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Bloat Reducing Supplements and Stress Relievers You Need

Have you ever wondered what the reason behind your sudden bloating might be? Did you know stress is one of the possible reasons behind your digestive issues? Well, we are here to help you pinpoint what might be causing your bloating and how to manage your stress to ensure you are having the happiest life you can. 

Possible Issues That Could Cause Bloating 

If you are someone who eats foods high in salt content, this could be the reason for your distended stomach. Although our bodies need salt to survive, consuming too much salt can lead to your body retaining water in your stomach which causes the bloating. Consuming too much salt can also lead to high blood pressure if it is not monitored properly, and even though you might not think you consume high amounts of salt, be sure to check labels for sodium content. Something else to keep in mind is that many fast-food, highly-processed, and pre-packaged foods all contain high levels of sodium, so be sure to be extra cautious when indulging in those foods. 

Another food that our bodies need is carbs but simple carbs we must take in moderation. Simple carbs include foods such as: bread, candy, sweets, and soft drinks. The issue with simple carbs is that they enter your bloodstream almost instantly and all at once making it harder for your body to break it down which leads to an excess amount of water being retained in your system. Instead, try incorporating more complex carbs such as grains, fruits, and vegetables as they take longer to digest. If you want to further explore what foods you should be consuming you can read one of our latest blogs that dives deeper into it. 

Many people are also unaware of how much food it takes for their bodies to be satisfied which leads to overeating. If you are someone who eats fast, you might think you are still hungry when in reality you are just not giving your body sufficient time to digest and give you the signal that it has had enough food. Try eating slower and smaller bites to ensure you are listening to your body. 

Now we are going to dive into how your high levels of stress can lead to digestive issues. When you are stressed, that puts pressure on your stomach and abdomen which makes it harder for your digestive system to properly do its job. If you find that it is harder to digest foods that otherwise would have been easy for you, this could be because of the extra pressure that is coming from your stress levels. The result of this poor digestion is symptoms such as gas, bloating, and indigestion. 

Activities to Add To Your Routine To Relieve Stress

Now we are going to dive into many activities you can do to relieve that stress. A very popular method that has yielded strong results is meditation. Mediation can be either guided or simply taking time out of your day to sit with yourself in silence and peace. Many times some type of breathing exercise is included which helps to center yourself and your mind. Something similar to meditation is guided imagery, which is where you try to imagine yourself in a number of peaceful places and truly try to feel all the different sensory traits around you including what it would smell like, what the wind would feel like, and so forth. This can help to take your brain out of whatever might be bothering it and give yourself an escape from the real world for just a moment. If you are looking for more tips and tricks regarding meditation, be sure to check out our blog to learn more!

Believe it or not, exercise is actually a great way to relieve stress and can be done on any level that is most comfortable for you. Whether that be a short walk for ten minutes every morning, or if it is a full blown workout, either way you will be doing your body a huge favor by getting it moving. Exercising also releases endorphins which help to boost your mood overall. Another way exercise might be helpful is that you can take all that pent up energy you have from being stressed and take it out on the workout, which can have you leaving the workout feeling much lighter and ready to take on the day. 

Sometimes it is not physical stress or tiredness, but stress that is overwhelming our minds. If this is the case for you, you might find that activities such as journaling, painting, drawing, playing a crossword puzzle, or reading might be more helpful. Sometimes all it takes is for our brains to get its own workout to get moving in the right direction and these are all great ways to get your brain stronger. It can also be a great outlet for you to get your thoughts on paper, which can actually decrease the level of stress you have about the issue as things tend to feel a lot smaller once you have said them out loud. 

Supplements That Help With Bloating

Aside from stress relievers which most definitely can help with digestive issues and overall health, there are many supplements you can take that can help with bloating. Our vitamin Sexy & Slim was curated with bloating in mind. It is created with all-natural ingredients including peppermint powder, fennel seed powder, dandelion root powder, and a digestive enzyme complex to name a few. 

Not only can you take it knowing you are putting natural and healthy ingredients in your body, but you can also rest assured that it will aid in your overall digestion, help to detox your liver and body, replenish your body with crucial antioxidants, and reduce any unwanted bloating. 

The reason it is so helpful in reducing bloating is due to the digestive enzyme complex it has within it. This ingredient contains all the best digestive enzymes you want your body to be producing which gives it that extra support it might need. Since it is recommended to be taken right before bed, you can feel confident knowing you will wake up feeling better and brighter every day. Click here to learn more about our Sexy & Slim product!

Other supplements that can be taken to reduce any unwanted bloating includes: 

  1. Ginger
  2. Peppermint Oil
  3. Cinnamon Oil
  4. Vitamin D

Rest assured that your bloating problems can be taken care of as long as you are taking these extra steps to make sure you are taking your vitamins and keeping your stress levels intact. There is no reason we should be feeling any less than our absolute best!

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