supplements for weight loss for females

Sleep and Supplements for Weight Loss for Females

Sleep is something that is so vital for us to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and yet many of us choose to neglect it in favor of finishing up those last minute chores. While this may not hurt you the first couple of times, in the long run choosing to sacrifice your sleep can be very detrimental to your health. Let’s dive into why sleep is so important for you to prioritize and how you can use it to help achieve your weight goals. 

Why Sleep is So Important for Your Body

Before we talk about how sleep can be affecting your body weight, let’s first identify why it is so important for yourself regardless of weight. Sleeping helps improve your concentration and productivity throughout the day, so while you might be sacrificing it to get things done, in actuality you are just creating a vicious cycle of destroying the productivity potential you could have instead. 

Have you been feeling more susceptible to the common cold recently or feeling under the weather? Your lack of sleep might be the cause. When your body is getting the rest it needs to properly function it is more vulnerable to catching any illnesses it might come across.

Not getting sick is super important, especially for people who need to consistently be at work or on top of their A-game. Those precious days will now be spent bed ridden simply because you chose to neglect your rest to begin with.

A lack of sleep might also be affecting your social skills. When you are more tired, your brain is less likely to pick up on social cues and less likely to be able to have emotion. This can hinder your ability to confidently go about your day, especially if you are someone who works in a very personable environment.

If you are struggling to interact with others not only will it be frustrating, but it will bring about emotions of stress that on top of a lack of sleep no one needs to be adding to their plate.  

How Sleep Affects Your Weight 

In recent years, many researchers have looked into the connection between sleeping patterns and weight fluctuation. They found that overall people have been sleeping less and with less quality which has led to a spike in weight gain. There are many reasons for which this might be the case, one of them being that your appetite grows the less you sleep. 

If you are someone who is sleep deprived, you might find yourself feeling hungrier all the time, this is because your body is in need of something since it didn’t have time to properly rest and rejuvenate overnight so it is looking for sustenance in a different way.

So while your body might be sending you signals of hunger, it might actually be that you are just really tired, but your body is asking for energy regardless of what you think is through food. This leads to overeating since people don’t realize this and continue with the same trend of no sleep and more food to keep their body afloat. 

Not only does a lack of sleep affect the amount of food you are consuming, but also what types of food you are consuming. If someone is sleep deprived, odds are they are going to be looking for fast consumption in the form of unhealthy foods including things like fast food or greasy food.

This creates yet another issue that contributes to weight gain, as greasy food has little to no nutritional value but is also high in carbs and fat that lead to unhealthy weight gain. 

A lack of sleep also leads to an unregulated metabolic system. A healthy metabolism is important to minimize weight gain as it is in charge of converting everything we consume on a daily basis. All of these possible issues towards weight gain stems from lack of sleep, which could be considered a negative, but also is helpful as we now know the easy fix - sleep!

A Guide Towards a Better Sleeping Routine 

Now that you know all the negative side effects towards an unhealthy sleep schedule, you might be wondering how to get back on track with your sleep. There are many little things you can add to your routine that will make all the difference, including:

  1. Reading before sleeping instead of going on your phone 
  2. Go to bed 30 min earlier every night
  3. Take a hot shower before bed 
  4. Have a skincare night routine to relax you before bed 
  5. Schedule your day in advance to avoid having to cut down on your sleep

This is just a small amount of ideas that can make all the difference. Giving yourself time to breathe before bed, whether it be through these actions or others, is super vital because then your brain will be able to reset and rest properly to better support you the following day. 

Supplements That Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Along with Sleeping

If you are looking forward to a healthier tomorrow and want something to support your journey, our 3 step wellness routine has been curated with your best interest in mind. It includes a probiotic called Probiotic Renu, a middle of the day vitamin called Metaboliz, and a nightly vitamin called Sexy & Slim

Our Probiotic Renu is responsible for making sure your immune system is being supported, that you have a healthy digestive system, as well as helps balance your gut microbiome.

Our Metaboliz product is known to boost your metabolism and help promote focus; this product is recommended to be taken in the middle of your day to keep your body moving and tip top shape during any afternoon tiredness. Our product Sexy & Slim helps alleviate any digestive issues you might be having and any pesky bloating issues as well so you can wake up feeling your best. 

This wellness pack along with your newfound respect for the power of sleeping will have you feeling your best each and every day. Everyone deserves to rest, and the power of rest should not be ignored!

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