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Summer Essentials Including Bloat Reducing Supplements

As the start of summer is upon us it is time to spruce up our daily activities and transform them into something more summer friendly, and this includes the way you support your digestive system. If you are somewhere that gets especially hot and humid during the summer months it might be prudent to give your digestive system a bit of extra support, because the energy that your body usually uses for other processes such as digestion might be diverted to keeping your body’s internal temperature at an appropriate level. Summer also brings great opportunities in the kitchen with fresh vegetables and fruits newly in season!

How The Summer Season Might Impact Your Digestive System 

While you may not realize the underlying impact that the summer season has on your body it is most definitely affecting your digestive system regardless. The excessive heat makes your digestive system weaker and changes the way it functions. The summer season might also exacerbate symptoms for those who have more serious digestive ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome. 

Since the hotter months slows down your digestive system it is wise to practice healthy eating habits and create increments between meals making sure to not overindulge, but rather have meals that are both satisfying and light. It is also important to remember to eat slowly as it allows your body more time to adjust to having to digest your food along with keeping your body temperature at a comfortable level. 

The food being in poor condition might be another issue that arises during the summer months, because the rise in temperature can lead to growth in bacteria on your food which can cause illnesses if it is not caught in time. Make sure to take extra time at the grocery store to ensure you are picking foods that are in good condition as well as checking to make sure all food is decent before cooking. It would also be wise to avoid foods that are harder to digest such as dairy products and foods filled with an immense amount of fiber. 

Summer Activities that Are Digestive Friendly 

Summer is a great time to get involved in those activities that might not be possible in other seasons including water sports. Not only is swimming in the pool a great way to cool down naturally, but it is a great way to exercise your body which promotes healthy digestion. Swimming has also been known to alleviate pain from bloating and cramping making it an optimal choice for your daily or weekly exercise. 

With the start of summer comes new opportunities to add in season fruits and vegetables to your garden or to keep an eye out for in season foods at your local farmers market. Eating fresh foods is best for digestion, because it has higher levels of nutrition than those that have been modified to stay fresh. Foods that are in season are also generally made to be for their specific nutrients that help with what the season calls for. 

For example, in the summer foods that are high in beta-carotenes have properties that protect our skin more from the sun. Carrots and apricots are two examples of staple foods that are high in beta-carotenes and are in season during the summer. Adding them to your salads for lunch can give you that extra boost of support while also maintaining a healthy diet that is essential for proper digestion. These are all great ways to get in the summer spirit while keeping your digestive system intact!

Ways To Spruce Up Your Pantry This Coming Season 

Our body temperature naturally goes up in the hotter months, and while we might think to turn to the obvious foods to try and cool down such as ice cream, there are actually many spices that can be beneficial for our bodies in terms of regulating its temperature. Coriander can become your best friend this coming summer, because it has properties that help to rid the body of excess toxins and heat naturally while also reducing inflammation in the digestive tract. This is due to its diaphoretic properties and is normally included in marinades or sauces which are perfect for summer time!

Fennel seeds are another great natural way of alleviating the body of excess heat and have high levels of vitamin C. Our supplement for bloating named Sexy & Slim contains fennel seeds due to its abilities in being able to cleanse one’s kidneys and detoxify the liver making it an amazing vitamin that helps with bloating to add to your summer routine! Sexy & Slim also contains a digestive enzyme complex which is an essential ingredient when looking to strengthen one’s digestive system. It helps to break down foods that are otherwise harder for the body to digest especially when it is overwhelmed with other responsibilities such as regulating heat and a slower metabolism due to the summer season. 

This being said, there are also some spices that are wise to avoid during summer due to some of their properties that might exacerbate some of the issues that arise during the hotter months. These spices include red chili powder and garlic. Red chili powder can only contribute to the digestive issues that arise during summer because it causes a rise in temperature throughout one’s body due to its high heat level. While normally garlic is known to boost metabolism and control hunger levels during summer people might find that it raises their body temperature leaving them more uncomfortable than before they included garlic into the mix. 

It is important to remember that everyone’s body reacts differently to different ingredients, and while some people might have these effects in regard to these spices it might look different for everyone. This is why it is important to understand your own body’s needs, and a great way to monitor this is through trial and error at the beginning of every season in order to understand what is best for your own body!

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