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The Morning Routine With Supplements for Bloating

Have you checked in with yourself and how you are feeling throughout your day? Well, this could be a great way to remind yourself of the goals you want to reach or consistent rituals you want to include into your routine. A morning routine is essential in making sure you are starting your day off the right way, and to best prepare your physical and mental health for the day ahead. There are many activities you can add to achieve this successfully, and today we are going to give you a foundation that might be a great place for you to build off and personalize to your own needs. 

The Benefits of A Morning Routine 

As nice as it feels at the moment, snoozing your alarm multiple times in the morning will leave you with little to no time to achieve all the things you need to do to make yourself feel in control of your day. Feeling in control of yourself is just one of many benefits that come with a morning routine. It can reduce stress and anxiety, because you can set yourself up to avoid any of these pesky emotions if you know exactly what you need to get done. 

A morning routine also increases your productivity, because if you start with productive activities such as making a to-do list or checking off the chores around the house, it will leave you feeling more energized and if you continue with this attitude throughout the day you will find that you are wasting less time and getting more done. 

A morning routine can help you make more time for the things that matter in your life. While for some, it can be jam packed with the chores they never have enough time to do, for others it could include activities such as spending quality time with a loved one, journaling, or getting some exercise in. These are all activities that will benefit you mentally as they help to promote a balanced lifestyle between work and play. 

The biggest positive of a morning routine is that you can make it anything you want it to be. So, while right now you might benefit from more time to get yourself prepared for the day, you can later change it to be more for alone time. The flexibility that a morning routine offers makes the possibilities endless, and you can personalize it to fit your needs. 

Ideas for Types of Morning Routines 

Here are some activities that we have put together that might be beneficial to have in any morning routine regardless of its central purpose!

  1. Make your BedWhile it might seem like the easiest thing to get done, it is super crucial to creating a good environment for the productivity you want for the remainder of the day. With a made bed, you will feel less overwhelmed and scattered, and since it is probably the first task of the day it will leave you feeling accomplished right away. 
  2. Do not Check Your Phone - As tempting as it sounds, try not to check your phone first thing in the morning. Allow yourself the time to wake up on your own and to check in with your own mental and physical health before you start adding anyone else into the mix.
  3. Have a Getting Ready Routine - If you are someone who struggles with getting ready, which might be the first thing you want to get done, it is a good idea to have a set checklist in order of how you want to do them. This leads to less brain power for getting ready, which might help to minimize the time you spend doing it. 
  4. Workout Your Brain In Some Way - Whether this means making a to-do list for the day, journaling, reading a new book, or doing the crossword puzzle in the newspaper, try to find a way to give your brain a little start up in the morning to help with brain function and to get it moving. 
  5. Exercise or Stretch - Much like your brain, your body also needs a little way to start things up in the morning. Having a small exercise that you do every morning or simply getting out your yoga mat to stretch is a great way to move your body which promotes more natural energy to flow through you.

Activities to Add to Support Digestion in the Morning 

The beginning of your day is also a great way to get your extra digestive support for the rest of your day. Here are some ideas to give your digestive tract that extra boost it needs:

  1. Drink Water - Drinking water first thing in the morning helps to remove any toxins that have been left in your body overnight, and gives your bowels a kickstart to get moving. This will help your body return to normal functioning. 
  2. Take A Ginger Shot - You can get the benefits of ginger through any means, but a ginger shot is an easy way to get it done first thing in the morning, and it helps with moving the food throughout your digestive tract, is a supplement that helps with bloating, and contains natural laxative properties which promotes bowel movements
  3. Take Your Supplement First Thing - Our product, Probiotic Renu was curated specifically for you to take first thing in the morning. This is out of convenience for you so that you do not have to worry about forgetting, and also because it contains both bifido probiotic cultures and lacto probiotic cultures which come together to support you in digesting any foods that you might consume. It is a great support system to start your day off with. 

These are just some of many ways you can promote healthy digestion during your mornings. Others might include eating a hearty breakfast filled with digestive-friendly foods or exercising to get your body’s systems moving as well. Regardless of the activities you choose to add, you will find that a morning routine can make the rest of your day more successful and peaceful. 

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