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Vitamins For Bloating and Types of Bloating

Everyone gets some type of bloating or stomach issues throughout their life, but not many people have the actual knowledge to understand what the different types of stomach bloating means which leads to issues in trying to overcome it. Knowing the correct tools to have both figuratively and literally in terms of your comfort is super important. Not only does stomach issues cause obvious irritation and general annoyance in your day, but it can also lead to mental deterioration and can affect other aspects of your health. 

Alcohol and Its Possible Effects

The first type of belly we are going to touch on is what people call ‘the alcohol belly’. This type of belly refers to the inflammation of your stomach due to an overconsumption of alcohol. Alcohol contains something called empty calories, which simply just refers to calories that have no overall nutritional value for you, and many of them are also high in sugar. Both of these facts combined do not equal a great result when it comes to your health. 

Another reason why alcohol can affect your stomach particularly, is because it is increasing the amount of stomach acid you produce. A high amount of stomach acid can lead to gastritis which can be referred to as an inflammation of your stomach lining. This increases the amount of stomach issues you can get including diarrhea and indigestion. Making sure you are limiting your alcohol consumption to a limited amount is super important in creating a healthy environment for your stomach to do its job. 

Hormonal Effects and Possible Pregnancy Symptoms 

For my ladies out there, our hormones might also be the cause of our stomach growing. When our bodies are going through menopause, weight gain is a common symptom that many women experience. This is due to fluctuation with the hormone called estrogen in our bodies, a decrease in our muscle mass, and the fact that we become more resistant to insulin as we become older. Most people find that this weight can be identified in their abdomen.

If you recently were pregnant, this can also be a reason for your weight gain. Your inflamed stomach can be due to fluid retention that was created during your pregnancy period, or simply the weight gain that you probably experienced simply from the process. 

Belly Bloating That Can Cause Extra Gas

The last type of stomach I am going to touch on is simply normal belly bloating that many people experience on a day-to-day basis. Bloating happens when our gastro-intestinal tract becomes filled with gas. One reason that people bloat and that many overlook is swallowing air.

I know, it sounds crazy, but swallowing air can actually cause many issues in your stomach. This can happen when you smoke, chew gum, or eat too fast.

Overeating can also be the reason for your bloating. A lot of the time we reach for food in cases that we aren’t actually hungry, this is when it can lead to bloating. Some of the reasons people reach for food when they actually aren’t in need of it include: when they are stressed, tired, sad, bored, or even dehydrated.

When you are overworked and stressed, you reach for food in hopes that it will give you the energy and comfort you need to feel better, but instead it is just going to cause more issues in your stomach and lead to even bigger issues than you had before. 

If you are someone who eats too fast, this can also be the reason why you are overeating. If you eat super quickly, you are not giving your body enough time to digest the food and thus you will not get the feeling of being full before it is too late. Taking your time when eating is important for digestion and learning how to better understand your own body. 

Lastly, and probably the most obvious reason for bloating is that you are sensitive to a certain type of food or even intolerant. Some of the main food groups that people are intolerant of include dairy and gluten. If you are someone who struggles with trying to figure out what foods you should and should not include in your routine, be sure to take physical notes of what you are eating and how they can affect you. This can help you keep better track of what you should be eliminating. 

Remedies for Bloating and Stomach Weight Gain

If we are referring to extra weight gain in the stomach, the two main remedies to reach your goals, if you want to get rid of it, is to be mindful of the foods you are eating and try to stick to healthy and nutritious foods rather than processed foods. Another great way to reach your goals is to start an exercise routine that will keep you motivated. 

  • Bonus Points: Not only is exercise a great way to lose weight, but it is also a great way to give your metabolism a little bit of a booster and keep your digestive system moving. 

When it comes to bloating caused by indigestion and sensitivity to certain foods, there are some remedies you can incorporate into your routine that might be able to help. This includes the following:

  • Essential Oils
  • Abdominal Massage
  • Taking A Warm Bath
  • Increasing Physical Activity 
  • Increasing Fiber Intake
  • Peppermint Capsules

The one I particularly want to touch on is the peppermint capsules. Peppermint helps because it works to relax your intestinal muscles which in turn helps to move gas and stool out of your digestive system in a more effective way.

This is why we have included peppermint powder as a main ingredient in our product called Sexy & Slim. Sexy & Slim was curated to aid in digestion, help to detox your body and liver, replenish your body with antioxidants, and reduces stomach bloating. Be sure to add Sexy & Slim to your routine today to combat any of those unwanted digestive issues. 


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