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No More Bloat With This Morning Routine

Having a routine to follow first thing in the morning can eliminate many issues that possibly can hurt your digestive process later on. A morning routine allows for you to take control of your day leading to less stress, more productivity, and more time to focus on bettering yourself. There are a multitude of activities you can implement into this routine to ensure proper digestion and a healthier body. 

Key Activities to Include for Optimal Success in the Morning 

While we most definitely encourage personalization in your routine, there are some key rituals we recommend everyone include in their routine for general success. One of the first of these is to practice good hygiene. This includes: brushing your teeth, washing your face, showering first thing in the morning, and making your bed. Many times we brush over the basics in order to get to our bigger priorities, but in order to set yourself up for success, you must work towards completing these general activities every single day. The cleaner your space and your own body feels, the more prepared you will be for what lies ahead. 

The next recommendation is where you can add a bit of personalization to the activity. We recommend getting your thoughts in order first thing in the morning so that you are able to plan your day accordingly and not scramble later on to get things done. For some, this might look like going on a walk and simply jotting things down on your phone. While for others, this could include journaling, speaking to a loved one about the day ahead, or creating a list the night before. Regardless of what it might look like for you, it is important to get this list going for optimal success and to avoid adverse issues such as stress

The last general recommendation for a proper morning routine is to commit at least 30 minutes out of your morning to get your body moving. Exercising is an essential aspect to an overall healthy body, and getting it out of the way first thing in the morning will ensure you do not forget or allow it to be pushed to the side later on. Exercising gives you a natural boost of energy and other benefits that will help to give you an extra boost on those especially groggy mornings. 

Ways to Promote Proper Digestion First Thing in the Morning

One of the best ways to ensure a healthy digestive process is by making sure you are as relaxed and stress-free as possible. This includes avoiding being abruptly awakened by a blaring alarm every morning. While we acknowledge that waking up naturally will not be possible for everyone due to a lack of flexibility in schedules, we recommend finding the best way to avoid a harsh awakening from a deep sleep. This could include investing in alarm clocks that wake you up through natural light, or by simply getting your internal clock on a schedule that involves waking up early in order for you to never miss something. 

Another morning ritual that many around the world love to participate in is drinking a morning coffee or drink. There is something so sacred about being able to sit down before the beginning of your chaotic day and simply enjoying one of your favorite drinks. Although there can be some adverse effects to coffee and other drinks in terms of digestion, it is simply important to understand what works best for you. In general, some specific drinks that are known to help digestion include: sunflower tea, green tea, lemon with warm water, and ginger tea. Make sure to give yourself the time to simply sit still and to enjoy your morning drink in order to start your day intentionally and peacefully. 

As our world has started to become more and more accustomed to being stimulated all the time, you might find it hard to not watch your favorite television show or to scroll through your email during meal time, but we recommend avoiding this in order to fully experience your meal. Not only might you find that your meal becomes more fulfilling and tasty when you are able to solely focus on it, but there are many helpful digestive benefits to it. 

Focusing on your food helps to send signals throughout your body that the digestive process has started through your body realizing cues such as how the food tastes, smells, and looks. Using your senses can help your digestive process fully prepare for what's to come. Eating intentionally is also helpful to avoid overeating and other bad eating habits. Overeating can lead to fatigue, stomach pain, and bloating which is not what you want first thing in the morning. These issues can cause you to overcome obstacles throughout your day that will simply make it harder for you in the long run.

Supplements To Incorporate Into Your Morning Routine 

The final recommendation for proper digestion in the morning is to take your supplements. The morning is the best time to ensure you are starting off with the best foot forward and this includes taking your vitamins that help with bloating and other ailments. Our product, Probiotic Renu was specifically curated to be taken in the morning, and includes all natural ingredients that work to promote proper digestion and the breaking down of foods that might be hard to consume. Specifically, it includes bifido probiotic cultures and lacto probiotic cultures. 

Probiotics and bloating supplements are especially helpful first thing in the morning, because if taken on an empty stomach it can allow for the probiotics and healthy bacteria to make it to your stomach as quickly as possible. The growth of healthy bacteria in your gut is essential, and the longer it takes to reach you, the longer it will take for the adverse effects to be eliminated. Shop yours today in order to reap the following additional benefits: aiding in weight loss, helping to fight fatigue, promoting heart health, and boosting your overall immunity.
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