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How To Add Gut Health Enzymes Into Your Routine

As we start to head into the later months of the year, it is a great time to reevaluate the daily regimens you are incorporating into your life. Today, we are going to be talking about nightly routines in specific and how having the proper one can make all the difference.

People tend to overlook the benefits of having a nightly or daily morning regime, as it is a great time to incorporate taking all of those vitamins that are so easy to forget about in the midst of a busy day/week. This is why we have made it easy for you to incorporate them with our 3-step wellness routine, shop today! 

Why a Nightly Routine Matters

Much like how an exceptional morning routine sets you up for a great day, a nightly routine can set you up for a better tomorrow. After having an endless and exhausting day, it is important to separate time to check in with yourself and allow your body time to decompress and relax.

This is a great reason why a nightly routine matters, because if you do not give yourself that time you will have an endless cycle of being tired and waking up to have to do it all over again. 

Waking up to the dishwasher having to be run or the trash not having been taken out can be quite frustrating when you already have so many priorities to check off your list in the morning. Making time to get these pesky chores out of the way at night will set you up for a better morning with more time to focus on what is truly important. Overall, a nightly routine will help tidy up all of those loose strings that have you scrambling throughout the week and will make for a better life. 

In addition, figuring out how lengthy to make your morning routine is vital. You want to be cautious of having it go excessively long, because in the end it will discourage you from following through altogether. Attempt to keep it to a 60-90 minute ordeal to ensure success!

Practices You Can Add To Your Nightly Routine 

First, let’s address the importance of sleep as it is a great part of your nightly routine. If you are someone who struggles with going to sleep and find yourself being continuously restless, you will find that these following practices are a great way to combat this issue:

  1. Add meditation into your nightly routine 
  2. Journal before bed to get all impending concerns out of of your mind
  3. Drink a calming tea to soothe your body
  4. Take a hot shower to calm your muscles
  5. Read the book you’ve been meaning to start

Be sure to check out our blog on why sleep matters for more tips and tricks!

Another great addition to your nightly routine is to create a to-do list for the following day. To-do lists are a great way to set you up for success, because instead of having to awaken and dedicate time to figuring out what it is you need to do you are already ahead of the game and can jumpstart on your work. 

People neglect to realize that you can also incorporate time for yourself into your routine. It can be really easy to neglect alone time when your life is in full swing, but it is important that we stay on top of it to ensure we are taking care of ourselves and our mental health. Although I am fond of watching television or mindlessly scrolling through Facebook as much as the next person, try to steer clear from the harsh lights from these devices and instead try venturing out and try these activities:

  1. Drawing or coloring
  2. Playing a board game
  3. Doing a puzzle
  4. Knitting 
  5. Read your favorite magazine or book 
  6. Give yourself a mini at home facial
  7. Paint your nails

Lastly, utilize bedtime to tend to your hygiene. Whether that be taking a hot shower or bath before bed to erase all negative emotions from the day both figuratively and literally. Other hygienic rituals involve teeth cleaning, face washing, and flossing.

How to Incorporate Health Tips and Tricks Into Your Routine 

Alongside these self care ideas - which you can find more information on here - evening is also a prominent time to make sure you are prioritizing your health. This could include meal prepping for the following day to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need without having to separate time to cook. Another way you can take care of your health at night is to dedicate yourself to drinking at least a whole other bottle of water to reach that daily water intake goal. 

Night time is also a great time to take all of those vitamins that you want to ensure are being included in your diet. This could include vitamins such B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, magnesium, or enzyme supplements. 

If you are unfamiliar with enzyme supplements, they are a great way to ensure you are getting the benefits that enzymes give. These benefits include helping to break down food particles so that it is easier for your body to digest food and great for liver function. Our product, Sexy & Slim has all three important kinds of enzymes that you want in it, and gives you all of the wanted benefits while is known as a vitamin that helps with bloating.

The Following Steps In The Process

Now that you know all the tips and tricks of how to have a successful night for a better morning, you can ensure that you are doing the practices it takes to have less stress and more happiness in your life! Not all habits have to be bad, and this is one that you are going to want with you wherever you go in life.

Taking care of yourself and being proactive is truly the best way to approach a busy schedule. Take advantage now and shop our 3-step wellness routine right this second to get a jump start!

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