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Bloating Supplements and Benefits of the Sun

When summer comes around it is natural to be exposed to more sunlight. While it is always important to ensure you are using sunscreen when you are being exposed to sunlight, there are actually many benefits to catching some UV Rays this summer season including increasing diversity in your gut microbiome. Having a diverse gut microbiome makes us stronger and more resilient to potentially harmful bacteria. There are a number of ways that you can work to improve your gut’s strength and incorporate better digestive practices into your routine this summer season. 

How The Sun Gives You Nutrients and Why They Are Important 

The sun’s UV rays help your body to create vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin for your body to in prime optimal health. Vitamin D is known to help the body retain substances such as calcium which is essential in building strong and healthy bones. When you have low levels of vitamin D in your system you are at risk of not only brittle/weak bones, but it can also impact your quality of sleep, your mood levels, and your susceptibility to infections or illnesses. 

In terms of your digestive process, vitamin D helps to protect your body from illnesses or potentially harmful bacteria that are trying to invade your body and take over. It also helps to keep inflammation at bay by not allowing these substances to enter your system. When you have inflammation in your gut it can lead to unpleasant symptoms such as constipation and fatigue. In order to ensure you are avoiding these issues, it is wise to get your boost of sunlight whenever you can. During the summer time it is essential that you take advantage of the extra sunlight that is being offered and its many benefits. 

In addition to getting vitamin D from the sun, there are many foods that also contain this fat-soluble vitamin. These foods include but are not limited to salmon, sardines, and certain orange juices. Incorporating these foods into your meals is just one small way to better your bone health and better protect your gut from potentially harmful invaders. If you are somewhere where sunlight is harder to come by, it is important that you work to include a vitamin D supplement into your daily routine. If you choose not to take a vitamin D supplement you put yourself at risk of having a vitamin D deficiency that leads to unpleasant complications.

Recommendations for Summer to Strengthen Your Overall Health and Digestive System 

During summer it is natural to spend more time outside when the weather is more agreeable. The ability to spend more time outside comes with a host of new activities you can add to your daily routine such as gardening, hiking, and bike riding. Hiking and bike riding are great ways to get your exercise which is essential to creating a healthy digestive system. When you live a sedentary lifestyle your digestion is not working as efficiently which can lead to constipation and less bowel movements. Take advantage of the summer sun and incorporate more summer activities like bike riding that will help to get your body up and moving. 

Summer also comes with a wave of heat that can result in more sweating. When you sweat you are losing the water in your system and puts you in danger of dehydration if you are not dedicated to drinking water. It is vital that you are not only drinking water when you feel thirsty, but instead work to drink water consistently throughout the day. If you only drink water when you feel thirsty you are putting yourself at risk of bloating due to the abrupt increase of liquid in your system. Allowing the dehydration from the sun to get too far can lead to constipation and nausea. 

It is important that you are practicing healthy eating habits during the summer time more than ever. This is due to the fact that during summer your body is expending more energy trying to keep your body’s internal temperature to a normal level that it has less energy to use on digesting the food you consume. In order to avoid the adverse effects of this change, try to eat your food slowly and with intention to allow your body the proper amount of time to digest the foods you are eating. 

Summer Supplements To Add To Your Routine 

Taking supplements that help with bloating is just as essential during the summer than any other season. Supplements such as the ones in our 3-step wellness routine work to make sure your digestive system is protected, your immune system is strong, and that you are getting the best digestive enzymes possible to properly digest your food. It also includes a probiotic that helps to break down carbs and fibers that might be harder for your body to do on its own as well as control the growth of harmful bacteria in your gut. 

If you are someone who is more susceptible to allergies during summer, taking bee pollen as a supplement can be helpful in reducing allergy symptoms that could be limiting your daily activities. Bee pollen has many added benefits such as reducing stress levels and boosting immunity levels. 

The last thing you want during the summer months is to get a case of the common cold, which is why giving your immune system all the support it needs is essential to avoid any unwanted illnesses. Including vitamin C into your routine is a great way to ensure you are giving your immune system that extra boost of support and can help to protect your digestive system. When you do not have enough vitamin C in your system, there is less hydrochloric acid produced in your body which can lead to adverse symptoms such as heartburn and flatulence. 

To summarize, the summer season comes with many added opportunities for more exercise, but it is important to stay dedicated to taking your supplements in order to ensure a healthy digestive system. 

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