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Diet and Supplements for Bloating to Avoid Inflammation

Inflammation is an unpleasant issue that can occur throughout your whole body, and it is your body’s way of reacting to substances that might be trying to harm you such as toxins or harmful bacteria. There are certain foods and ways of living that can increase your chances of experiencing inflammation, especially in your digestive tract. When your digestive tract is inflamed, that means that your gut health is at risk which can lead to a host of unwanted symptoms such as stomach pain, flatulence, and diarrhea. In order to avoid inflammation, we must work to maintain a healthy way of living to avoid being susceptible to illnesses and bacteria that can potentially harm us. 

How Inflammation Gets Triggered and How It Can Be Harmful 

While inflammation gets naturally triggered when there is an unknown substance or pathogen that is trying to fight through and harm your body, it can also occur when your immune system gets triggered without a harmful pathogen in sight. When your immune system triggers the inflammatory response when there is no harmful pathogen, the inflammation starts to negatively impact other parts of your body instead. Issues such as overwhelming stress, a poor diet, and/or living a sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to your body releasing an inflammatory response. 

Inflammation in your body can start to increase fatigue and if not properly treated can lead to potentially more serious health issues. Inflammation can also specifically negatively impact your gut health which is responsible for ensuring you are digesting foods properly and efficiently. When your gut is damaged it can lead to a host of problems such as constipation, bloating, trouble sleeping, and unstable mood levels. 

This is why it is so vital that you are taking care of your wellbeing, because if you start to neglect the building blocks of your health such as eating right, exercising, and self-care then you will start to see adverse effects in your system that can potentially lead to even more issues in the long run. 

Practices to Reach a Healthy Lifestyle in Order to Avoid Inflammation

Luckily, there are some ways to reduce inflammation that has occurred and ways to prevent inflammation before it even occurs. One of the biggest contributors to unstable body health is your diet. If you are consuming processed foods that have no nutritional value to them you are not going to get the strength you need to avoid adverse effects like inflammation. Having a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, protein, healthy fats, and grains is important to maintaining your health. Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and tofu are great anti-inflammatory foods to incorporate into your diet. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most well-known diets that contain many anti-inflammatory properties. As always, before following any specific diet it is important to consult with your doctor about your specific needs, but if you are looking for a guide that contains many anti-inflammatory foods then the Mediterranean diet is a great one to look into. 

The same way that there is food known to have anti-inflammatory properties, there are also foods that are known to exacerbate or create inflammatory issues including red meat and foods that contain trans fats. Make sure to monitor your own body’s reactions to these foods and modify your diet according to any adverse effects you notice. 

Since your body triggers the inflammatory response when it is experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress, it is important to keep your stress levels to a minimum. If you notice you are feeling overwhelmed or helpless in a situation, be sure to take a step back and work through your emotions to avoid having unpleasant reactions from your body. Some great ways to minimize stress is by taking the time to do something you love, giving yourself a bit of extra love through some self-care activities, or by speaking to a loved one about what is bothering you. 

Exercising is another great way to reduce stress and keep inflammation to a minimum at the same time. Exercise helps you to release endorphins which improves mood levels and is a great way to expel any pent up energy you might be holding in. Exercise helps to trigger your sympathetic nervous system which in turn triggers an anti-inflammatory response.

Supplements That Can Help to Reduce Inflammation 

In addition to incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into your routine it is important to consider the benefits of including supplements that help with bloating and inflammation into your routine as well. 

As previously mentioned, an inflammatory response is sometimes triggered by potentially harmful substances entering the body such as harmful bacteria. A probiotic can help to minimize bad bacteria in your body and the adverse effects of it entering your gastrointestinal system. When your gastrointestinal system is invaded by bad bacteria it can become overpowered and lead to intestinal permeability which is essentially a leaky gut. This triggers an inflammatory response which is why having a probiotic is essential to ensuring the protection against bad bacteria and helping to increase the good bacteria in your body. Probiotic Renu is our curated bloat supplement that helps with many digestive ailments.

A fish oil supplement is another great way to minimize inflammation in the body due to its omega-3 properties. Ginger root which is known for its potential to decrease nausea can also help to minimize inflammation. Ginger has two parts to it known as gingerol and zingerone which are what specifically helps to combat inflammation. Be sure to keep ginger consumption to under 2 grams a day or less if recommended by your doctor, but under proper consumption levels it can be really helpful in combating day-to-day ailments. If you do not necessarily love the taste of ginger then there are many ginger supplements out there that you can include into your routine, but if the taste is not an issue for you it can be a great addition to your morning tea or smoothies. 

Even though inflammation can occur in the body due to a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, or bad bacteria entering the body, there are many ways to consistently protect your body from its adverse effects.

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