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Gut Health Enzymes and Their Many Helpful Properties

The more knowledge you have on how best to nourish and take care of your body, the more thankful you will be for it in the long run. In recent years, gut health and why it matters has been studied more in-depth for us to better understand why we should care about it and how we can work to improve our gut health. If you are someone who struggles with issues such as constipation, bloating, feelings of fatigue, brain fog, or other digestive issues, knowing how to control your gut health will make all the difference for you. 

Why Gut Health Is Important 

In order to understand why gut health is so vital to success, we must first understand what gut health really is. Your gut is responsible for breaking down any food you are consuming on a daily basis, and will either absorb any nutrients it wants and dispel any unneeded substances. 

Our gut controls most of our body’s responses including our mental health, skin, digestive system, immune system, and energy levels. This in itself shows just how important keeping our gut consistent and healthy is. 

When we talk about the health of our gut, we are referring to the levels of healthy bacteria in our gastrointestinal systems that can help us or hurt us if we allow ourselves to destroy the lining of the gut that is protecting us or if we allow harmful bacteria in. 

The overall micro biome of your body which is made up of bacteria, viruses, and other fungi is vital to understanding what’s going on in your body. Some may think that we would want to avoid bacteria in our bodies altogether, but healthy bacteria is actually what saves us from the digestive issues we are trying so hard to avoid. 

By adding digestive enzymes into our routine, we are taking the extra steps needed to ensure our body is getting the maximum amount of healthy bacteria into its system that it can. There are a number of different types of enzymes, all of which are responsible for breaking down different nutrients. For example, there is amylase which is responsible for breaking down carbs and starches, protease which is responsible for digesting proteins, and lipase which helps to break down fats. 

The Many Benefits of Adding Enzymes Into Your Routine 

There are a number of different benefits of taking care of your gut, and we explore that in this section. By adding enzymes and taking the proper actions to ensure you are creating the right environment for healthy bacteria to flourish you are taking the steps needed to give your body the support it needs to do its job. 

One of the biggest ways to prevent digestive issues is through the food and drinks we consume. If you are someone who lives a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to prioritize eating whole nutritious meals, and instead you might find yourself having to reach for processed and fatty foods. 

These cause great discomfort that back up the digestive tract and make it harder for the different types of enzymes to do its job. Instead, try reaching for healthier options like meals consisting of vegetables, fruits, fiber, and lean proteins. If you are looking for more foods to add to your routine, click here now

Aside from food, some studies have found that overconsumption of alcohol can cause discomfort in your stomach so limiting your alcohol intake and instead boosting your water intake can promote healthy digestion. An increase in water intake can also be found to promote good energy levels, and avoid fatigue that you might be feeling. Fatigue is something that can be combated in a number of ways, and you can learn more by reading one of our most recent blogs here

Other activities that might be helpful in creating a healthy digestive system include physical activity and meditation. Having high stress levels can contribute to an unhappy gut, so taking the time out of your day to make sure you are listening to your mood and worries is important. If you are someone who likes to take their anger or worries out physically, going on a run or joining a kickboxing class sounds like the right move for you. If you are someone who rather mentally work through something, you can try journaling or talking to a loved one on the phone and just venting about what’s going on. You will find that you will feel much lighter from these activities and so will your digestive tract.

By taking these steps, and using the supplements we will address in the later section you can be sure to see improvements in your energy levels, mood, immune system strength, and digestive issues.

Natural and Supplemental Ways to Get These Benefits

Our product, Sexy & Slim is a vitamin that helps with bloating and contains many different ingredients that help promote a healthy gut. 

Sexy & Slim contains ingredients such as 

  • peppermint powder
  • ginger root powder
  • fennel seed powder 
  • fenugreek seed powder 
  • dandelion root powder

Along with these natural ingredients, Sexy & Slim contains a digestive enzyme complex that helps to promote support for amylase, pepsin, bromelain, protease, lipain, and papain.

Since Sexy & Slim is a part of our three step daily wellness routine, we recommend it to be taken at night right before bed. This allows for easy use, as you can simply leave it on your nightstand and it will be a great reminder each and every night. You can go to bed feeling confident that you are taking the extra steps needed to get your gut health in order. 

Not only does this product support your digestive tract, but it also helps with your liver health and bloating issues you might be experiencing. If you are looking for a well rounded routine that can support your digestive system all day long, our 3-step wellness routine is the one for you and you can shop it by clicking this link

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