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Bloating Supplements and Ways to Boost Immunity

As the seasons start to change, you might notice a decrease in the strength of your immune system. Although we normally think illnesses are more attributed to the colder months, our immune systems actually get hit hard whenever we are transitioning into a new season. Spring is especially sensitive to our nasal passages even if you are not someone who normally has allergies. The changes in temperature and wind damages the wall that your immune system has built up to vulnerabilities. A poor immune system can even be linked to a poor digestive system which is why learning how to strengthen your immune system is essential to a healthy and happy future. 

How An Unhealthy Gut Can Contribute to A Poor Immune System 

The bacteria that fills up our intestines come together to make up our gut microbiome, and all come from the foods and other substances we consume. When you have a healthy gut microbiome, you will reap the benefits including: aiding in digestion, a healthy metabolism, and can even produce certain vitamins that contribute to your health. While the true cause for the connection between the gut and the immune system is unknown, some studies have found that it might be due to the way in which both systems work to fight off unknown pathogens and other organisms. 

An unhealthy gut can lead to inflammation in your body which also triggers a response from your immune system. Due to this connection it is essential in understanding how best to combat unhealthy bacteria in your gut microbiome. If you notice that your immune system’s defenses are lower than normal, one of the ways you can work towards a healthier gut is by taking our vitamin that helps with bloating and fighting the formation of unhealthy bacteria. 

Our product, Probiotic Renu works to do just that through the all natural ingredients called bifido probiotic cultures and lacto probiotic cultures. The lacto probiotic culture is what specifically targets harmful bacteria in your gut by producing lactase which helps to promote the production of lactic acid in your gut. This acid is what combats the bacteria which reduces the adverse effects of bad bacteria. 

Habits To Incorporate Throughout Your Day to Boost Your Immunity

One of the most foolproof ways to boost your immunity is by leading the healthiest lifestyle that you possibly can. Eating whole foods that are rich in nutrients is essential in doing so. There are specific foods that can help boost your immunity including:

  1. Citrus foods - Many citrusy foods are high in vitamin C which helps to produce white blood cells that are essential in preparing your body to fight any infections it might come across. 
  2. Broccoli - Broccoli contains high levels of many different vitamins and even includes fiber which is known to help not only your immunity but your digestive system as well. Studies show that steaming your vegetables helps to keep the most amount of nutrients within the food, but there are also many other cooking tips to help with digestion
  3. Garlic - Believe it or not, garlic is a great way to get sulfur concentrations into your diet which are known to help your immunity. Since garlic can be very versatile in the kitchen it is a convenient way to make sure you are supporting yourself every day. 

Aside from supporting your body through the foods you eat, you can boost your immunity by avoiding alcohol as much as you can. When you are drinking high amounts of alcohol it damages the receptors in your body that work to get rid of illnesses when they do enter your body. Alcohol can also kill the healthy bacteria in your gut that is needed for successful digestion. 

Another great way to avoid hurting your immune system is by making sure you are getting enough sleep at night. If you are sacrificing your sleep in order to get other things done it can lead to you getting more and more ill in the future, because you are not giving your body the time it needs to recover from your day’s activities. 

How To Support Your Digestive System to Avoid Adverse Effects

In order to avoid the adverse effects that a poor digestive system can cause including a poor immune system, one must work to incorporate digestive friendly activities throughout the day. In an ideal world, we would have as much time as we would like to commit to our health, but the reality is that some days our responsibilities take over. When you are feeling overwhelmed and as if you are not getting enough time to dedicate to yourself, it is essential to take a step back and reevaluate your schedule. While you may feel that it is not worth your time when you are busy, if you neglect it for too long eventually your body will start to catch up and want to shut down on you.

This is why we highly recommend incorporating the following activities that are essential in fostering a strong digestive system:

  1. Meditation - This helps to clear the mind, and allow any stress you might be feeling to leave your body. The stress you feel could be triggering your flight-or-fight response in your body that leads to issues such as indigestion and constipation. 
  2. Adding Ginger to Your Meals - Ginger is a carminative which helps to promote the disposal of excess gas in your system that might be contributing to your symptoms. It also can sooth your intestinal tract allowing the substances in your stomach to move through you. This is especially helpful for the days when you have less time, because you can just make sure it is in your afternoon tea or in your recipe for dinner. 
  3. Taking your Supplements - Supplements are a quick and easy way to ensure you are getting your body the support it needs without having to sacrifice any of your time. 

These are just some of many ways you can work to combat a weak digestive system and a weak immune system!

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