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Fall Activities and Supplements to Reduce Bloating

As we head deep into the fall season in many places, there are a number of ways we can be festive while reaching those digestive and health goals we are yearning for. The year is heading into its final months, and it is around this time you might start reflecting on your new year’s resolutions for this coming year and how your ones this past year have gone. Although it is tempting to simply restart those goals when the new year comes, your future self will thank you if you started them now instead! We are going to explore the many fall activities and other health habits you can implement this very second.

Fall Activities to Stay Festive and On Top of Your Health

The first activity I am going to touch on is cooking! Food and trying to prepare meals is something we all have to do in our lives, and as the seasons start to change so does the foods in our local supermarkets. There are a number of different foods that are even more popular during fall time and that includes: squash, pumpkin, and sweet potato. Find different ways to incorporate these yummy yet healthy foods in your meals to spice things up this week!

Now we all are aware of the infamous pumpkin carving activity that so many people participate in, but have you ever heard of roasting the seeds from the pumpkin? Instead of throwing these away, this year be sure to separate the seeds from the pumpkin to create many healthy snack options to take with you wherever you go. Pumpkin patches are also a great way to get out of the house and also get your body moving, even if it is only for a small period of time. 

If you and your friends are looking for a fall activity that will boost your mood and your health, apple picking is right for you! Not only will you be getting your body moving, but apples are actually a very healthy alternative to any other sweet snack. They are also high in fiber which is vital for your digestive system. If you are interested in learning more foods that are beneficial to your digestive system, check out our latest blog here.

Another great way to get involved in the festivities this fall, is to participate in your local race. Many cities host races for people from their community to get involved in around this time of the year, it is a great way to motivate yourself to get that cardio in you have been putting off. Even if you rather just be a spectator, volunteering at these races are a great way to get in the fall spirit. 

If you are someone who already starts feeling a bit too cold for any outdoor activities, fall is also a great time to catch up on those indoor hobbies you have been missing. Some ideas of indoor hobbies you can incorporate are: reading, playing a game of chess or checkers, journaling, self-care rituals, and many more! Journaling is especially a smart activity to take up, as you can start to reflect on those goals you have been wanting to reach lately, and have that end of the year check in for yourself. 

How Colder Weather Affects Your Bodies Functions

Believe it or not, the weather actually affects our digestive system. As we start to head into the colder months it is important to note that the colder your body feels for longer periods of times, the more energy and heat it tries to save up making it so your metabolism slows. This combined with a lower amount of exercise as we tend to stay cooped up around this time, makes it so we gain weight. If you are someone who is looking to lose or maintain your weight, it is important to take note of these changes so that you are able to be proactive about them. 

You might also find that you are more tired when the weather starts to get colder. This could be because we have less exposure to the sun throughout the day, so our bodies think it is time for bed earlier on. Check out our blog on other reasons why you might be having fatigue

Stocking up on fall favorites at the grocery store which are rich in vitamins that are helpful for your immune system and digestive system will make all the difference. It is also important to remember to stay hydrated. When it gets colder, our bodies and brains tend to want less water or simply just not crave it as much, but you must be vigilant in drinking the same amount of water if not more due to the dehydrating properties of the cold windy weather. 

Vitamins That You Want To Keep on Hand This Season 

As it starts to get colder, our immune systems start decreasing and our chances of getting the common cold starts increasing. This is why knowing which vitamins to take is super crucial. Vitamin D is really crucial in working to create a healthy environment, and it works to fight off infections before they fully latch onto your body. 

Our immune system is also linked to our gut, which is why gut health enzymes are important to take note of. This is why probiotics are also really crucial to keep in stock during this coming season. Our product, Probiotic Renu contains a number of different probiotic cultures that work together to give your immune system that extra support it needs, while also helping fight any fatigue you might be having as well as supporting your heart health. Head over to our page now to shop your new fall favorite!

Although it is less commonly known, elderberries have been known to have phytochemicals that work to stop illnesses from entering human cells and replicating. They have improved the immune system’s job of making sure these illnesses are taken care of before they become a hindrance to you. The good news is, there are many ways to incorporate elderberry into your routine whether it be through making it into a yummy dessert or simply having it as a snack, it is both beneficial and convenient. 

Other vitamins you might want to consider adding include zinc, vitamin C, turmeric, and oregano oil. They have all been known to aid in supporting your immune system, and there are many natural ways to ensure you are getting all of these vital nutrients. 

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