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Bloating Supplements and Mindful Eating

While we may consume food each and every day, our connection to food has become less personable and we tend to not give it the dedication and attention it deserves. The food we consume is what sustains us and allows our body to function properly. In the past, we used to have such a close connection to the food we consumed from collecting it, washing it, cooking it, and eventually consuming it, but nowadays the way we live has allowed us to take a shortcut that minimizes the overall connection we have with the food we eat. 

Mindful eating is an essential aspect of a healthy environment for digestion to thrive, but we must actively work to achieve mindful eating. On top of our daily dose of supplements that help with bloating, we can work to minimize issues such as constipation, heartburn, and an upset stomach through learning how to better listen to our bodies and become mindful of what we are consuming. 

How Mindfulness Can Transform Your Eating Habits

Many digestive ailments can be rooted in simply not understanding what is hurting our digestive system in the first place. If we are continuously eating without paying attention and seeing the same unpleasant results, odds are that we are consuming a food that our body is intolerant to. Practicing mindful eating can help one avoid these unpleasant symptoms and instead leave a meal feeling satisfied. In order to successfully practice mindful eating and to overcome food intolerances, one must track the foods they are eating and understand the nutrients they are putting into their bodies. 

Mindful eating can be a gateway into creating a more balanced diet that you have never considered. There are five food groups that we should be aiming to incorporate into our diets to achieve a well balanced diet including: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy. Now, since dairy and gluten are the most common food intolerances people have it can become hard to successfully incorporate all five food groups without hurting your body in the process. 

Knowing the exact nutrients that one benefits from through each food group is the best way to find alternatives to foods we might be sensitive to without losing their nutrients. For example, dairy helps to maintain strong bone density, but another alternative to dairy products that can give you the same effect is soya-based products. Soya based products contain calcium-fortified dairy that continues to give you those same nutrients without the unpleasant symptoms that dairy sometimes brings on. 

Mindful eating is also essential for proper digestion, because if we are rooting ourselves in the moment when eating, we are more likely to eat slower which promotes healthier digestion. When you are watching television or scrolling through social media on your phone during mealtime, you are less likely to eat slower and chew properly. Eating fast can cause abdominal pain and constipation, because you are not giving your body the proper amount of time to do its job. 

Ways to Practice Mindful Eating 

One of the potential issues that can arise from mindless eating is binge eating. When we are not focusing on the food we are consuming, we are more likely to overeat which can cause digestive issues and can become a hindering factor towards one’s health goals. A great way to avoid this and practice mindful eating is to pay attention to the bites you are taking and the meal that is in front of you. This way you are more likely to give your body the time it needs to signal to you that you are full enough to stop eating. 

Binge eating is another unhealthy eating habit that people who are especially stressed tend to adopt, but luckily mindful eating can combat it as well. In order to avoid using food as a way to compensate for overwhelming emotions, take some time out of your day to really ask yourself if you are hungry or simply stressed. Many times, when we are reaching for that extra snack in the day, we might just be dehydrated or stressed and think we need food when in reality we just need to take a deep breath and realize what are true needs are. 

Creating a community around eating is our last tip for mindful eating. We understand that meals might be less enjoyable without your favorite television show or mindless scrolling, but that does not mean there are not other enjoyable yet healthier ways to entertain yourself during mealtimes. In the past, meals were meant to be a time to share with others, and that can still be the case! Try to involve your loved ones in your meals by sharing it with them, and this might help you stay more present in the moment than any show ever could. 

How General Mindfulness In Daily Activities Can Contribute to Healthy Digestion 

Mindfulness is not only beneficial in terms of how you eat, but can be transformative in many areas of your life. Yoga is not only a great exercise for digestion, but is a great time to practice meditation which is a great way to stay rooted mentally. Mental mindfulness is essential in minimizing the stress that can exacerbate digestive ailments. 

Taking your digestive enzyme supplements is also a great way to practice mindfulness as it can help to promote routine in your daily life. There are many benefits to having a consistent routine including that it gives your body its own internal clock it can use to understand your habits and best support you. Our 3-step wellness routine was specifically curated with specific times each day we recommend taking each supplement for bloating in order to best support you on this journey. The schedule for taking the supplements goes as follows: Probiotic Renu first thing in the mornings, Metaboliz in the middle of the day, and Sexy & Slim right before bed. Challenge yourself to picking a new area of your life to practice mindfulness and be prepared to see the significant impact it has on your overall wellness!

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