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How the Digestive Process and Top Rated Digestive Enzymes Work

The first step to understanding how to best support your digestive system is by understanding how it works. The digestive process is made up of a number of different steps that begin in the mouth and that end with eliminating waste from your body. The substances that you consume travel through around 7 areas of your body, all of which have a specific responsibility that helps the digestive process. Today, we are going to break down what exactly these seven areas are and what they are responsible for as well as how gut health enzymes/other vitamins that help with bloating are beneficial for you to add to your daily routine. 

The Digestive Process Broken Down 

The digestive process is made up of the gastrointestinal tract which includes a number of different organs including but not limited to the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. It begins in the mouth where substances are broken down both literally and chemically, but even before that your body/brain starts to anticipate that it is going to get nutrients in the form of food which is what creates the saliva in your mouth. Saliva helps to break down the starch in your food, so this reaction is an essential aspect of the digestive process. 

Once your mouth is done helping the digestive process to begin, the substances are then pushed by the pharynx into your esophagus which in turn pushes the substances into your stomach. Both the pharynx and esophagus are essential aspects of the digestive process as they are responsible for preparing whatever you consume for proper absorption and/or disposal. 

The stomach is where the food you consume gets mixed in with enzymes that help to break down the food into something your body is able to use for fuel and strength while the rest will get disposed of later on. The small intestine helps to continue this process while also absorbing nutrients and water from the substances you consume in order to strengthen your body. The food is then transferred into the large intestine, where the remaining waste is disposed of and helps to further take any remaining nutrients out of what is left. It is the last part of the digestive process and is what creates the stool that we dispose of.

Along with these major aspects of the digestive process, there is also the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder, all of which have their own added responsibilities. The liver is responsible for creating bile that helps to break down the food and taking away toxins that could be potentially harmful to your body, while the gallbladder is responsible for storing the bile. Lastly, the pancreas helps to produce enzymes that help your body digest food properly.

All of these different parts come together to create the gastrointestinal system and as you can see it is essential in giving your body the nutrients and strength it needs to thrive. This is why learning how to best support your digestive process is essential in having a healthy body/life. 

The Most Common Areas That Digestion Tends to Go Wrong 

One of the most common ways that digestion can go poorly leading to digestive ailments is by having an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria in your body. The gut, which is a quicker way of saying your gastrointestinal tract needs healthy bacteria to thrive and when there is an imbalance of healthy bacteria then you are putting yourself at risk of many unpleasant issues such as digestive issues and mental health decline. Luckily, there are a number of ways to increase your gut health including taking a probiotic. Probiotic Renu is an example of a bloating supplement that can help you to improve your gut health, because it includes bifido probiotic cultures which are healthy bacteria made to strengthen your gut. 

In addition to protecting the balance of your gut’s health, it is essential to understand how taking the best digestive enzymes can also be beneficial to your overall health. 

How Gut Health Enzymes Can Be Beneficial to The Digestive Process

Digestive enzymes which are naturally produced in your body to help break down the food you consume are essential to having a healthy digestive system. Sometimes our bodies are more adept at breaking down certain substances over others, but taking a digestive enzyme supplement or consuming foods that have naturally producing digestive enzymes can give your body that extra boost of support needed for you to properly break down food. 

For example, many people are susceptible to having an intolerance or sensitivity to lactose which is where the enzyme lactase becomes beneficial. When lactose is not properly broken down in your small intestine it gets sent to the large intestine, but not fully processed which can lead to possible complications. Incorporating more lactase enzymes into your diet or routine is a great way to better support this process. 

Our product called Sexy & Slim contains a digestive enzyme complex that works to ensure you are getting this support every single day. The digestive enzyme complex is made up of the following enzymes: amylase, protease, pepsin, lipase, bromelain, and papain. We made sure to include such a big variety of enzymes to maximize effectiveness and support. 

Digestive enzymes help to ensure you are absorbing the nutrients from the foods you are consuming so not only are they helping to break down the food for easier digestion, but they are helping your body get the nutrients it needs to thrive. Digestive enzymes can also be found in certain foods which means you can work to incorporate them into your diet to further improve your digestive health. Some foods that contain digestive enzymes include but are not limited to the following: pineapple, honey, avocados, and kiwi. 

While digestive enzymes might not solve all your digestive issues it can be a great place to start if you are looking to further strengthen your gastrointestinal tracts effectiveness. Understanding how the digestive process works is an essential part of caring for it. 

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