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How To Use Gut Health Enzymes To Combat Gut Issues

Although you might associate your gut with your digestive process, it actually is connected to many more aspects of your health and overall body. Usually, the status of your gut health depends on the amount of healthy bacteria that is in your gut which is used to digest your food and absorb any nutrients your body needs. 

Unfortunately, if you do have any unhealthy gut there are an array of symptoms that can present themselves as a result. Today, we are going to dive into what the possible signs of an unhealthy gut are and how you can fix those symptoms both through healing your gut and other means.

Different Symptoms That Can Mean You Have an Unhealthy Gut 

  1. Bad Breath: This can happen due to a change in the bacteria balance of your gut. If you have a bacterial imbalance in your gut, toxins can come from your gut and fall into other parts of your body that will become an issue. It can reach different organs in your body where possible issues may develop that can eventually travel to your mouth and create bad breath. 
  2. Skin Irritation: A lack of good bacteria in the gut can lead to skin issues like rosacea, dry skin, eczema, and acne. This is something you might not think would be affected, but our bodies' jobs start to shut down the more bad bacteria we have in our gut. If you are someone who already struggles with unhealthy skin this can be even more detrimental for you. For more information on how our digestive system plays a role in our skin’s health and how gut health can be a prime factor in it, click one of our latest blogs to learn more
  3. Mood Swings: Unfortunately, an imbalanced gut also affects our moods. If we have an unstable gut, odds are we are going to have unstable mood changes which can be very detrimental to everyday life. If you are someone who notices that you have been feeling angry quicker, sadder more often, or unexplainably irritable this could be a sign that your gut is having some issues. 
  4. Constipation and Diarrhea: Digestive issues are a huge part of having an unhealthy gut, but with consistent care of your gut you can work to eliminate these issues from your life. There are many ways to combat constipation, and you can read up on these tips and tricks in one of our latest blogs
  5. Sugar Cravings: If you are someone who has recently noticed a rise in the sugar you are wanting to consume, this could be due to a poor gut. Sugar also contributes to an unhealthy gut, so if you are someone who presents with this issue, indulging in your cravings makes it even worse in the long run. Your gut microbial proteins influences your appetite, so keeping it healthy helps to limit its negative impact. 
  6. Brain Fog: If your gut is unhealthy and inflamed due to poor maintenance, this can lead to your brain being affected and can even present with issues such as anxiety, depression, and/or brain frog. If you have a leaky gut in particular, it can lead to your serotonin levels being down which are responsible for your mood, happiness, and anxiety levels. 
  7. Bloating: Bloating is an issue that occurs for many reasons including food intolerances, indigestion, eating too quickly, eating foods that create more gas, as well as many other reasons. Our gut can contribute to bloating if for some reason the bacteria is becoming bad and inflammation occurs. 

Why Gut Health Enzymes are Important To Creating a Good Digestive System

Digestive enzymes help with bloating and other issues such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and many of the issues we touched on earlier. They are proteins that are essential in the digestive process, and can be found naturally in your body. Although, some people might struggle with having a proper amount of digestive enzymes in their system which is why getting these nutrients from vitamins that help with bloating or naturally through certain foods is essential in creating a good environment for your gut. When your body cannot break down foods properly and absorb nutrients it is called malabsorption. 

Luckily, we have just the supplement for you in the shape of our product Sexy & Slim. Sexy & Slim is a vitamin that is recommended to be taken at night right before bed, and contains a digestive enzyme complex. This complex consists of amylase, protease, pepsin, lipase, bromelain, and papain. All of these enzymes which have certain responsibilities come together to ensure your body is getting the proper support to do its job. For example, protease is an enzyme that speeds up the breaking down of proteins into amino acids. 

Our product also contains many other ingredients that are all natural and gluten free. These ingredients are also essential in making sure your body is in its most optimal place. To touch on a few ingredients, here is a list of three of the ingredients in Sexy & Slim and their purpose:

  1. Peppermint Powder: Peppermint is known to relax your muscles which helps the digestive system run more smoothly, because if you are contracting your muscles too much it can cause distress in your digestive system. Since it is a muscle relaxant, peppermint can also be helpful for a headache you might be experiencing or any other similar pains. It has also been known to help reduce issues with sleeping, which is perfect for our product since it is meant to be taken right before bed. 
  2. Fennel Seed Powder: Fennel is packed with essential nutrients and has antibacterial properties. One of the essential nutrients it contains is Vitamin C, which is a great way of ensuring you are boosting that immune system every single day. Since it is so high in antioxidants, fennel has also been known to reduce inflammation which can benefit your gut in the long run as well.

All in all, Sexy & Slim is the ideal vitamin to have on your night stand for everyday use, be sure to shop your very own today by clicking right here!

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