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The Personal Check-In And Supplements That Help With Bloating

As the year starts to get away from us, it can be easy to lose sight of the goals we have made for ourselves, but it is important to check in with yourself from time to time to see areas in which you can improve and areas in which you are proud of your progress. There are many small adjustments we can all make in our daily lives that will benefit both our mental and physical health. Today, we are going to discuss some general areas of your life that it is important to evaluate from time to time and how you can elevate them to best fit your goals and needs. 

The Three Main Areas to Foster Goals In 

The first step to making any change in one’s life should be to evaluate what exactly your goals are at this moment, and it can seem quite overwhelming at first, but if you separate the areas of your life in sectors it makes it much easier. For example, you can separate areas of your life into these three categories: personal care, relationships, and areas of living. 

Personal Care

The area of personal care can consist of things such as keeping up with the new hobby you have been meaning to start, journaling a couple of times a week to reduce overall stress levels, or maybe to eliminate dairy for a better digestive system. 

Regardless of what you choose to be your goals, make sure they align with a happier and healthier you. This is one of the most important areas to dedicate time to, because if you are not content within yourself it is going to be hard to give time to the other areas. 


In regards to relationships, it is important to make sure you are prioritizing the people in your life that are important to you. These people can be a great pillar in terms of helping you reach your personal goals, and people to share your ideas with and grow together with. If you find that you are neglecting this part of your life more than you would like to, some ways you can improve your connections is through: dedicating time each week to call a loved one, write a short letter to someone you care about, surprise someone with a morning coffee and some time to chat. 

You will find that the better your relationships are with the people that surround you, the less stressed you might be because you will not feel alone. Symptoms of stress and anxiety can negatively impact your gut’s health which will only bring on more digestive issues than we need. 

Areas of Living 

This last sector to consider can mean something different for everyone, but I find that if you dedicate some time to elevating the areas in which you spend most of your daily time, then it can lead to less clutter both literally and mentally. This could include spaces such as the main sectors of your house and the places in which you ritually go to outside of your house. 

If you start to neglect these areas of living, then it will foster more stress on your shoulders, and can limit your potential in getting things done. Keeping an eye on these areas, and making sure you are checking in from time to time can eliminate the potential of this. 

Small Adjustments You Can Make to Better Your Digestive System Specifically 

When it comes to our digestive system, there are many things we overlook that actually impact the effectiveness of our gastro-intestinal system. 

A Lack of Exercise - Living a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your gut health, because when you get your body moving everything starts to move including your digestive process. Yet, when you choose to be inactive all day it leads to constipation and bloating since nothing is motivating your body to keep working. Exercise has also been known to produce higher levels of butyrate which produces a healthier gut. 

You Are Consuming Soda - Aside from the fact there is no nutritional value and that soda contains high levels of artificial sweetener, the main reason why it is detrimental to your gut health is because of its high levels of sugar. When there are high levels of sugar in the gut it leads to the healthy bacteria to stop growing in your gut. This healthy bacteria is needed in order for your gut to thrive, and therefore limiting your intake of sugary drinks is essential to a healthier you. There are also many other drinks that could be negatively impacting your gut

A Lack of Supplements for Bloating - Supplements can be a very essential and helpful tool when it comes to fostering a healthier gut. Our three step wellness plan consists of three different supplements that all work together to make sure your gut is getting all the support it needs throughout your day. The first supplement is called Probiotic Renu and helps to maintain the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut which works to combat the unhealthy bacteria, as well as working to help your body digest foods that otherwise might be hard to digest. The second supplement is called Metaboliz, and was curated with your afternoon slump in mind as it contains ingredients that help to naturally boost your energy levels and even gives a little extra support to your brain. 

The third supplement is called Sexy & Slim and it works hard to support both your digestive system throughout the night so that you do not wake up with any pesky stomach issues, and can even help to detox your liver. These three supplements come together to give you the set up you need to easily and happily support your digestive system day in and day out. 

All of these recommendations can work together to leave you in a place that is better suited for you to reach the other goals you have made for yourself. 

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