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Start the Morning With a Supplement for Bloating

Creating and participating in a morning routine consistently is one of the goals I decided to focus on this year. A solid foundation to start your day off with will only create a stepping stone for a wonderful and productive day. As someone who struggles with procrastination, I try to fill my morning routine with activities that I tend to put off throughout my day. 

Our mind is so powerful that we can train it to identify signals that will push it towards a specific mindset. For example, when you consistently participate in a behavior that leads to a certain reaction in your body, your mind will start to familiarize the action with the reaction in future situations. The same can be said for a morning routine.

When you create a morning routine filled with consistent healthy habits that set you up for a successful day, your mind will start to identify this course of action, and consistently react in a positive way. Today, I am going to share with you my specific morning routine, different healthy habits you can add to your morning routine, the benefits of implementing one, and how best to formulate it.

How I Developed My Morning Routine and What it Consists Of

Creating a list of my non-negotiable activities was the first step in developing my morning routine. This helped me better understand what was most important to me, and what I was looking to prioritize the start of my day with. I am personally someone who struggles with the activities that are small, but that surmount to bigger benefits. For example, to reap the benefits of a supplement that helps with bloating and that contains the best digestive enzymes, I must be sure to take them day-in and day-out. Otherwise, I will never achieve the digestive process I desire. Those types of activities are the ones that I thought to prioritize, and they include the following:

  • stretching 
  • soaking up fresh air/the sun
  • taking my enzyme supplement
  • skincare
  • journaling

After taking into consideration my non-negotiable activities, I then considered what I would like to do if I had the time and energy each morning. The following are the habits that came to mind:

  • reading
  • quick yoga or pilates routine 
  • meditation 
  • spend time with a loved one 

While in a perfect world, I would be able to do all of the activities I desire each morning, I felt that this would discourage me more than motivate me. Due to this revelation, I decided to give myself grace, and add one extra activity each morning from my second list. This way, I was still finding a way to dedicate more time to myself while not overwhelming my morning. 

Sometimes it might feel tempting to push your goals to the side, but consistency fosters dedication. The longer I participated in my morning routine, the more it became a ritual rather than a routine. 

Different Healthy Habits That Would Thrive In A Morning Routine and Their Potential Benefits 

Now, everyone’s morning routine is going to look different depending on their own priorities and desires, but we have created a list of activities to spark some inspiration for your morning. 

- Foam Rolling 

Foam rolling is a great option if you are someone who stays active or is looking for a way to increase circulation. It helps to stretch out any sore or tight muscles, increase blood circulation, and can help you to avoid any injury in the future. It is a great addition to any morning as it is a relaxing way to set your muscles up for the day ahead. 

- Plan the day ahead 

Planning the day ahead can be a great option for those who tend to feel a bit scrambled first thing in the morning. Writing down the tasks for the day can help you feel more centered, and can help you better understand what is to come. 

- Take a cold shower plunge 

Taking a cold shower can help to trigger a person’s parasympathetic nervous system, which can help bring the body down from a state of anxiousness. This is a great option for those who tend to struggle with anxiety first thing in the morning. 

- Practice affirmations and gratitude

Sometimes it can become easy to feel as if mornings are daunting. Giving yourself affirmations and acknowledging what you are grateful for every morning can be a great way to start your day with a positive outlook.

- Focus on a creative outlet 

Our days can be taken up with our responsibilities and our work, so finding time for creative activities can become limited. If creativity is something that is important to you, find small activities that you can do in the mornings that will stimulate your creative side. 

- Write down your dreams 

Dreams can offer a view into a person’s subconscious mind. If you have experienced vivid dreams lately, or simply want to track your dreams over a period of time, writing down your dreams each morning is the best way to do so. 

The Benefits of A Morning Routine and How To Organize One

A morning routine should not feel like another responsibility in your already jam-packed day. Instead, it should make the rest of your day feel lighter and more attainable. Fill your morning routine with a balance of productive, stimulating, and positive activities. 

With a proper morning routine, you can help minimize the amount of responsibilities you have to tackle after work. It is also a great way to center your mind before entering the outside world.

Sometimes, people feel a decline in energy shortly after waking up. This can occur due to stress from anticipation about what’s to come. However, a morning routine can help to settle you, minimizing the chances that your energy reserve gets depleted. Energy fosters energy, so moving your body and starting your day off strong can only benefit your energy levels for the remainder of the day. 

The structure of your morning routine requires time management. Depending on the list of activities you want done in the morning, you must make sure that you are separating enough time aside each morning to be successful. However, this does not mean that you should sacrifice your sleep for your morning routine.

A morning routine requires thought, patience, and dedication, but done correctly, it can completely transform your overall life. 

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