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Supplements for Bloating and Other Bloating Tips and Tricks

Our digestive system goes through many stages throughout our lives, some of them being positive stages and others being more painful. When our digestive systems are experiencing more damage or struggling to stay healthy, it can cause bloating to occur. Bloating can be caused by other issues such as stress or hormonal changes as well. Knowing what is causing your bloating, how to alleviate it, and how to prevent it the best you can is the key to a happy digestive system. 

Instances That Might Be The Cause For Your Bloating 

Bloating can manifest in your stomach with feelings of pressure, tightness, and sometimes can be seen as distended from the outside. To really understand why your bloating is occurring, you need to track when the bloating is happening. For some women, they might notice that bloating only occurs around their menstrual cycle, which could mean that your bloating might be presenting as a premenstrual symptom. 

Yet, for others they might notice that they are experiencing high levels of bloating and gas after eating certain foods. Understanding the importance of eating slowly and intentionally is important in combating bloating. If you are someone who tends to eat faster or without noticing, try eliminating any distractions during mealtime and really try to focus on the food that is in front of you. Other healthy food practices include taking a walk after big meals to promote healthy digestion, and keeping a food diary to better understand your body and its reactions to certain foods. For more information on healthy food habits click here!

Another major cause for bloating is gas. Too much intestinal gas leads to gut bacteria digesting carbohydrates which is known as fermentation. If there is an immense amount of fermentation happening this probably means that it wasn’t taken care of earlier in the digestive process like it normally should which leads to bloating. This could be due to a food intolerance, or poor eating habits like mentioned earlier, or it could be from a certain issue your body might have when it comes to digesting certain foods. Luckily, there are a number of ways we can work to heal these symptoms of bloating!

How To Heal Symptoms of Bloating 

The first thing to keep in mind when wanting to heal your bloating is that it is not a quick and easy fix, but rather these are practices you should work to keep in your daily routines consistently to promote a healthy environment for your digestive system. If you are someone who enjoys physical exercise or simply needs more of it in their life, taking a walk and doing certain yoga poses have been known to help reduce bloating. Certain yoga poses have been known to contract the muscles in your abdomen in a way that can help release any pent up gas from your GI tract. 

Peppermint capsules have also been known to help reduce bloating, as it works by relaxing the intestinal muscles in your body which helps your body dispose of any excess stool and gas throughout your body. If you are prone to heartburn it might be wise to stay away from peppermint, and as always if you are unsure check with your healthcare provider. 

Another great way to try and alleviate pesky bloating is by taking a warm bath and relaxing. Not only can this relieve issues with a sore abdomen, but can reduce stress levels which is also a great reason as to why you might be bloating. If you are someone whose stress levels are constantly at a high, taking these extra steps to further relax your body and mind whenever you can will create a better environment for your brain and stomach. 

When it comes to the types of foods to eat, increasing your fiber intake can help to reduce bloating. This being said, do so with caution and slowly increase your fiber intake to avoid any unwanted symptoms in response. Your body needs ample time to adjust to the new types of food you are trying to nourish it with. Cutting down on your salt intake is also a great consideration, as an overconsumption of salt leads to water retention in your body that could present itself through bloating. Speaking of water, boosting your water intake can only help your body in a positive manner. Dehydration is linked to many underlying issues, which is why ensuring you are getting the right amount of water each day can help you in the long run. 

The Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are also essential in the fight to end your bloating issues. They are microorganisms that can be taken in the form of a supplement or natural means including fermented foods. Probiotics work to help balance out the friendly bacteria in your gut. Not only does probiotics work to keep the digestive system’s pesky issues out of the way, but help you mentally as well. If you are someone who struggles with having a healthy immune system, keeping probiotics at hand is also important for you. It gives your immune system a boost, and as the months start to get a little bit colder in some areas of the world that extra boost is vital for healthy living. 

A vitamin that helps with bloating is our very own Probiotic Renu is made up of both bifido probiotic cultures and lacto probiotic cultures to give you the support you need against bloating all day long. Bifido probiotic cultures help to facilitate the digestion of complex carbs and fibers that your body might be struggling with on its own. Lacto probiotic cultures help to produce lactase that promotes lactic acid and in turn controls the growing of harmful bacteria in your gut. Having a healthy environment for your gut is also essential, click here to learn more

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