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Five Alarming Things You Must Know Before You Take A Supplement for Bloating

Bloating supplements have risen in popularity over recent years. Due to the rise in popularity, many people are jumping at the chance to rid themselves of bloating once and for all, but they are not taking the steps to research how best to take a bloating supplement to fully reap its benefits. It is important to understand which ingredients to look out for when searching for a supplement, the side effects that can arise from taking a supplement, and the healthy habits that should be implemented in order to fully reap its benefits. 

Tips For Better Understanding The Ingredient List of a Vitamin for Bloating 

With the overload of supplements out there, it can feel overwhelming to best understand which is the right supplement for you. The ingredients list should be one of the main points of focus, because it will help you to better understand the benefits you will reap from that specific supplement. To better exemplify this idea, we are going to break down one of our digestive supplements called Sexy & Slim. 

The digestive enzyme complex is the main ingredient in Sexy & Slim. A digestive enzyme complex is a collection of digestive enzymes, which are complex proteins that help your body break down the food you consume. While our body naturally produces digestive enzymes, some might struggle with digesting food. The digestive enzyme complex in Sexy & Slim will help to ensure your body is getting that added support to be able to break down food properly. Abdominal pain, bloating, and constipation are all issues that can arise from lack of proper digestion, which is why a sufficient amount of digestive enzymes is essential for your body to be able to thrive. 

Despite it being incredibly impactful on its own, the digestive enzyme complex is not the only ingredient in Sexy & Slim. The following are the remaining ingredients in Sexy & Slim 

  • peppermint powder 
  • ginger root powder 
  • fennel seed powder 
  • fenugreek seed powder
  • dandelion root powder 


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All of these ingredients have benefits of their own. They help with reducing inflammation, protecting one’s immune system, improving one’s liver function, help to boost antioxidant levels, and much more. We wanted to create a bloating supplement that will target more than just the digestive process, because all of our systems work together. It is important to find a supplement that supports not only your digestive process, but your health as a whole. 

Keep in mind that many supplements may contain additives. These additives will only go against you in the long run. For this reason, we ensure all of our products are made with all-natural ingredients. 

Five Things You Need to Know Before Taking a Bloating Supplement 

It is important to understand the following before taking a bloating supplement. 

  1. Adjustment effects - Uncomfortable side effects such as an upset stomach, mood changes, and immune responses all can be indicators that the digestive enzymes are working through your body. The increase in digestive enzymes act as a boost to your system which will evidently help to cleanse your body and work through your digestive ailments. Your body is working through any issues it might have experienced before starting the vitamin such as inflammation, constipation, and an unhealthy gut. Not everyone will experience these changes, but it is important to take note of how your body reacts to the supplement. These adjustment effects should not stick around very long after starting the supplement; if it does, cease taking the supplement immediately. 
  2. Not everyone needs it - Some people can react negatively to a digestive enzyme supplement. If you experience issues such as excessive itchiness or a rash after taking a digestive enzyme supplement, you should stop taking the vitamin and consult with your physician. 
  3. It is not a miracle worker - While a digestive enzyme supplement will most definitely improve your digestive and overall health, it should not be considered a miracle worker. One must still put in the work to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle in order to experience true digestive health. 
  4. Timing is key - Timing is everything when it comes to taking a digestive enzyme supplement. Since a digestive enzyme supplement is targeting your food digestion process, it will be most effective when taken before a meal. Allow a short period of time from taking the supplement to begin your meal so that it is properly ingested. 
  5. Consistency is important - One must ensure they are being diligent about taking a bloating supplement to fully reap its benefits. The body will respond the best when it is getting the enzymes and other beneficial ingredients each and every single day. 

Healthy Habits To Implement While Taking a Bloating Supplement 

Like mentioned above, a bloating supplement should not be considered a miracle solution to all digestive issues. It is important that you are practicing healthy habits along the way to ensure you are creating the best digestive system possible. 

  1. Mindful eating - Poor eating habits such as overeating and eating too quickly can be the culprit for your bloating. Be sure to take the time to truly think about the food you are consuming, and allow yourself to relax.
  2. Stay active - A sedentary lifestyle can cause your body to feel in a rut, and can lead to constipation. Movement helps to promote bowel movements and decrease stress. Stress can be very detrimental to your digestive health, so it is important to increase the amount of stress-relieving activities into your routine.
  3. Eat a nutritious diet - A supplement should not act as a band-aid to your eating habits. Instead, they should be working together. The best way to reap the benefits of a digestive enzyme supplement is by ensuring your diet includes whole nutritious foods in which your body can reap the benefits from. Be sure to eat foods high in antioxidants and essential nutrients. 
  4. Keep track of your health - Keeping a written log of your body’s symptoms is the best way to understand your body, what it needs, and how it reacts to certain foods/supplements. This can be as simple as writing down your daily meals, your body’s reactions, and your mood levels. 
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