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The Slim Supplement and Rituals for Self-Love

Just because Valentine’s Day is behind us, does not mean that we must stop showing our appreciation to our loved ones and to ourselves. Let us dedicate the rest of February to self-love, and work to find ways in our daily lives to show ourselves that extra bit of support. Self-love can be displayed in many different ways, and can be very beneficial in improving your day-to-day mood, anxiety levels, and helps to increase self-acceptance. 

We understand how busy life can get which is why we have curated lists of ways you can practice self-love throughout your day so that you may use it for reference when you are in need of inspiration. The hope is that these practices become consistent throughout your life to the point where they are a healthy habit that is a pillar to your health, happiness, and overall success. 

Practices That Support Mental Health and Decrease Stress and Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety can hinder a person’s daily life to the point where it starts to diminish their health, their digestion, and their energy levels. Neglecting symptoms of anxiety and stress can lead to a breakdown or a burnout that will cause disruption in your day-to-day responsibilities. It is vital that you are constantly checking in on how you are feeling and prioritizing your mental health in order to avoid said reactions. 

Below are some examples of ways you can work to get in touch with your emotions and to help minimize any negative emotions when they do occur. 

1. Journaling 

Writing in a journal is a form of self-expression that can help you better understand how you are feeling, and can also act as a place to vent out your feelings. Sometimes we allow our emotions to overpower our mind which can lead to us feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. Getting these feelings down on paper can help you to better understand and let go of any thoughts that might be plaguing you. Consistent journaling acts as a form of daily therapy that will help you to better navigate your thoughts without fear of judgment. Some find that journaling helps them to feel more at peace with their thoughts which in turn will increase your self-acceptance and confidence. 

2. Affirm Yourself 

When our mind starts to fill with self-deprecating thoughts, it can start to overpower how you view yourself. The way you carry yourself and how you interact with others is directly impacted with your own personal view of who you are. It is important that you work to feel confident in who you are. Affirming is a great way you can push yourself to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Writing affirmations down on a piece of paper and displaying them in places that you consider your personal space can act as great reminders throughout the day to fill your mind with those positive thoughts. 

Self-Love Practices to Improve Your Physical Health 

Ensuring that your physical health is in order is just as important as maintaining your mental health. When you neglect your physical health you can start to experience adverse effects such as a decrease in energy levels, poor digestive health, weak muscles and bones, and a decrease in mobility. Taking care of your physical health does not require strenuous activity or a gym membership. All it means is that you are prioritizing movement, rest, and nutrition in your daily life. Below are some ways you can work to improve your physical health and in turn see an increase in your self-confidence and self-awareness. 

1. Take Your Vitamins 

A supplement with the top rated digestive enzymes and a probiotic supplement helps to ensure that your digestive system is in its optimal shape meaning that you are absorbing nutrients properly, having healthy bowel movements, and not experiencing any digestive issues such as bloating. Sexy & Slim contains gut health enzymes that help your body break down the foods you are consuming. It is important that you maintain a healthy level of digestive enzymes in your body to achieve optimal nutrient absorption. 

2. Create Movement Goals 

People generally tend to struggle with maintaining a consistent exercise routine throughout their day-to-day life. Try creating goals for yourself in regards to exercising in order to motivate you to stay consistent. Moving your body is so important for your overall health. Activities such as going on a walk, taking a yoga class, and/or doing an at-home workout all are great ways to get your body moving. Try creating small goals for yourself at first that will work you up to even bigger goals in regards to your physical health. 

3. Stretch

Stretching is a great example of a self-love activity due to its physical health benefits. It helps to decrease your risk of injuring yourself, helps to improve your joint function, and increases blood flow throughout your body. We recommend stretching right before bed, because it can help to relax your body and help you to achieve a more restful night of sleep. 

Bedtime Self-Love Practices to Implement Into Your Night Routine 

Stretching is not the only self-love practice that we recommend for night time. Evening time is the time to wind down and allow your body and mind the chance to decompress after a long day. Below are some ideas of self-love activities to engage in right before bed. 

1. Center Your Surroundings 

Cleaning and decluttering your personal environment is a great way to center yourself for the following day. Waking up in a clean environment can help set you up for success the next day, and allow you to go through your day in a positive way. 

2. Take A Bath 

Taking a bath or doing your skincare routine every single night can be a great way to show yourself that extra bit of love before the end of a day. It helps you to disconnect from anything else that might be occurring in your life, and truly just focus on your own peace.

3. Meditation 

Meditating right before bed can help to clear your mind and allow you the chance to simply exist. Giving yourself a chance to relax is a great form of self-care that is needed in order to avoid burning yourself out. 

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