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A Meal Plan and Supplements for Bloating

When it comes to trying to eat healthy and consistently, trying to figure out foods that work for you can be quite challenging. This is why meal planning can help you to stay committed to your health goals while also minimizing food waste in your refrigerator. We have compiled a list of different meals for each part of your day that promote a healthy digestive system, support the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut, and that can sustain you on a day to day basis. 

How Meal Planning Works 

Meal planning which consists of creating an outline of what you are going to eat for each meal of the day for either a week or whatever period of time you desire is important in making sure you are sticking to healthy eating habits

It helps to make sure you are watching your portion control, because if you already know how much you are going to use for each meal there is no room for you to overeat. Overeating can cause issues such as abdominal pain, constipation, and gas. It also reduces the amount of food waste you have throughout the week, since each ingredient will have a purpose. 

One of the biggest reasons meal planning is so great is because you can see what you are putting in your body in terms of nutrients, proteins, and fruits/vegetables. If you are someone who struggles with eating fruits and vegetables – which contain vital nutrients needed to have a healthy digestive system – then meal planning will help to ensure you are not straying away from them. 

Ideally, you would want to do meal planning a day before you plan on going to the grocery store so that you can catalog the foods you already have at home needing to be used and plan which ingredients you do need to buy. For some people it makes more sense to only do a plan for Monday-Friday as those are the days that are most jam packed with daily chores, while for some their schedules might be more flexible. Whatever you decide for your schedule, make sure you are leaving room for some treats here and there, because balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle!

Meal Ideas for Lunch, Breakfast, and Dinner 

For each meal of the day we are going to share with you a different meal idea you can add to your routine while identifying the foods which are beneficial to your gut health. This way you can get creative with the recipes to fit to your liking while also making sure you are getting all the benefits offered!


Yogurt Bowl - A yogurt bowl is a great breakfast to have first thing in the morning, because you can get creative with it each day which will not lead to issues such as feeling bored of what you are eating. Yogurt is also a great food for digestion as it contains probiotics which helps to promote the creation of healthy bacteria in your gut. Not to mention, it also is high in protein which is essential for a healthy diet. Some toppings that can also be beneficial for you on yogurt is any fruit you desire like blueberries, strawberries, or bananas. Pro tip: To support your digestive system even more add in a spoonful of your favorite honey which has been known to heal any ailments in your digestion and relieve issues like diarrhea. 


Chickpea Avocado Toast - While some see avocado toast as a breakfast meal, it can also be a great lunch idea especially for those who do not have a lot of time to whip up something extravagant. Chickpeas are an essential part to this recipe, because it contains high amounts of fiber which is essential in your digestive process. It helps to promote the digestion of certain foods and can help with issues such as constipation. The avocado is a great way of making sure you are getting a dose of healthy fats in your diet! A great way to spice this up is by adding the juice of one lemon, which helps in promoting the elimination of waste in your system. 


Tempeh Miso Soup - This is a great option especially for those nights that it is especially cold outside. Tempeh is great for your digestion as it is made from fermented soybeans. Tempeh is an antinutrient food that creates phytic acid during the fermentation process which breaks down and helps to absorb certain nutrients in your body. This recipe is especially powerful due to the miso also being a fermented food. It contains probiotics that help to promote the digestion of certain foods. You can add any other of your favorite vegetables into this recipe to spice it up and really make it your own! 

Supplements to Add To Your Routine In Addition to These Foods

In order to keep pushing towards the goal of no more bloating, you might also want to think about investing in supplements that help to relieve digestive issues. The three products we have in our wellness routine are all curated with natural ingredients and your energy levels, heart and liver health, and digestion in mind. It contains a probiotic, a midday vitamin to keep you going throughout the day, and a nighttime vitamin that can help you to process foods overnight. This wellness routine makes it easy for you to stick to your daily routines while also feeling assured you are taking the steps you need to feel relieved of digestive issues. 

In addition to both a healthy diet and supplements, you should keep an eye on your hydration levels. Water is so essential in not only making sure your stomach is working properly, but also helps to promote healthy skin, balance any mood changes, and keep your body at a proper temperature level. Without water you will be leaving your body vulnerable to dehydration which impacts all the systems in your body negatively. Rest assured that if you are taking these small steps to plan out your success, you will leave the week feeling more energetic and healthy than ever before!
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