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Practices and Probiotics for Bloating

Bloating is such a common occurrence yet not many people know how to combat it. Everyone should get to have a healthy stomach that does not give them unnecessary issues like the gas, pain, discomfort, and distention on your stomach that comes with bloating. Along with listening to your body and keeping track of your own symptoms there are many practices and supplements for bloating that can get you to reach your digestive goals. 

The Practices You Need In Your Routine to Combat Bloating 

Before we jump into what happens with bloating after eating, let’s talk about how we should be eating. Being extra mindful when you eat includes chewing with your mouth closed and eating slowly/with intention. In contrast, eating quickly causes gas to enter through your mouth which in turn causes the bloating. Although this may not always be the case, eating mindfully is just an easy step to ensure you are doing everything within your power to avoid any digestive issues. 

Another tip is to choose your drinks wisely! Carbonated drinks lead to large amounts of bloating. This includes all types of soda, champagne, and beer. Instead of these drinks, maybe reach for a tea next time.

Tea has been known to calm one’s stomach and can even reduce inflammation. Some recommendations for teas include peppermint, ginger, or chamomile tea. 

Exercise isn’t just a great way to keep your body moving, it can also help reduce your bloating and support your digestive system. When you participate in physical exercise you are increasing blood flow to the muscles in your digestive system.

It is important to not neglect your digestive system as it holds a huge impact on whether you bloat or not. Taking a quick stroll after an especially heavy meal will help to reduce any oncoming bloating and keep your body up and running. Yoga can also be a great way to reduce bloating and relax your body. 

Limiting your amount of processed foods can also be helpful, because not only are these foods high in grease which is an irritant for bloating but it also contains a lot of sodium which is also known to increase bloating. Everything is okay in moderation, but limiting these foods to rare occasions will have you feeling in much better shape overall. 

Food Diaries and How to Use Them

If you are unfamiliar with food diaries, they are basically a way for you to keep track of the food you are consuming to better understand how it might be affecting you overall. They are a great tool for anyone, but especially for those people who find themselves having digestive issues more often than not. They are another great resource when looking for better ways to maintain or lose weight as you can be more mindful when choosing what to consume. 

Many people have found that their bodies are actually intolerant to foods they have been eating their whole lives. Some prime examples of these foods include dairy and gluten. Eventually with a food diary that discrepancy would become obvious and is a way for you to better understand your symptoms from it, including bloating. 

Food diaries keep you accountable for feeling in tune with your body. It is important to see what your body is reacting to when it becomes bloated, as that is definitely a sign of irritation. This is also a great way to track which foods don’t cause you to bloat as this will help you narrow it down to your new foods to stock up on. 

Some foods you can add to your routine to see if they help with bloating are papayas, avocado, and ginger. Papayas are known for having an enzyme known as papain which helps with breaking down certain foods and fighting inflammation.

They are not only fibrous, but also work to keep your digestive system feeling supported. Avocado is great due to its high fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium content. It is a great addition to any meal, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Lastly, ginger is important because it is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Digestive Enzyme Supplements and When to Take Them

To better understand why we want to take supplements, let's first dive into what they are. There are three major different digestive enzymes including amylase, protease, and lipase which are all known to have their own properties.

First the amylase is known as the enzyme that digests starches. Protease is the enzyme that digests proteins and lipase is known to digest fats. As you can see all three major digestive enzymes come together to make up most of the foods that we are consuming on a daily basis which means they are crucial to our overall digestive system and health. 

This is why adding a supplement to your routine is so crucial! Our product Sexy & Slim was created in hopes of a better tomorrow. The worst thing is waking up to an upset or discomforted stomach, which is why our product is recommended to be taken right before bed to give you the best results.

It contains a digestive enzyme complex which includes all the major digestive enzymes we discussed to help with many key benefits. These benefits include not only aiding in digestion/bloating issues but also helping to detox your liver and body, aiding in restoring liver health, and replenishing your body with antioxidants. 

Bloating does not need to be a part of your normal life, and with these tools in your hand there is hope of a better tomorrow regarding your digestive system. Making sure you are taking these extra few steps including adding a small amount of exercise each day and using food journaling to help your process will only benefit you.

There are many natural ways to reach your goals, but adding Sexy & Slim on top of it will only elevate you to the next level when it comes to digestive systems.

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