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Bloating Supplements To Pack In Your Travel Bag

Digestive complications at home can already be quite frustrating, but experiencing digestive ailments when traveling can be even more uncomfortable. When we choose to leave our familiar surroundings and the comfortability that comes with it, our bodies can react negatively. Our digestive system and our immune system can weaken leaving us vulnerable to potential illnesses. It is important to follow certain practices and to pack certain vitamins before leaving on a trip in order to best prepare your body.

Practices To Implement Into Your Routine Prior To A Trip

Up Your Water Intake 

Drinking a sufficient amount of water on a daily basis is incredibly important when it comes to achieving optimal health. When our bodies become dehydrated, we experience fatigue, headaches, constipation, abdominal pain, and fluid retention. Dehydration is the last situation you need before leaving on a trip, which is why it is important to especially prioritize drinking water at least a week before your trip. Water helps to move fluid, toxins, and waste throughout your body, which in turn increases the strength of your immune system and helps to lubricate the different barriers within your body. 

Prioritize Your Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can be hard enough with how jam-packed our days can be, but nearing a trip, your time can become even more limited and you might find yourself neglecting sleep. However, it is incredibly important that you prioritize a sleep schedule leading up to your trip. During sleep, our bodies work hard to ensure we are revitalized and ready to take on another day. It is also when our immune system gets stronger. When traveling, we are exposed to several different types of illnesses and we need our immune system in its most optimal shape. Allow yourself the chance to head into your trip feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Exercise and Stretch

An increase in movement is common when people go on a trip. Whether it is an uptick in the amount of steps you take per day while sightseeing, or the strain you experience from general travel, your body is going to experience higher than normal levels of tension. In order to best prepare your body, it is important that you incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine in the days leading up to your trip. Stretching regularly is also a great way to ensure that your muscles and limbs are prepared for the rise in movement. 

The Wellness Essentials To Pack In Your Bag For Your Upcoming Trip

Packing a wellness bag filled with all your wellness essentials, vitamins, and supplements that help with bloating is one of the best ways to be prepared when you leave for a trip. It is especially helpful to keep all of the items in one bag for easier access when it is needed. 

Packing a probiotic supplement such as Probiotic Renu and a supplement that contains the best digestive enzymes such as Sexy & Slim are essential in ensuring your digestive system will be protected while on a trip. Sexy & Slim contains several different digestive enzymes that will help your body break down the different substances you consume, and Probiotic Renu will increase the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut. 

A vitamin C supplement should be the next vitamin in your wellness bag. It will be your best friend when it comes to supporting your immunity levels. Vitamin D should also be in your wellness bag if you are going somewhere where you are aware that your exposure to the sun will be limited. 

Magnesium will be a best friend to those that are hopping on a plane to a place with a time difference. Jet lag can be quite annoying to have to overcome when all you want to do is enjoy your trip. Magnesium will help to ensure you are achieving quality sleep, and in turn will help to lower your recovery time. Lastly, we recommend a supplement that contains ashwagandha, because of its ability to help reduce a person’s stress levels. Metaboliz contains both ashwagandha and magnesium, which makes it a great option to add to your wellness pack. 

How To Alleviate Digestive Complications That Might Arise On Your Trip

Now, we understand that despite preparation, digestive and wellness complications might still arise on your trip. Developing a cold, diarrhea, and constipation are some of the most common ailments that people experience while traveling. 

Herbal teas can be incredibly helpful when you are experiencing a cold while traveling. Herbal teas are known to contain anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting properties that will help you to overcome your cold in no time. Some herbal teas to look out for are green tea, echinacea tea, chamomile tea, and peppermint tea. When you feel under the weather, be sure to avoid drinking any alcohol, consuming excess sugar, and drinking caffeine, because these can potentially reduce your immunity levels. 

If you experience diarrhea, make sure that you are increasing your fluid intake to avoid dehydration. Eating a diet filled with bland foods can also help to normalize your stool. Bland foods are helpful, because they do not further irritate the lining of your stomach or digestive tract. It is also important to avoid foods that can further exacerbate your symptoms such as spicy foods, artificial sweeteners, and fried foods. 

On the other hand, some people experience constipation due to a change in the types of food they are eating while traveling. Your body will feel confused at first which can lead to digestive complications. Fibrous foods are known to help bulk up your stool and increase bowel movements which can reduce constipation. Whole grains, beans, and broccoli are all fibrous foods that can be found in several different parts of the world making it quite easy to find when traveling. 

Maintaining a specific diet can be challenging while traveling, which is why we recommend preparing your body as best as you can before leaving your home. Preparation will help to minimize your chances of experiencing any wellness ailments, and will allow you the chance to simply enjoy your travel in a stress-free manner!

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