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Gut Health Knowledge Can Lead To No More Bloating

When people think about their stomach’s health, they often think of their digestive process, but tend to neglect that the status of their gut is also connected to the digestive process. Today, we are going to dive into what the gut really does for you and how you can best support it. In addition, we will give you some specific ways you can best minimize any bloating through supporting both the gut and the overall digestive system. 

How The Gut Works In Your Body 

Your gut breaks down the food we eat and absorbs any nutrients from what we are consuming into our bodies. These nutrients are what support the different systems in our bodies including our mental health, immune system, and physical health. 

It is clear that the gut holds a lot of power over our lives, which is why understanding the different negative symptoms you can have from a healthy gut is essential in order for you to be able to combat them and get yourself back on track. 

One important indicator of the status of your gut health is your bowel movements. Are your bowel movements irregular? Do you tend to only go to the bathroom at rare times throughout the week, or do you struggle to control the need to go to the bathroom? All of these can be indicators of an unhealthy gut. 

Normal bowel movements can range from 3 times a week to three times a day, and it is different for everyone but if you find that you are not having a consistent bathroom schedule it is something to keep an eye on. Most of the time this is caused by constipation, which can be caused by a lack of water intake or a low fiber diet. A healthy relationship with water is essential in keeping your body happy and in tiptop shape. 

Fatigue or sleeping issues are also a great indicator that your gut may be a bit out of sorts. Since your body needs serotonin in order to maintain the status of your mood, if your gut is filled with bad bacteria that is causing inflammation and not allowing it to do its job, then your body will not be able to produce the serotonin needed for you to have a restful night.

When you truly aren’t sleeping at night, eventually this will catch up to you and lead to chronic fatigue. This can become an issue that not only affects you but your everyday work which is why it is essential to combatting the bad bacteria in your gut. 

Ways to Best Support Your Gut and Its Benefits 

Here are some ways to best support your gut in order to avoid the symptoms above along with many other digestive issues such as bloating, abdominal pain, and a lack of appetite. 

1. Have a High Fiber Diet

Eating fruits and vegetables as well as grains and beans that are high in fiber help to promote the production of healthy bacteria in your gut. You need this bacteria in order to overpower any of the unhealthy bacteria that may be in your system, and the healthy bacteria helps you to properly digest any foods that come into your body. Be cautious of adding too much fiber into your diet, as this can lead to watery stool and gas. A good medium is always essential with any food that you incorporate into your routine. 

2. Add Fermented Foods Into Your Diet

Fermentation happens when the sugars in a certain food are broken down into yeast/bacteria. This bacteria is helpful in supporting your gut, and can be found in foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and tempeh. When adding certain foods in your routine to help your gut, be cautious of any food intolerances you might have as this could cause further damage. Knowing your body and what works best for you is always important when incorporating any new foods into your diet. 

3. Lower Your Stress Levels

We have talked about how your gut is linked to your mental health, but it is important to note that this means if one is improved it can also help to improve the other. For example, if recently you have been experiencing high levels of stress this might be contributing to inflammation in your gut which negatively impacts you. Learning how to manage your stress is an essential way to bring you just one step closer to that healthy gut we all strive for. Stress management activities could include things such as meditation, consistent movement, exercise, and/or having emotional release through journaling or speaking with a friend. 

Ways to Support Your Digestive System 

In addition to these recommendations to support your gut, you can support your overall digestive system in other ways as well. 

Supplements that help with bloating are a great way to efficiently support your digestive system without having to go out of your way to plan any new meals or what not. Our product, Probiotic Renu contains the essential probiotics that are helpful in creating that good bacteria that your gut needs to thrive as well as helping to break down certain foods in your system to make it easier on your body.

It does this by using both bifido probiotic cultures and lacto probiotic cultures. We curated it to be taken in the morning so that you can rest assured you are starting off your day with your best foot forward not only in terms of your digestive system, but also by supporting your immune system and promoting a healthy heart!

When it comes to inflammation in the gut or your body as a whole, our product Sexy & Slim contains many anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help you to eliminate these issues. These ingredients include peppermint powder, dandelion root powder, and ginger root powder to name just a few. Put your health first this year and reap the benefits of both of these supplements by claiming your own wellness routine pack!
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