Supplements for Bloating

Supplements for Bloating and Ways to Reduce Nausea

Nausea is a very common issue that can arise for many reasons including an upset stomach caused by digestive discomfort. There are many solutions that can help to alleviate or reduce nausea including certain practices and herbs. Herbs have been around for quite some time, and many of them have very beneficial properties that could strengthen systems in your body such as your digestive system and immune system. They can be great additions to your normal diet in order to give yourself that extra boost of support. Nausea can be experienced by anyone, but luckily does have potential solutions one can try in order to feel relief. 

Nausea After Eating and What Can Cause It

Nausea can be experienced after eating for a host of reasons including: being allergic to the food, unhealthy eating habits, and/or triggering your acid reflux. 

When your body is allergic to a certain food it causes a reaction to begin in your body. This reaction varies from person to person and can increasingly get worse each time you consume the food you are allergic to. While not everyone is going to experience nausea it is a symptom to look out for in addition to a rash, trouble breathing, and/or an increased heart rate. 

Acid reflux can also cause heartburn and most of the time it is caused by foods that are especially spicy or harder to digest such as foods high in saturated fats. It occurs when there is an excess amount of stomach acid in your system and that acid comes back up into your throat area. Heartburn causes a slight pain in your chest/throat and sometimes can even cause nausea. 

Overeating is an unhealthy eating habit that can cause nausea. People tend to use overeating as a coping mechanism for boredom or stress, but it can actually bring an array of digestive ailments that will contribute to your levels of stress. It is important to listen to your body when eating and to eat at a slower pace in order to give your body time to release a signal that your stomach is full. However, when you push past this point it triggers a response from your body that sometimes tends to be nausea.

While it is possible to try and avoid these eating habits in order to avoid nausea, sometimes nausea will arise regardless of other reasons, and when they do it is beneficial to understand how to relieve it. 

Different Herbs That Are Used For Nausea and Digestive Ailments

Lemongrass is an herb that is a natural diuretic in addition to having antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. Since it is a diuretic it can help to relieve your body of fluid and sodium your body does not otherwise need. It can also help to protect your stomach lining in times of distress. Lemongrass also contains polyphenols which are known to help your body burn more energy which leads to an increased metabolism. If you are someone who is struggling with a slow metabolism and/or constipation it could be beneficial to add lemongrass to your tea at night before bed. 

Ginger is a great example of an herb that can be very useful in treating nausea. Since nausea is a common symptom that can arise for a variety of reasons, it would be useful to keep ginger in stock in your house. Ginger also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammatory responses in the body can include pain, redness, and swelling. If you are experiencing any of these issues it is possible that the properties in ginger can help to reduce them.

Peppermint is another herb that has many digestive-friendly properties. Peppermint has a relaxing property that can alleviate the tension in your muscles which allows the food to move more efficiently through your digestive system. You can ingest peppermint through a variety of ways including by drinking a peppermint tea, taking a supplement that helps with bloating and includes peppermint, or adding it into your meals. 

Fennel is not only famous for its flavor, but can also be a great way to alleviate some digestive ailments. Similarly to peppermint, fennel has calming properties which helps with proper digestion and can alleviate nausea or a generally upset stomach. 

All three of these herbs are great additions to add to your grocery list, but if you are looking for an additional way to reap their benefits, you might want to consider adding our product called Sexy & Slim into your routine. Sexy & Slim is a vitamin that contains a gut health enzyme complex in addition to fennel seed powder, ginger root powder, peppermint powder, fenugreek seed powder, and dandelion root powder. We recommend taking this supplement right before bed so that its ingredients can help to alleviate any issues that might have arisen throughout the day. 

Practices to Implement When Nausea Arises

When you do feel nauseous it is important to avoid potentially triggering foods such as especially fried, spicy, and/or sweet foods. Instead, try eating foods that are bland in order to avoid further exacerbating your symptoms. While you may not feel up to eating when you are nauseous it is important to keep something in your stomach to avoid feeling weak and making your symptoms even worse. Foods with strong odors also can be triggering which is why cold foods are better than hot. 

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to be stuck having to deal with nausea which is why getting outside and breathing some fresh air is a great way to potentially alleviate your nausea. Getting outside can make you feel more alive and get your mind off of feeling unwell. Nausea can also be accompanied by overheating which the air can also help with. 

When you are nauseous it is important to remember to breathe properly. Taking long deep breaths can help to regulate your heart rate and can help you calm down, especially because experiencing nausea can definitely be nerve wrecking.

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