supplements to prevent bloating

Exercises and Supplements to Prevent Bloating

As we start to head into the final months of the year, many of us start contemplating the resolutions we were able to achieve and the ones that fell onto the back burner a couple months in. One of the most popular new year’s resolutions people tend to try and do is to start exercising and get their body moving in the new year. The awesome thing about this, is that we do not need the beginning of the year to start! 

Exercise has many benefits, and can even work to help diminish any unwanted bloating and digestive issues. Keep reading to learn the issues that exercise can help, why exercise is important, and the ways you can diminish your bloating, both through exercise and supplements. 

Why Exercise Is Important and Should Be In Your Routine 

One of the major benefits of getting your body moving is that it will be beneficial for your brain health. Exercise is a great way to work through your emotions and get all of these pent up feelings out in the way of physical activity. If you choose to exercise with a partner, this could also be beneficial because then you could speak to someone about your life which also establishes bonds that will be key in your life. When you exercise, you release endorphins that will boost your mood automatically, which we can all use a little bit more of! This is a great way to get rid of any stress you might be feeling, while also working towards your fitness goals. 

If you have been feeling stressed recently, you can check out our blog that helps guide you with many different activities that can reduce this stress

Regardless of the reasons you choose to exercise, everyone should be doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This does not need to be a strenuous 30 minute activity, but rather could simply be a walk around the park or a yoga session in your front yard. It is just important to remember to schedule out a 30 minute period to dedicate that time to your physical health. 

Not only does exercise boost your mood, but can also help with your sleep schedule. If you are someone who struggles with sleeping, exercising can help to tire your body down and your brain down to the point of being ready to sleep. It is hard to go to bed with your brain running 1,000 miles a minute, but exercise will give you time to work through your emotions so you can get a restful night of sleep. If you are in the lookout for ways to enhance your sleeping schedule, check out one of our latest blogs here!

How Exercise Can Change Your Lifestyle

Aside from the mood boost, exercise is also great for your brain power. Physical activity helps to move blood flow into your brain, which stimulates your brain and can be considered a workout for you brain as well. If you are looking to particularly increase your brain function, aerobic workouts specifically have been known to help. 

Another main reason that exercise is important is because it helps to keep your body in shape as you start to age. As you start to age, many of your body’s functions start to slow down, but with the consistent amount of exercising you can help to keep these functions like your metabolism and muscles up and running. 

Now I know what you might be thinking, this might sound great and all, but figuring out how to fit it into your schedule might prove to be a bit of a challenge. There are some great options for those who are more on the go. First, you must figure out what type of exercise you prefer. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. Cycling 
  2. Yoga
  3. Aerobic exercise  
  4. Pilates 
  5. Running 
  6. Lifting 
  7. Swimming 
  8. Any Sport 

After you pick what type of exercise you want to do, you can look for places near you that have pre-scheduled workouts made for you. This is the easiest and most efficient option for people who struggle with planning out when to workout and what to do. They make it so you can sign up for a certain time throughout your day that you want to go in and get it done. Other ways to schedule out times for working out can include keeping a planner with an hourly schedule for the day. 

Exercise is also really important for your digestive health. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle it could lead to issues such as bloating and constipation, but these can be easily avoided through amping up your exercise. It stimulates your gut and increases blood flow to all the muscles throughout your system. Think of it like a wake up call for your body, and exercise also helps to reduce many of the other issues that cause digestive problems. These other issues could include things such as stress and a lack of sleep. 

What Supplements To Include Along With Exercise

Aside from exercise, there are many bloating supplements that can help get your digestive system up and moving so you do not have to worry about any of these pesky issues that might be hindering your life. 

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Exercising and taking care of your body are great ways to ensure you are giving your body the foundation it needs to support you all day long. We know how hard it can be to take care of yourself when your day is jam packed with a bunch of responsibilities which is why we wanted to make it as easy as possible with our 3-step wellness plan that you can check out right here!



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