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The Supplement for Bloating and Foods to Avoid

When a person is bloated, they tend to feel an accumulation of gas in their gut. A distended abdomen is a sign that you are experiencing bloating, and can sometimes be accompanied by other digestive ailments such as heartburn, constipation, and abdominal pain. Bloating can either occur from time to time or it can become chronic. Certain foods, poor eating habits, an unhealthy gut, and food intolerances can all contribute to bloating. Luckily, there are many ways you can work to reduce bloating including taking a vitamin for bloating, maintaining your gut health, and avoiding triggering foods.

Foods That May Be Contributing to Your Bloating and Eating Habits To Implement 

In general, foods that are harder on the body to digest can contribute to bloating. High-fat foods take our bodies longer to digest meaning that it lingers in the digestive tract for long periods of time and contributes to bloating.

Something to keep in mind is that just because a food is bloat-inducing does not mean that it is unhealthy for the body. For example, beans and lentils contain oligosaccharides which is a sugar that your body does not have the power to digest. This means that these foods are harder on your body to process potentially leading to digestive complications. 

Cruciferous vegetables are high in sulfur which contributes to bloating and a buildup of gas in the body. Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli are all examples of cruciferous vegetables. If you notice that your body has an adverse reaction after eating meals with cruciferous vegetables, try switching them out for other vegetables such as green beans, celery, and spinach. 

Food intolerances can also contribute to bloating. Lactose and gluten are two of the most common ingredients people are intolerant to, and some people are not even aware they are being negatively impacted. Keeping a log of the foods that you consume and your body’s reaction is the best way to deal with foods that are potentially negatively impacting you specifically. 

Aside from the foods we consume, it is important to remember to limit poor eating habits that also contribute to poor digestion. Remember to avoid eating too quickly or too much as this can cause a buildup of gas and indigestion. 

Supplements That Can Help to Reduce a Person’s Chances of Experiencing Bloating 

A supplement containing top rated digestive enzymes can help your body break down foods that might be harder on your body to digest. Even though the body naturally produces digestive enzymes, sometimes it is not producing enough or is struggling to produce certain enzymes which contributes to indigestion. This is where a supplement for bloating such as Sexy & Slim can be beneficial. 

It contains digestive enzymes complex and other natural ingredients that work hard to keep inflammation and bloating at bay. The following are the digestive enzymes found in Sexy & Slim: 

  • Amylase 
  • Protease
  • Pepsin 
  • Lipase 
  • Bromelain 
  • Papain

Dandelion root powder is one of the all-natural ingredients in Sexy & Slim that specifically works to reduce digestive complications by working to ensure the healthy bacteria in your gut is thriving. We recommend that Sexy & Slim be taken in the evening before bed to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

Dandelion root powder is not the only ingredient that can work to protect your gut and in turn reduce the potential of bloating. A probiotic supplement is incredibly important to prioritize. Probiotic Renu is a supplement that helps with bloating due to the bifido and lacto probiotic culture content. Sometimes, bloating can be a symptom of poor gut health. Probiotics work to rebuild the strength of your gut and keep it at a consistent level. It is important that probiotics are taken consistently to be most effective. 

Activities One Can Do on a Daily Basis That Can Alleviate Bloating

1. Movement 

Exercising can help promote bowel movements. Sometimes, bloating is caused by a backup of stool in our digestive tract. Constipation can be alleviated through movement as this helps to promote the contraction of the muscles within our digestive tract. Movement also can help to release any gas that builds up in our bodies. Even light movements such as going on a walk can make all the difference. Living a sedentary life can negatively impact your digestion, so movement is not only encouraged when experiencing digestive ailments, but actually should be a part of your every day routine. Yoga specifically is known to position and stretch the different muscles in our stomach, and because of this can be very beneficial in reducing excess gas in our bodies. 

2. An abdominal massage 

We understand how experiencing gas and bloating can be a stressful and frustrating situation. Stress is the last situation you want to put your body through when it is already going through complications. Stress can exacerbate digestive symptoms making it harder for you to find peace. Giving yourself an abdominal massage is a great way to reduce bloating and stress at the same time.

All it takes is simple movements along your abdomen that follows the path of your digestive tract. The pressure from your hands will help to stimulate movement within the tract. The massage should not cause additional discomfort to you or your stomach. If you are experiencing pain with an abdominal massage, it is best to discontinue this practice and instead reach out to a physician regarding your pain. 

3. A warm bath 

Taking a warm bath is another great way to reduce stress and bloating. The heat from the water on your stomach can help to alleviate pain. When the body is in a state of relaxation, it is more likely to be able to function effectively. Sometimes, relaxation is all it takes to give your digestive system that extra push towards becoming more effective. If you have noticed a correlation between your stress levels and your digestive ailments, be sure to incorporate more stress-relieving activities into your daily routine. Meditating, reading, journaling, and spending time in nature are all great ways to calm your mind and spirit. 

We understand how bloating can be frustrating, but with some dedication and attention to our body’s needs, we can hopefully minimize its impact on our daily life. 

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