How-To: Bloat No More's 3-Step Program

How-To: Bloat No More's 3-Step Program

Are you struggling to find a way to prioritize your health and wellness throughout your day without having it take over your time? So have we! Which is why we have created a lineup of blends to do just that. Bloat No More was designed to be a three step regimen to help you with your overall wellness. The regimen consists of three different products including: Probiotic Renu, Metaboliz, and Sexy & Slim.

Our mission includes: educating on the importance of gut health, advocating for clean and natural ingredients in one's diet, and to supplement one's lifestyle with essential nutrients one needs for their personal overall health and wellness. 

Now, let’s jump into the daily routine:

  1. Start your day with 1 capsule of Probiotic Renu - a unique blend of 50 billion CFU’s (5x more than the average probiotic!) to balance the gut microbiome, support digestion, promote heart health, and boost immunity.

Having a powerful and effective probiotic in your routine is so important for not only your gut, but your entire wellness. (After all, the gut and the brain are intensely connected!) 

It is important to give yourself ‘you’ time in the morning to center yourself for the day ahead, and incorporating Probiotic Renu into your morning routine can help you have the right start to your day. After making your favorite breakfast, take one of these capsules to get your body and digestive track moving. 

2. During lunch, when you might need that extra push to get you through that afternoon slump, take 2 capsules of our supercharged multivitamin, Metaboliz. Metaboliz was created with essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B12 and Ashwagandha. The benefits include: boosting immunity and vitality, supporting energy, promoting thyroid health, helping boost metabolism, and aiding in focus. 

We are all aware of the afternoon slump and how inconvenient it can be when your day has become a list of boxes to check off. This is where Metaboliz comes in.

Taking Metaboliz not only helps you with your afternoon slump, but will give your brain that extra push it needs to finish those stubborn tasks on your list. Metaboliz is best taken after your afternoon meal or snack, and as directed, taking two of these capsules a day is best to maximize its benefits. 

3. After dinner and right before bed, take 2 capsules of Sexy & Slim. Formulated with all-natural ingredients like Ginger Root Powder and a blend of digestive enzymes, it can help reduce bloating, heartburn, and stomach cramps, aid digestion, restore liver health, and replenish with antioxidants.

The last step to the regime is Sexy & Slim that can be incorporated in your nighttime routine. Sexy & Slim was created with your liver health and bloating in mind. After a long and tiring day, Sexy & Slim will be your new best friend.

Incorporating all three of these products in your daily routine will help boost the overall wellness of your day as well as making sure you are taking care of yourself no matter how busy you might be. All Bloat No More products are vegan, gluten free, 3rd party lab tested, GMP certified, made with all natural high-quality ingredients, and backed by 10+ years of research. 

In Probiotic Renu, there are both Bifido probiotic cultures and Lacto probiotic cultures. Bifido probiotic cultures help facilitate digestion of complex carbs and fibers that your body otherwise would struggle with digesting. Lacto probiotic cultures are beneficial due to its lactase properties which helps promote lactic acid and hinder the growth of bad bacteria in your gut.

Metaboliz is made with natural ingredients like: Vitamin B12, magnesium oxide, copper, and Ashwagandha to name a few. Vitamin B12 helps to keep your body’s nerves and blood cells healthy while also reducing the issues that arise with anemia which usually is connected to feeling weak and tired. 

Sexy & Slim is made with a variety of different natural powders like peppermint powder, ginger root powder, and dandelion root powder. Peppermint is known to help remedy issues such as muscle and nerve pain, help the body with digestion and menstrual pain, as well as helps to cleanse the liver. Ginger root powder is beneficial due to its properties that can help reduce nausea, can help reduce cellular damage and can help prevent fatty liver. 

These products were formulated with only the highest quality and clean ingredients, because not only do you deserve to prioritize your wellness but you also have the right to know what is being put in your body. 

If you, like many others, are struggling with finding the right regimen to optimize your daily wellness, this 3-Step Wellness Kit was made for you! Having a daily routine already laid out for you helps avoid the hassle of having to remind yourself throughout the day. 

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