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Why a Liver Detox is Key

The Liver and how it functions

As the largest gland and second-largest organ in the body, the main job of the liver is to filter blood that comes from the digestive tract. The liver functions as a detoxifier and metabolizer of chemicals that pass through the body. It is also the only gland in the body that can regenerate.
Given all these facts, the liver’s function is just as important as any major organ or gland. Since the liver acts as the processor and filters toxic chemicals we ingest, it is essential that the utmost care is given to it to continue its optimal function to the body. But when the liver is not as functional, the filtering out of toxins is limited and may result in some symptoms such as:
These symptoms are caused by the liver’s inability to filter some toxic substances due to the accumulation of such, and may eventually lead to serious illnesses and diseases, as some experts, and health practitioners may claim. While drinking plenty of water helps the liver detoxify, most experts recommend incorporating health supplements like Sexy & Slim to aid the liver in the process. This is due to an increase of environmental toxins, increased consumption of processed foods with high sugar and sodium levels, to name a few.

Why is it important to cleanse and detoxify your liver?

The goal of liver detox or cleansing is to optimize the liver’s performance in maintaining the overall health of the body. Detoxing your liver can help avoid liver-related diseases, and boost the immune system while also potentially reducing fatigue, and most importantly, rid the liver with accumulated toxins. However, before considering undergoing liver detox, consult your doctor first, especially when you have existing medical conditions.

What is liver detox?

More or less, undergoing a liver detox may involve one or a combination of these options:
Optimizing the liver for peak performance is no different from adapting to a healthier lifestyle, with the aid of our Sexy & Slim liver detox capsules to enhance the process. Here are a few reasons to consider a liver detox:
  1. Hepatitis A – usually obtained by eating or drinking that is tainted with fecal matter. This usually is treated with antibiotics and goes away within 6 months, and usually asymptomatic.
  2. Hepatitis B – A transmitted infection that can be obtained by unprotected sex, shared needles used in illegal IV drug use. Treatment should be aggressive as if not treated within 6 months, may lead to liver cancer.
  3. Hepatitis C – Usually comes from infected blood that is transfused usually from shared needles or if you are accidentally pricked by an infected needle during a medical procedure. While rare, if at some point you have come in contact with those that use needles and are HIV infected, have yourself tested.
A healthy liver will make you more resistant to diseases where you are likely to be more susceptible, depending on your lifestyle. For example, Hepatitis A can be obtained anywhere where food handling is poor and proper hygiene is not practiced. It doesn’t mean that you will not get infected, however, a strong liver will make you heal faster and better from the infection.
Understanding how the liver works is the first step to keeping it healthy and help you maintain the body’s overall health. Sexy & Slim liver detox supplement is natural, easy on the body’s system and will leave you feeling lighter, and vitalized. Paired with consuming a healthy amount of water, regular exercise and avoiding excessive alcohol intake, your liver is on its way to staying healthy and functioning at its best at all times.
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