine is called Metaboliz, and we recommend you take it midday. It is made up of a number of different natural ingredients, including vitamin B12, zinc oxide, and cayenne pepper powder to name a few. Since this vitamin is recommended to be taken in the middle of your day, we ensured that it had energy boosting properties as well as helping to boost cognitive function. 

The last vitamin that helps with bloating in the routine is called Sexy & Slim, and this one is to be taken right before bed. It contains a digestive enzyme complex that works together to ensure your digestive tract is well protected. This product also helps with liver detoxing, liver health, and replenishing your body with antioxidants. 

All of these products come together to ensure you are getting the support you need all day long with just three easy steps. Gone are the days of having to remind yourself to take your vitamins and forgetting 3/7 days of the week. Instead with our routine, after a couple days you will find yourself getting the hang of it and never looking back. You can also rest assured that all of our products were created with your best interest in mind and making sure you are fueling your body with all natural ingredients. Be sure to get your health in order today by shopping this 3-step wellness routine right this second!


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