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Self Care Tips & Supplements for Weight Loss

When your life suddenly gets kicked into high gear in all aspects, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. This is why knowing the steps to feel your best is vital, especially on those days that you need an extra bit of TLC. In this blog, I am going to be giving you the few extra actions you can take each day to make sure you never get run down, but instead have a consistent care for your own well being. 

Learning and Setting Boundaries

One of the most important things to learn for your own good is how to navigate and set your boundaries. Boundaries are especially important if you struggle with separating certain aspects of your life. For example, if you are trying to balance your family, a job, a side hobby, and day to day chores around the house, sometimes they all get intertwined which will lead to a bigger headache for you in the long run.

Although you want to feel like you can take the world on - and you probably can - does not mean you should. Sometimes being able to give your best self forward to the things you care about the most means cutting out the things that are not that much of a priority. 

If you are lost in how to distinguish what is and isn’t important, you should first write down a list of all the responsibilities you have. After that you should list them from most important to least, and realistically figure out how many of the top things can fit into your day without over exerting yourself. 

What Type of Self Care Fits You

Another aspect people fail to consider when learning how to master the art of self care is knowing just what type of self care works for them. 

For some people self care consists of emotional self care. This includes activities such as journaling, focus groups, seeing a therapist, or using an artistic outlet like drawing art or listening to music. If you are someone who needs to purge your negative emotions through words or through expressing yourself this type of self care might just be for you. 

Another type of self care is practical self care which consists of activities such as cleaning out your closet, budgeting for your future weeks, or even taking classes to learn how to better manage aspects of your life. If you are someone who thrives off feeling prepared this will be for you as it can help you feel assured in your future. 

Physical self care includes nourishing and taking care of your physical body in the right way. This could include taking a walk everyday, putting in the effort to make sure you are sleeping eight hours a day, or keeping your water bottle always full to hydrate your body.

This could be especially good for people who hold their stress in until it is physically removed from their bodies. If you are someone who holds stress in, sometimes doing physical activity will work to take your anger out in a positive manner.

Mental self care is a form of care that involves a workout for your brain. Activities might include but are not limited to: reading a book or playing word cross puzzles. This can be a great escape for people that want to use their brains and are comfortable with it, but also want to escape from some of their possible issues that are happening in your day to day life.

Mental self care can also be a great way to step back and let your brain have a break from something that is really troubling you, so that when you come back to the issue you will have a clearer mind to combat it.

Last but definitely not least we have social self care. Social self care includes doing things like planning a dinner date with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, Facetime a family member during your breaks to catch up, or meeting up with your friend to go on a walk and catch each other up on what’s been going on in each of your lives.

This is especially helpful if you have been feeling isolated from the people you love due to the busy schedule you have to maintain. Sometimes it can be really easy to get lost in the loneliness of being busy, but if you take that small amount of time to reach out to your loved ones you will find that they have never left your side, and will always be there if you need them to. 

Basic Self Care Rituals

Aside from these in depth types of self care, there is also a basic form of self care that anyone regardless of the way your brain works can benefit from, This includes things like taking a bath after a long day, having a wellness routine that includes vitamins to boost your overall health, and taking care of your skin to be feeling and looking your best. 

In regard to vitamins, it can be hard to figure out where to start when it comes to what vitamins you truly need in your day to day routine. You can assess this by deciding what foods you tend to lack in your diet. There are also some general vitamins everyone should consider having in their routine, this includes: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, calcium, iron, and a probiotic.

If you are someone looking for a new probiotic to add to your routine, check out our Probiotic Renu which helps boost your immunity and supports your digestive system. We also have a full wellness routine for those of you who are just starting out or are looking for an easy and effective way to take care of your body.

Our wellness routine consists of three different vitamins: Probiotic Renu, Metaboliz, and Sexy & Slim, all of which together help support your digestive system, liver health, promotes focus, and helps to alleviate any unwanted bloating. Be sure to start your self care journey the right way and grab your own pack today!
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