Bloat No More Sexy and Slim
Bloat No More Sexy and Slim
Bloat No More Sexy and Slim
Bloat No More Sexy and Slim
Bloat No More Sexy and Slim
Bloat No More Sexy and Slim
Bloat No More Sexy and Slim
Bloat No More Sexy and Slim

Bloat No More Sexy and Slim

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 Helps Alleviate Bloating

 Assists in Restoring Liver Health

 Helps Optimize Digestion

Sexy & Slim capsules contain a premium blend of natural ingredients that help the body heal. Alleviate bloating, aid in restoring liver health, and help optimize digestion with natural ingredients and a blend of digestive enzymes.

Peppermint Powder is a familiar remedy to most common ailments such as muscle and nerve pain, nausea, the common cold, indigestion, flatulence and menstrual pain among others. Rich in antioxidants, this herb helps in digestion and helps cleanse the liver, as it is known to relax the stomach muscles and helps improve the flow of bile in the liver.⁣

Ginger Root Powder extracts have a high antioxidant content, which helps reduce cellular damage thus can help prevent fatty liver and aid in the healing of liver fibrosis.⁣

Fennel Seed Powder (saunf) helps in treating water retention, regulating blood pressure, and most of all, boosts liver health. Because it contains selenium, it helps supercharge the production of liver enzymes and helps the liver detoxify naturally. Its potent blood cleanser properties also help in cleansing the kidneys and help prevent kidney stones.⁣

Fenugreek Seed Powder contains compounds that inhibit both cholesterol absorption and cholesterol production by the liver. This powder also aids the liver with alcohol toxicity and, when incorporated in your regular diet, helps to restore liver health.⁣

Dandelion Root Powder provides powerful benefits to help you with digestion and bloating. Studies suggest that having dandelion tea is like taking a liver tonic, as it helps the liver produce more bile flow. It contains polysaccharides that are beneficial to liver function and helps in detoxifying the liver as well as helping the liver heal itself.⁣

Digestive Enzyme Complex contains Amylase, Protease, Pepsin, Lipase, Bromelain and Papain.⁣

Sexy & Slim’s premium blend of ingredients is the optimal way to supercharge your liver health, get your skin glowing, and help you Bloat No More!
Supplements Developed Specifically
For Your Gut

Our product line was designed for women to take all 3 supplements daily to continue each day with that overall healthy digestive, focused and energized feeling.

✔ 10 Years of Research & Development

✔ Quality Products you can Afford

✔ Delivered to your Doorstep

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