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The Science of Gut Enzymes Behind Digestion

You may have heard the buzz about enzymes and their connection to digestion and overall health, but do you know why they are so important? We are here to break down what exactly digestive enzymes are, and why you need them in your routine. So, let’s delve into the science behind gut health enzymes. Doing so will help us discover why they are crucial to our digestive system and overall health.

What are gut health enzymes?

Enzymes are protein molecules that function as catalysts in your body's chemical processes. We're mostly concerned with digestive enzymes when discussing gut health. These enzymes are in charge of converting the food you ingest into smaller, more manageable molecules. The human body needs them for energy, growth, and repair.

Each enzyme has a specific function, targeting different types of nutrients. Let us cover 3 such vital enzymes produced in the gut.

Here are 3 key enzymes needed for your digestive system.


This enzyme breaks down carbohydrates into smaller sugar molecules like glucose. It is produced in your saliva and pancreas. Its action begins in your mouth during the chewing and saliva-mixing process.


Protease enzymes are in charge of breaking down proteins into smaller amino acids. This activity facilitates proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. They are produced in the pancreas, stomach, and small intestine.


Lipase works hard to break down the fats present in the food. It is primarily produced in the pancreas. Lipase converts lipids into smaller fatty acids and glycerol. This results in enhanced absorption and efficiency from the food we eat.

Enzymes are naturally-occurring in our bodies, but some people require more support than others in developing and maintaining enzyme levels. This is where an enzyme supplement comes in. You can also increase your enzyme levels by consuming foods that naturally contain digestive enzymes. 

The Function of Digestive Enzymes In A Person’s Body 

Many organs in the digestive system are involved in producing these enzymes. They include the salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, and small intestine.

These enzymes deliver a lot of value with these essential digestive activities including:

- Improves nutrition absorption

Gut health enzymes are required for efficient nutrition absorption. Your body can absorb food better only when it is dissolved into much smaller particles. This implies that you acquire the most nutritional value from the meals you eat. Nutrients are required to uphold a host of different systems throughout your body. This action, in turn, benefits your entire health and well-being.

- Supports digestive function

Enzymes are the unsung heroes of your digestive system. They help break down food into smaller particles. Your body will find it easier to digest such smaller chunks of food. Undigested food particles can linger in your digestive tract without adequate enzyme activity. And this may result in discomfort, bloating, and other digestive issues. No wonder these enzymes form a part of the gut health supplements for bloating.

- Improves intestinal health

Trillions of beneficial bacteria live in your gut and are essential to your digestive health. Enzymes for gut health can help promote a healthy gut environment. This is possible because they can break down food into smaller molecules. These smaller particles are easier for good bacteria to ferment. Beneficial byproducts are generated throughout the fermentation process. They nourish the gut lining while promoting a healthy gut microbe environment. A healthy gut means that you are protecting your physical health, but also your mental health due to the gut-brain connection. 

- Reduces gastrointestinal discomfort

Do you experience digestive issues after meals in the form of bloating, gas, or indigestion? It might be a sign that your body demands additional help with digestion. Gut health enzymes can help alleviate these symptoms. They assist in breaking down food. Plus, they ease the burden on your digestive system. It is recommended that an enzyme supplement be taken right before a meal to best help your body avoid gastrointestinal discomfort. 

- Elevates energy levels

Proper digestion is closely linked to energy levels. When your body efficiently breaks down and absorbs nutrients, it can convert them into energy more effectively. The result is improved energy levels. Have you been feeling extra fatigued even though you are maintaining a well-balanced diet? The enzymes will help your body take advantage of the foods you are consuming, and allow you to reap the energizing benefits. Hence, this step lets you tackle your day with the much-needed energy to cope with the day’s routines.

Choosing The Enzyme Supplement That Works Best For You 

Do you want to pick the most suitable enzyme supplements? Then it is critical to look for a holistic mix. Such gut health supplements for bloating would include an assortment of enzymes to aid in the digestion of various types of nutrients.

Look for supplements that contain vital gut health enzymes. These may include protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, and lactase, among others.

Digestive enzymes are best taken right before a meal, in order for your body to be best supported throughout the digestive process. Depending on a supplement’s compatibility, transporting the supplement can be challenging, so be sure to choose a supplement that will complement your specific lifestyle. For example, a powder enzyme supplement can be challenging to travel with whereas a capsule supplement will offer more accessibility throughout all of life’s adventures. 

A digestive enzyme complex is definitely the most vital ingredient to look out for; however, that does not mean your supplement cannot offer you other health benefits. For example, our personal digestive enzyme supplement — Sexy & Slim — contains a variety of other all-natural ingredients that all represent a benefit of their own. In addition to a digestive enzyme complex, Sexy & Slim contains:

  • peppermint powder
  • ginger root powder
  • fennel seed powder
  • fenugreek powder
  • dandelion root powder

All of these additional ingredients offer a host of other benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, liver health support, and immune support. 

In conclusion, choosing the right digestive enzyme supplement requires one to focus on the type of enzyme ingredient it contains, the overall ingredient list, and the convenience of said supplement.

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