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Exercises and Supplements for Bloating

As difficult as it can be to get out and start moving your body, it has multiple benefits for one’s overall health in the long run. While consistent exercise can lead to a toner and stronger body, a person should not only do it for the goal of ‘looking’ better. In fact, you might find that if your exercise goals are aligned with feeling better and stronger rather than how you look then you might find that you stay more dedicated to your exercise routine. Exercise can also help you with issues such as stress, indigestion, and an inconsistent sleep schedule. 

How Exercise Is Beneficial For Your Digestion

If you are someone who experiences constipation frequently it could be due to a sedentary lifestyle. When you are moving it helps to promote the flow of the food/drinks you digest throughout your system. Exercise decreases the overall time it takes for the food to move through your large intestine, and can help to stimulate blood flow. Another symptom of poor digestion is a lack of energy which can make it quite hard to stick to a consistent exercising schedule. Click here to find ways to boost your energy to promote overall wellness. 

There are many helpful exercises that are specific to combatting digestive issues, and many can be found in the art of yoga. A specific exercise that is especially helpful for constipation is the cat-cow pose in yoga. This consists of getting on your hands and knees on a flat surface and making sure your knees are aligned with your hips as well as that your hands are aligned with your shoulders. Make sure you have a flat spine during the beginning and inhale. Once you start to exhale bring your spine up to the ceiling while tucking your chin towards your chest. When you start to inhale again, you can start to let your stomach go and arch your back instead. Now, put your head and butt up to the sky and imagine them going through the ceiling. Continue this process multiple times in order to promote the flow of digestion.

Many studies have also found that consistent exercise can help to produce healthier bacteria in your gut and allow it to dominate over the unhealthy bacteria. Keeping the damaging bacteria at bay is essential to having a stable gut and in turn a stable digestive process.

How Stress Can Be Minimized Through Movement 

When life becomes too overwhelming it can lead to chronic stress that can take up most of your day whether you want it to or not. Finding ways to control stress when it does arise is a key way of staying stable and on track, because if you allow it to consume you then it can become harder to manage later on.

There are many simple ways throughout your day to combat stress, but one of the best ways is exercising! Much of our body works through the hormones pumping through it, and high levels of stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisone can contribute to your unhappiness. Working out helps to diminish these hormones and instead produce serotonin which is connected to feelings of happiness and contentment. 

Exercising also helps with promoting better sleep at night, because it can tire your body out so that it does not feel the need to continue running when it is time for bed. If you are someone who struggles with getting to sleep at night, going on a walk after dinner can help to have this effect. 

A reduction in stress levels not only contributes to a happier demeanor, but can in turn promote better digestion due to the gut-brain connection. When you are stressed it can lead to issues such as bloating, heartburn, and abdominal pain, because your body’s nervous system gets thrown into its flight or fight response potentially making your esophagus have spasms and raise the acid levels in your stomach.

Ways To Support Your Digestion On Top Of Exercising 

While exercising does have multiple benefits for your health, it is always wise to continue and implement other ways to support your wellness. One of the easiest ways to support your digestive system is by taking vitamins that help with bloating. Our 3-step wellness routine was curated with your energy levels, gut health, heart health, and liver health in mind. It consists of three different bloating supplements that are all made with natural ingredients. We recommend taking one first thing in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening before bed, making it easy for you to remember. 

It might be obvious, but what you are putting into your body is also essential in reaching your maximum health potential. If you are choosing to binge on foods high in saturated fats and processed sugars, it can lead to many digestive issues. Instead, try to set yourself up for success by practicing healthy eating habits including: eating whole foods, buying snacks that are probiotic friendly, and staying away from any foods you are sensitive to. In terms of drinks that you could consume, water is always the safest and most efficient bet when it comes to promoting a happy digestive system, but there are also many other additional drinks you can splurge on every now and then that can also be beneficial. Check out one of our latest blogs here for more information. 

The most important thing to remember when starting any journey is that not every day is going to look the same, and that going easy on yourself is the best remedy for stress and anxiousness. Sometimes life will get in the way of achieving all of these goals, but as long as you are working towards implementing them slowly into your routine you will find that it will become a ritual

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