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Skin Suggestions and Supplements for Bloating

Given that our skin is a huge part of who we are physically, taking care of it is important to making sure we are looking out for our overall health as well. There are many factors that can contribute to unhealthy skin, and it is essential to know how to oversee these factors in order to ensure they are not negatively impacting you. One of these factors could be an unhealthy gut or digestive system, which also contributes to bloating. In order to make sure we feel confident in our bodies without having to worry about these pesky issues we need to be prepared to combat the root of the problem. Down below we have compiled a small list of possible contributing factors for you to look through so you are able to see which areas of your life you can work to improve to better care for your skin and digestive system. 

Issues That Could Be Impacting Your Skin’s Health

If you live somewhere where it is winter right now, or if you simply live somewhere that tends to be on the colder side when it comes to the weather, that could be a contributing factor to your skin issues. The winter season and cold weather tends to dry out the skin, leaving behind flaky, itchy, and chapped skin. One very common issue that arises especially is chapped lips that tend to break leaving behind bloody lips. 

If you are someone who has found that the winter weather leads to dry skin, making sure you are hydrating properly, taking the time to moisturize consistently, and investing in an effective chapstick is essential to your success in protecting your skin. Other ways to care for your dry skin is by ensuring you are taking warm showers rather than hot showers as this can lead to worsening the issue. 

A poor diet might also be to blame for your skin issues. If you are someone who finds themselves indulging in chocolate and correlating this with your outbreaks of acne, it could be that you are more sensitive to chocolate which leads to these issues. Some people also find that alcohol can impact your skin in a negative way the following day. Similarly, this can happen with many other foods, especially foods that are high in sugar or sodium. 

You might find that tracking the foods you eat in correspondence with the reaction your skin has might make it easier to figure out if a food is what is triggering your skin issues. There are many foods that are great for you including fruits and vegetables which help to promote that healthy glow we all want. Foods that are high in nutrition are also good for your digestive system, for more information click here!

Females specifically might notice that their skin is especially struggling during their menstrual cycle. If this is the case for you, being proactive about moisturizing, hydrating, and eating healthy might be able to help you with the hormonal changes that might be causing this. 

How Your Gut Health Might Be Affecting Your Skin

Believe it or not, your gut health has lasting effects on most parts of your body whether that is your brain, mood, energy levels, and even your skin. Your skin is a vital organ that is a part of your body and when your gut health is struggling this can be seen through the health of your skin. A big contributing factor to this connection lies in the fact that a huge part of your immune system is controlled by your gut health, so when your gut health is down, your immune system can go down leading to that unhealthy skin we want to avoid.  This is why working to fix your gut health is an essential step. Here are some ways to combat an unhealthy gut: 

  1. Consume More Fiber: Foods that are high in fiber are essential to keep your gut healthy and your digestive tract moving. If you are someone who struggles with bloating or constipation, that extra boost of fiber might be just the thing you need to get back on track. Foods that are high in fiber are broccoli, avocado, beans, and whole grains.
  2. Practice Mindful Eating: Sometimes the reason for a damaged gut lies in the way we eat. If we are eating too quickly, that can lead to a buildup of gas in our stomachs and possible overeating. This is why it is vital that you allow your body the time it needs to properly digest throughout the meal by making sure you are taking mindful bites. It will also give your body time to tell you once it gets full, because if you are not allowing it time it won’t signal your body until it's far past full. 
  3. Incorporate Probiotic Renu in your routine: Probiotic Renu is a vitamin that is curated with your gut health in mind. It is made with probiotic cultures that work to ensure your body is properly digesting the foods you are consuming. Not only will this help with your digestive issues to have no more bloating but also work in turn to keep your skin healthy and happy. Our product also helps to fight fatigue, which is essential since it is recommended to be taken first thing in the morning. It also helps to boost immunity and promote a healthy heart. Put your health first and shop Probiotic Renu right here today!

Overall, it is important to remember just how connected all the aspects of our bodies are. If we keep this in mind, we can work to ensure we are taking the best practices to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our skin requires consistent care and proactiveness, but as long as you work to remember the small ways in which to do so, it makes life just a bit easier. If you want to learn more ways in which your gut health and your skin are connected, click here.

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