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Probiotics for Bloating to Promote Healthy Self-Esteem

If you are someone who is constantly bloating, or having bouts of extra gas when you are at work, you might find yourself feeling self conscious about the digestive issues you might be having which can lead to overall self-esteem issues. No one deserves to live in this constant state of  feeling embarrassed or frustrated due to their digestive system. Today, we are going to be discussing how to boost your self-esteem and how to use vitamins/other forms of support to ensure your digestive system is in tip top shape.

Self-Esteem Starts With You and You Alone 

The first step to combating self-esteem issues is trying to figure out if you are having these issues in the first place. There are many indicators that can pinpoint your self-esteem problems, but some of them include: imposter syndrome, rebellion, or victimhood. To break it down a bit more, imposter syndrome means you try to act overconfident to the point of showing no signs of failure, rebellion relates to you acting as if no one else matters and their opinions mean nothing to you, and lastly victimhood can be described as someone who thinks they are helpless when it comes to complicated situations. 

Self-Esteem issues manifest in everyone differently, but these are just some of the main ways people try to cope with it. Learning how to combat these emotions takes time and effort. You have to really want to make a change in order for anything to get better. Some methods to gain better self esteem include:

  1. Identify the negative beliefs you have about yourself and have a conversation with yourself about them 
  2. Surround yourself with people who make you feel your best 
  3. Be nice to yourself, not everyday is going to be a walk in the park.
  4. Work on the parts of yourself you are not necessarily happy with 
  5. Affirm yourself in the parts you are proud of
  6. Push yourself to reach those goals you have always been wanting 
  7. Check in with yourself, no one’s journey is a straight path 

How Our Digestive System Can Be Affected By Our Emotions

Now that we have identified how to navigate self-esteem issues, you might be wondering what this has to do with your digestive system. Well, if you are someone who constantly has negative feelings towards yourself, not only will your mind feel it, but your body as well. The gut-to-brain relationship is important not to neglect. This is because our gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to the emotions we are feeling. 

An example is if you are constantly, your gut will feel that and tend to create distress. This is why sometimes when you find yourself having these digestive issues with no real cause it might be your emotions and not the foods you are consuming. We realize that not every day is going to be a walk in the park, but if you are aware of the effects negative emotions like self-esteem issues can have on your overall health you will be more likely to try and control those feelings. 

Everything in us is connected, and the sooner we start to address that connection the easier it will be to combat any issues we might be having. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety, there are some activities you can do that might help. 

Here are some ways to minimize anxiety:

  1. Meditation 
  2. Eat well-balanced meals that will nourish you 
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Get good nights of sleep
  5. Give yourself a break
  6. Separate time to focus on yourself 
  7. Journal out your thoughts when you are feeling overwhelmed 

Taking Digestive Enzyme Supplements Can Become Your New Love

Aside from working on yourself and your emotions, vitamins can also help to support you. There are tons of different vitamins out there but there are a key few that many professionals recommend everyone take. This includes: 

  1. A Multivitamin - Like its name gives away, this vitamin is basically trying to hit all of the parts of your diet/health you might be neglecting. Especially in our day in age when many of the foods we consume are processed it can be super easy to miss major nutrients. Most of these vitamins will help to boost your immunity.
  2. Fish Oil - Fish oil is very good for your heart health as studies have shown it can possibly lower your blood pressure and reduce blood clots. It is also a great way to get your omega-3 fatty acids in, which reduce inflammation and can be found to have a positive effect on your overall mood. 
  3. Turmeric - Turmeric is really easy to incorporate into your routine as you can add it to any meal, and its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to fight fatigue makes it super ideal.
  4. Probiotics - Probiotics truly are king. It controls the bacteria in your gut, and helps to grow the healthy bacteria needed to maintain a healthy gut. Since we are constantly exposed to many outside sources that will affect this bacteria, taking a probiotic is super important. Our probiotic, Probiotic Renu contains the properties of a normal probiotic including supporting your digestive and  boosting your immunity while also promoting heart health. 

These are just some of the many vitamins that are recommended for everyone to take. Another great way to make sure your health is at its prime is by adding a digestive enzyme vitamin. You can never do too much to ensure you are taking proper care of the system that controls a big part of your day. Our product Sexy & Slim acts as this supplement, be sure to check it out today!

Now that you have the tools at your hands to ensure you are creating a healthy space for your brain and your whole body, you can go to work and about your day knowing you will be feeling the best you can. Everything takes a bit of an effort, but taking these few extra steps will be worth it. 


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