Stress Reducing Activities For No More Bloating

Stress Reducing Activities For No More Bloating

Sometimes it can feel as if your world is being surrounded by clutter from all sides. This can get quite overwhelming and lead to stress which in turn can create digestive issues through an unhealthy gut. In order to get your life in order for both your mental and physical health, there are some unhealthy habits that must be taken out of your life to make room for more peace and wellness. Today, we are going to dive into what some of these unhealthy habits might be in order for you to better identify them in your own life and adjust accordingly! It is important to remember that stress looks differently for everyone, and understanding what stresses you out specifically is vital to overcoming it. 

Some General Unhealthy Habits To Avoid 

  1. A Damaging Mindset - A lot of the times our stress can come from the negative way we are looking at things in our brain. If we start off a day or a week with the mindset that the week is going to be hard, then it is more likely that that will be the case. In order to avoid extra stress in our lives, we instead should work towards creating a positive mindset to foster positive results. Even though the week will be hard, you should try to find ways in which you can make it enjoyable for yourself rather than sinking into the bad parts about it. A great way to remind yourself of the positive things in life is to start your day by writing down or simply thinking of the things you are most grateful for.
  2. Living A Sedentary Lifestyle - While lounging around and laying in bed might sound nice, doing it too often or all the time can be damaging to your mental health and in turn your digestive/physical health. This is because, when you are not being active you are missing out on the endorphins that are released when exercising which help to promote mental stability. Exercise has many benefits, but especially helps with getting your digestive system up and running and is beneficial for issues such as constipation or irregular bowel movements.
  3. Filling Your Body With Processed Foods - As easy as picking up takeout or fast-food on the way home may be, it comes with its setbacks. At times, a lot of these foods are processed and filled with an unhealthy amount of sugars, fat, and sodium. Instead of always turning to these foods in times of need, especially in times of stress when overeating can occur more often, you should try and fill your own refrigerator with whole healthy foods that you enjoy. Meal planning is a great option if you are trying to reduce your intake of processed foods, but do not necessarily have the time to commit to cooking a new meal each day.

Ways To Bring More Peace Into Your Daily Routine 

  1. Start Your Day Early - If you are someone who gets out of bed right before the day begins, this can lead to stress and rushing, because you have now only left time to get your checklist done and have no room for self-care. Self-care, especially in the mornings, can be really vital in bringing more peace to your life, because it helps to check in with yourself. A great way to practice this is by getting up an hour earlier than you think you should. This leaves time for you to take those vitamins you always seem to skip, drink your morning coffee/tea, and/or write in your journal. All of these are great rituals to promote inner peace and get you aligned for your day.
  2. Learn to Say No - It can be really easy to fill up your cup with all of these responsibilities without even noticing. If you are someone who struggles with saying no to favors being asked of you, or even a new job opportunity to add to your plate, it is important to learn how to say no. Even though it might be hard, saying no to things that are beyond your mental capacity in that given moment might mean the difference between you living a stable life and a stressful life. From time to time, check in with yourself and how you are doing with all of your responsibilities in order to ensure you are not putting too much on your plate. Remember, you cannot fill other people’s cups without filling your own. 

Rituals To Support You Both Mentally and Physically 

  1. Take Your Vitamins - As simple as it sounds, taking your vitamins each day not only helps to ensure you are giving your body that extra support it needs, but is also a great way to practice consistency in your life. Having rituals that are a constant in your life can make you feel more stable overall. Our wellness routine made up of three vitamins that help with bloating and other digestive issues were made with an outline of when to take them to help you with this consistency and support. They were also curated to help with issues such as lack of energy, liver detoxing, and supporting your heart health. Shop your very own here today!
  2. Have a Morning or Night Routine - Routines are a great way to avoid stress, because they are already outlined for you to follow rather than you having to jumpstart what you need to do at that very moment. Planning out your night the morning of and vice versa is a great way to stabilize yourself before the day begins, and can even help you plan for that physical activity that will only benefit you. 

All in all, all of these recommendations work to minimize your stress levels, which in turn minimize the impact it has on your mental and digestive health. We all already have a lot on our plates and the last thing we want to be worrying about is feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

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