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Massages and Bloating Supplements for Better Digestion

If you are someone who holds their stress in certain areas of their body or if you have an extraneous work schedule that creates strain on muscles in your body it can be negatively contributing to your digestive health. Specifically, if your work or daily routine requires a high amount of walking, odds are your feet end the day in pain and overworked. This pain not only contributes to your feet but to your overall body’s processes. Luckily, there are pressure points in our feet and throughout our entire body that we can learn to massage and ease tension through. 

Exhaustion from Walking and Pressure Points in Your Feet For Relief 

Reflexology refers to the method of releasing tension through massaging certain pressure points on our feet and hands. It is believed that by releasing the tension within these pressure points we can help to heal other ailments throughout our body such as stress and digestive complications. Massaging pressure points can also help to bring a sense of peace to the body leading to higher quality sleep. Higher quality sleep and reduced stress levels are great contributors to a better digestive process, because they are both needed to maintain the body’s processes happy and healthy. 

One of the best pressure point massages for pain relief in your feet is using a tennis or golf ball to roll out any tense areas. Rolling the tennis or golf ball helps you to identify the areas that need the most relief and shows you the places in which you are holding your stress and pain. While we recommend trying out pressure point massages due to their benefits, we also recommend maintaining a balanced lifestyle of relaxation and work in order to avoid burnout. Exhaustion from walking or other extraneous activity can be damaging to your health and should be monitored. 

Abdominal and Lymphatic Drainage Massages for Better Digestion

When you are experiencing bloating, gas, or constipation you might find that giving yourself an abdominal massage might relieve some symptoms and can help to stimulate your body’s functions. It can help to move the stool that might be stuck or waiting in your colon. 

Massages are also beneficial for those that might find they have fluid retention in certain areas of their body such as their legs or lower stomach. Fluid retention can be a signal that someone’s gut health is in poor condition, because there is less consistent movement of waste throughout the body. In order to reduce fluid retention and to give your body a push to keep moving along, getting a full body massage or simply massaging your own body can prove to be beneficial. 

A lymphatic drainage massage which is specifically curated to keep weather retention moving throughout the body has been known to move along the fats and proteins that have gotten stuck in the body as well. This type of massage has also been known to increase energy levels and your metabolism which in turn will help with issues such as bloating. In order to do a lymphatic drainage massage on yourself you can either go to a professional or look up at home routines to implement into your own schedule. It would be a great addition to your nightly routine given the fact that massages will leave your body feeling relaxed which is best right before bed. 

Other Self Care Activities to Implement Into Your Routine for Better Digestion 

In addition to massages, there are three more activities we want to highlight that can lead to better digestion and relaxation. 

Be More Present in Your Day-to-Day Activities

It can be easy to lose sight of staying present throughout the day when there are a hundred items to check off of your to-do list, but staying present in the activities you have decided for yourself is essential in leading a more relaxed lifestyle and to aid in proper digestion. A great way to stay more present is to tap into all of your senses mindfully. For example, when cooking and eating it can be easy to view it as a chore, but instead try using your ability to see and smell to fully engage in the food you are about to eat and what you are about to do. Small practices like this will help you to have better eating habits, eat slower, and allow your body to send you signals that you will not overlook. 

Give Yourself Breaks Throughout the Day 

Checking in with yourself throughout the day is a great way to avoid burnout and excessive stress that will catch up with you. It is better to address points of concern earlier on before they begin to grow. Negative emotions such as stress only contribute to poor digestion leading to an unhealthier body overall. Give yourself time each day to make sure you are staying true to yourself and your needs to leave the day feeling relaxed and at peace. If you find that breaks help you to stay more mentally balanced, try implementing them through the day in multiple segments.

Create Small Habits That Lead To a Longer Reward

There are a number of habits you can take on such as giving yourself an abdominal massage each day that will help you create a routine and lead to rewarding results. Taking your supplements that help with bloating is a great habit to implement into your daily life and that you will see long term results from. Our 3-step wellness routine contains supplements for bloating that have digestive enzymes and natural ingredients made to combat digestive ailments so you can rest assured you have the support you need all day long!

Staying consistent with taking your supplements or other healthy habits will help you to create a balanced lifestyle and to reap the rewards from these habits for longer than a day. While it is okay to be discouraged or taken off course form time to time, try to remember that digestive health is a lifelong process that takes commitment and patience.

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