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Ways to Promote Productivity for No More Bloating

When it comes to any of the systems that are constantly running throughout our bodies, it can be really hard to keep track of the many ways you can ensure you are giving them the support they need to run properly, but one big factor that is easy to neglect is to keep your body moving. Living a sedentary lifestyle can have many setbacks for you in terms of your health and your overall productivity in life. We are going to go over a number of ways you can promote productivity throughout your daily life, and little rituals you can add to ensure you are promoting a healthy life while relieving some stress you might be feeling by being in a rut of unproductiveness. 

Possible Issues That Can Arise From a Lack of Productivity 

Sitting or laying down for long periods of time can lead to a loss of muscle, especially in your legs. This can be detrimental, because if you do not have those muscles to support you, you are risking potential injury if you were to fall or get in a position where those muscles would be vital. 

Another reason why muscles are important is, because they are needed to digest the fats and sugars you are consuming. When you do not have those muscles to support you, your digestion becomes inefficient which can lead to issues such as bloating, cramps, constipation, as well as weight gain.

Sitting and laying for too long can also affect your mental health. You might realize that when you tend to do so, your body continues to want the same activity rather than getting up and doing something. This might be due to the link to your mental health and how a sedentary lifestyle can promote anxiety and depression. Both of these issues can benefit from the endorphins that physical activity can offer

This can also lead to you not being able to complete your responsibilities on a day to day basis. When you become stuck in a rut of simply staying in bed, it can be hard to get yourself out of it, but you will find that promoting a productive lifestyle can relieve your stress and open up your day for more enjoyable activities. 

Ways to Promote A Productive Lifestyle 

If getting out of bed in the morning and starting on all the things you need to get done is a daunting experience for you, then you might benefit from making a plan the night before. When you plan how your day is going to go and you sit down and ask yourself what is going to be feasible to get done with your schedule is a great way to ensure you are not overwhelming yourself before you even get started. Making a to-do list the night before is a great way to practice this. 

Another way to promote a productive lifestyle is to break down projects that are on the larger side. Let’s say that you have a huge proposal due to your boss in 3 weeks that is looming over your head, but you have no idea when or where to get started. Breaking down this project into smaller parts and dispersing them throughout your week will lead you to that final destination that you want without all the stress. Checking in with yourself throughout the week is essential to success. 

It is also important to remember to figure out the way you work best specifically. For some people getting the most important task out of the way first is a great way for them to finally do all the small tasks they have been putting off, but for some people working their way up to that big task is easier for them. Understanding your own work ethic is vital to making sure you are taking the steps you need to get your work done without leaving yourself both emotionally and physically exhausted. 

Lastly, even though adding exercise into your routine might seem like yet just another activity you have to add to your list, in reality it can actually help more than hurt. Staying active is a great way to get a natural energy boost to keep you going on the long days you just want to give up. There are many healthy habits that are helpful in living an active lifestyle. 

Tips to Help Digestive Issues Caused by Inactivity 

Sitting down for too long leads to your abdomen compressing which creates constipation to occur and for the digestive process to be backed up. Your bowel functions also are less active when you are not moving around, thus the reason why staying active is essential to making sure you are keeping your stomach happy. 

Some great eating habits that you should incorporate into your routine is to take an evening stroll after your dinner to promote healthy digestion. Moving after eating helps to make sure the food is moving through you properly. You should also try to avoid big meals, and instead focus on eating smaller meals more frequently so as to not overwhelm your stomach. Foods such as peppermint, ginger, and yogurt are all great staples to keep on hand when you are wanting to get that extra boost of gut health support. 

Along with physical activity and a mindful diet, having vitamins that help with bloating is also a great step in making sure you are keeping your digestive system in tip top shape. A probiotic especially is important due to its natural properties that promote healthy bacteria in the gut which is essential for prime health. Our product, Probiotic Renu was curated with your digestive system in mind, and by taking it every morning you can rest assured you are helping your body get to where it needs to be to do its job properly. It contains bifido probiotic cultures and lacto probiotic cultures which work together to make sure you are digesting complex carbs and fibers correctly and working to control the harmful bacteria in your gut. Shop Probiotic Renu and retain all its benefits starting today!
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