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Ways to Boost Immunity With Gut Health Enzymes

Humans are more susceptible to colds during the winter months due to the dryness in the air as well as the fact that we are more likely to be in enclosed spaces to keep warm. However, this does not mean that we are not vulnerable to catching a cold or other viruses during the warmer months. It is important to continue to take great care and give support to your immune system year around. By taking the best digestive enzymes possible you can ensure you are giving your immune system that extra boost of support it needs to help you avoid any unpleasant illnesses. Top rated digestive enzymes are a great way to help immunity, because certain ones can break down microorganisms and bacteria that can enter your bloodstream. 

How Your Immune System and Digestive System Are Connected 

Similarly to the connection between your mental health and digestive health, your immune system and digestive system are incredibly connected. When one system is weak or damaged it could negatively impact the other. Our digestive system is a place where many potentially harmful and ill-inducing pathogens can make their way into our bodies, and once that occurs it is up to your immune system to put up all of its protection in order to avoid getting you sick. 

Our bodies are made up of a huge amount of bacteria cells in which the digestive system is responsible for. That bacteria can either be good bacteria or bad bacteria and it is the digestive system’s responsibility to ensure that we are keeping a healthy amount of good bacteria in order for it to dominate over any bad bacteria. This bacteria is connected to our gut health, which means that in order for us to have a healthy gut we need to find ways to boost that good bacteria in our bodies. 

How To Maintain the Amount of Healthy Bacteria In Your Body 

Prebiotics and probiotics are an essential part of making sure you have the right amount of healthy bacteria throughout your body. Prebiotics help the environment in which the bacteria lives flourish in order to give it a safe place to thrive. Prebiotic fiber strengthens the good bacteria you already have in the gut and primes the probiotics to do its job to further eliminate the bad bacteria. Some examples of prebiotics include onions, soybeans, and bananas. 

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that work to increase the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut and body. Our probiotic called Probiotic Renu contains bifido probiotic cultures and lacto probiotic cultures. Bifido probiotic cultures help your body break down complex carbs and fibers that your body might otherwise have trouble handling on its own, whereas lacto probiotic cultures produce something called lactase which helps to control the growth of damaging bacteria in your gut. We decided to put these two cultures together to give you the support you need both for your digestion and to promote healthy bacteria to further support other systems in your body such as your immune system. 

On top of maintaining the healthy bacteria in your body, it is also wise to have a digestive enzyme supplement on your side to further support immunity as well as overall health. Digestive enzymes help to improve digestion in order to produce a no more bloat environment and minimize other digestive ailments. When you do have digestive issues it causes other areas of your life to become imbalanced such as your mental health or immunity. Our product, Sexy & Slim contains a digestive enzyme complex in order to ensure you are getting the enzymes you need to feel confident you are protecting your body. 

How Drinking Water and Maintaining the Right Diet is Essential for Immunity 

Aside from taking supplements, there are many ways you can boost your immunity through day-to-day activities. These are important to practice on top of taking vitamins, because they are great healthy habits that will follow you throughout the course of your life. Specifically, the foods and drinks you consume play a great part in your health status. 

People tend to overlook the power of drinking water, but it is actually a great way to give your immune system that little extra boost of support. Water is important to consume for a host of reasons, and for your immune system it all relates back to a fluid in our circulatory systems called lymph. Lymph is a fluid that is responsible for dispersing immune cells throughout our body that are supposed to help our bodies fight off infections. 

However, this fluid is made up primarily of water which makes it vital to stay hydrated. When you are dehydrated, lymph cannot properly flow throughout your body making it stay stuck and not successfully transfer these illness fighting cells to where they need to be. This can lead to a weaker immune system since it does not have the cells needed to do its job properly. Taking the time each day to ensure you are reaching the right amount of water intake is essential in avoiding dehydration and the travel of fluid throughout your body. 

In addition to drinking water, the type of diet you are following can also impact your immune system. If your diet primarily consists of processed sugars and fats, you are not giving your body the right nutrients it needs to thrive. Instead, try making sure you are incorporating as many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, healthy fats, and fiber that you can. There are certain vitamins such as C and E that are also helpful in boosting immunity and can be found naturally in certain foods. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli, and spinach. Vitamin E is found in plant-based oils and seeds. Incorporating these foods throughout your meals will make all the difference when it comes to boosting immunity. 

While maintaining a healthy diet and taking supplements along with daily life might seem overwhelming, starting with small changes and creating healthy habits is essential to creating a healthy lifestyle in the long run. 

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