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The Importance of Bloating Supplements and A Night Routine

Do you have a nightly routine that you stand by? Creating a nighttime routine is a great way to implement healthy habits and to set yourself up for a productive morning the following day. The security that comes with a routine can actually be really beneficial for your digestive and mental health. 

It creates a structure that your body and brain will both start to subconsciously adapt to and can lead to less stressful moments on a day-to-day basis. When our bodies are constantly stressed out it can potentially trigger our fight-or-flight reaction which can be very detrimental to our digestive system. In order to avoid these adverse effects it is important to give yourself the stability that a routine offers. 

The Importance of Bloating Supplements and A Night Routine 

While morning routines have always been heavily emphasized, preparing yourself for that morning with a night routine is just as important. One of the major reasons why a night routine is so vital is because it is the time that you are supposed to recharge your body to be ready for the following day. While life might get in the way at times, it is important to try to get to bed around the same time each day. 

When you are asleep your body goes through a number of steps to get all of the different parts of your body ready for the following day, but if you choose to sacrifice your sleep it does not have the same ability to do this which can lead to a decrease in energy levels, an irritable mood, and difficulty concentrating. If you find it hard to get yourself to go to bed at the same time, give yourself a deadline as to when to start winding down for the evening. That way you are not pushing yourself to work till the last second, and have time to signal to your body that it is time to rest. 

How you choose to structure your nightly routine will determine how prepared you are for the following morning. In the next section we will dive into three different types of nightly routines that you can choose from depending on what you need most. 

The Ideal Nightly Routine To Implement In Your Daily Life

The Self-Care Nightly Routine 

Your nighttime routine is a great place to prioritize practicing self care if you are someone who tends to neglect it. Taking the time to give yourself and your needs that extra attention is really important to one’s mental health. Self-care activities can range from winding down with a bath, drinking a hot cup of tea with your favorite book, or participating in a ten step skincare routine. You can really make it your own with any pampering activities of your choosing. A great way to get yourself ready for bed is by taking a warm bath as this helps to relax your muscles. 

The Creative Outlet Routine 

Another great way to spend your night is by dedicating time to any personal hobbies that you usually would not prioritize. For example, if you are someone who loves to paint, but can never seem to find the time to do it, your nighttime routine can be a great place to do so. Participating in a creative activity can be especially helpful, because they help to exercise your brain which is just as essential as exercising your body. 

If you are not someone who has found that passion quite yet, your night time routine can be a great way to set aside time to find one! It gives you the opportunity to truly focus on finding something that is meaningful for you without any outside distractions that can come from daily life.

The Cleaning Routine

The cleaning routine not only consists of cleaning areas within your home but within your brain as well. Throughout the day, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the number of things that are on our to-do lists, and as the day goes on we might find that more tasks are getting added to the list. Instead of going to bed with a hundred ideas running through our minds as to what we need to get done, we should work to put those thoughts down on paper so that we are prepared for the following day. 

Cleaning the main areas of your home is also important to incorporate into your nighttime routine, because it allows for you to wake up to a peaceful and clean space. A clean space helps to minimize distractions and can lead to better productivity. 

These are just three different types of routines that one can consider adopting for night time. You might find that taking different activities from each section works for you. Be sure not to overwhelm yourself with too many activities, because this can also lead to less motivation and inconsistency. Instead, pick those activities that really make sense to you and what your life specifically needs at the moment. 

Activities For Your Nighttime Routine That Will Support Your Digestive Process

When it comes to your digestive process, there are a number of small actions such as taking a supplement for bloating that you can add to your nighttime routine that will benefit you in the long run. Taking a supplement that helps with bloating such as our Sexy & Slim vitamin can be really beneficial to take at night as it has a digestive enzyme complex which helps your body properly digest food and sets you up for the following day. 

Adding in a small yoga routine can be a great way to promote better digestion as the movements help to give your digestive process a little bit of a push. Since yoga can be more of a relaxing type of exercise it is a great way to wind down your body at night. Lastly, drinking a cup of chamomile tea can promote the relaxation of the muscles in your stomach which leads to better digestion. It is the best addition to a nighttime routine and an amazing way to wind down!

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