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The Slim Supplement and Beverages That Foster A Healthy Gut

Taking proper care of one’s gut requires awareness of one’s own needs and the different items that will support you on your gut health journey. It is no secret that there are staple food items that benefit the gut, but have you ever stopped to think about the different beverages and vitamins you should be taking for a healthy gastrointestinal system? Incorporating gut healthy beverages and supplements into your routine is a game changer, because they are convenient and efficient ways to give your body that boost of support. 

Beverages That Benefit One’s Gut and Why 

Bone Broth - Bone broth is the liquid that can be derived from simmering bones and joints from an animal for a long period of time. It is the liquid that has taken the wellness world by storm, but is it more than just a trend? Yes, bone broth actually does have a ton of benefits for your health! It boosts your collagen levels, promotes bowel movements, protects your immunity levels, and reduces inflammation/pain in the body. Due to its flavor, bone broth can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen or you can even just drink it on its own. 

Kombucha - Kombucha is a fermented tea that has also gained traction in the wellness world in recent years. The fermentation process that this tea undergoes is what makes it a wonderful option to support your gut health. The probiotics that rise due to the fermentation process help to protect your gut from harmful bacteria and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Kombucha also contains beneficial antioxidants! 

Water - The last beverage, water, is a secret to no one and should be prioritized by all. Sometimes the negative reactions we experience in our body might just be caused by dehydration. It can be easy to overlook water consumption throughout the day, but it actually plays such a crucial role in the effectiveness of our body’s functions. Be sure to drink water continuously throughout your day to promote healthy bowel movements and reduce your chances of experiencing bloating and stomach cramps. 

The Different Beverages One Should Avoid Having In Their Diet 

Alcohol - Did you know that excessive alcohol consumption can actually slow down your body’s production of digestive enzymes? While our body naturally produces digestive enzymes, actions such as drinking too much alcohol can get in the way and in turn we may experience digestive complications. A lack of digestive enzymes makes it challenging for your body to properly break down the foods you consume and/or absorb the nutrients from said food. Alcohol can also mess with the bacterial balance in your gut and can encourage unhealthy eating habits. Try to limit your alcohol consumption as much as possible. 

Large Amounts of Caffeine - A regular amount of caffeine might have little to no negative impact on your gut health, and can in fact be a great way to promote bowel movements. However, if we consume caffeine on an empty stomach, when we are dehydrated, or simply too much caffeine, we are risking the chances of creating a bad environment for our gut. Caffeine can also be harmful to those who are already experiencing symptoms related to leaky gut, as it can further exacerbate said symptoms. Be sure to take note of how caffeine impacts you specifically and if you find that your digestion is impacted in any way. 

Sodas and Other Beverages With Artificial Sweeteners - The artificial sweeteners found in sodas and other tasty beverages can cause a host of issues in the gastrointestinal system. These sweeteners can create an imbalance of bacteria in one’s gut which can lead to leaky gut syndrome and cause bloating, constipation, and so forth. Soda, in particular, can be very damaging to your gut, because of the carbonation it offers. For some, the carbonation can cause bloating due to the gasses it introduces to your system. 

While these beverages can be consumed in moderation, it is recommended to avoid drinking any of the beverages listed above in excess. Most importantly, be sure to track how they impact you specifically to better understand their effects and how you can create a better relationship with each. 

Supplements That Support One’s Gut Health to Avoid Digestive Ailments  

A Probiotic Supplement - As stated above, probiotics are a wonderful way to protect your gut from harmful bacteria and to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Aside from kombucha, probiotics can be derived from a supplement for bloating such as Probiotic Renu. Probiotic Renu contains both bifido probiotic cultures and lacto probiotic cultures for your benefit! It was created with all-natural ingredients and is recommended to be taken first thing in the morning! 

Ginger Supplements - Ginger is best known for its anti-nausea effects, and while this can definitely be reaped from raw ginger, you can also reap this benefit and others by taking a ginger supplement. Ginger is jam packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and de-stressing compounds. It can be especially helpful in fighting off certain ailments that might enter your body. It is safe to consume ginger on a daily basis; however, be sure to limit it to a certain amount to avoid exacerbating your digestive system instead of helping it. 

A Digestive Enzyme Supplement - Digestive enzymes help your body break down the different nutrients you consume. Without digestive enzymes your body cannot properly absorb the nutrients from each food, rendering said food useless. In order to avoid this from happening, you can take a digestive enzyme supplement to ensure your body has the proper amount of enzymes to keep you going. While they are produced naturally, certain situations might cause your body to produce less. 

Taking care of one’s gut requires dedication and awareness of what your body needs. These are just some tips and tricks you can incorporate into your routine to better take care of your digestive process. Remember, sticking to the all-natural ingredients, bloating supplements, and beverages is the best course of action!

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