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A Bedtime Routine Matters: Reduces Stomach Bloating & More

We have all heard the benefits and importance of a morning routine, but not enough emphasis is put on the possible benefits of a night routine. Much like a morning routine, a night routine can consist of many of the self-love activities that become easy to neglect during a busy day. Prioritizing your mental health and your sleep are two great ways to ensure you are reaching your health goals as well. 

Before we get into the activities you can include to personalize your night routine, first let’s get into why having one is important and can prove beneficial to your life. 

The Benefits of a Night Routine 

If you are someone who struggles with going to sleep and find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night creating a routine is right for you. Much like with any other aspect of our lives, our brains are wired to understand and get acclimated to doing the same thing over and over again.

This being said, if you are taking the time to do the same thing every night before bed your body will start to see it as a signal that you are about to go to sleep and will get prepared for bed rather than become restless.

A night routine can also help with anxiety. If you are preoccupying yourself with different tasks right before bed it is less likely that you will find your mind running with different thoughts that will try to keep you up. Instead, your body will get tired and distracted long enough to fall into a peaceful slumber. 

Another reason you should consider a night routine is because if you are regulating your sleep, it could help any unwanted symptoms in relation to your digestive system. When your body is not getting enough sleep it can harm your digestive system's ability to work properly.

Lastly, a night routine can also help regulate your sleeping patterns. Having a consistent sleeping pattern is important not only for your mental health, but can help regulate your body's functions. It is also important to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep every night to avoid having fatigue throughout the following day, which could lead to constant fatigue that interrupts your day to day life.

Activities to add to Your Routine 

  • A No Electronics Rule: Although this might not be considered an ‘activity’, many people will find it beneficial to set aside any electronics and stay away from social media before bed. This helps your brain go to sleep easier due to not having to deal with the blue light coming from your phone that could trick you into thinking it is day time thus leading to no sleep.
  • A Hot Shower or Bath: When your body is getting tired from the day’s work and is realizing it is almost time for bed it will start to drop in temperature, but if you counteract this with a warm shower or bath the contrast will help to make your body more relaxed and sleepy. The feeling of being clean could also lead to a more peaceful sleep. 
  • Doing Something Artistic: A lot of the time people have trouble sleeping, because their mind is running miles a minute, but if you take the time to do something creative before bed it can act as a workout for your mind leaving it tired enough to want to go to sleep. Some of the activities this can entail include: reading a book, painting or drawing, journaling, and/or listening to music.These activities are also beneficial in terms of taking care of your own self. Having time to check in with yourself is important in understanding your moods throughout the day. Night time is a great way to see how your day went and evaluate all the decisions you made that day, which will leave you at peace rather than pushing it off until the stress piles up.
  • Meditation, Yoga, Stretching: Much like with doing something artistic, taking the time to make sure the body is ready for bed will help your muscles feel more at ease and relaxed leading to better quality sleep. This could entail some light physical activity like yoga or even stretching.
  • Supplements: Using a night routine as a time to make sure you are taking all of your supplements is a great way to avoid forgetting. Since our days are always so jam packed, separating time each day to take your supplements will ensure you will not forget which will lead to better results in the long term. You can also take this time to ensure you are taking your probiotic supplements and digestive enzymes.

Our product Sexy & Slim is made to be taken right before bed to help reduce any unwanted belly bloating, to aid in digestion, help detox the liver and body, and replenishes your body with antioxidants. Adding it to your nightly routine will give you all these benefits and you can go to bed at night confident you are taking the steps to nourish and support your body’s needs.

Routine is Important for Results

If you are someone who struggles with prioritizing yourself or any of the beneficial activities listed above then it might be time to incorporate a nightly routine in your day. Even though it might seem tedious at first, after a bit of time your body will not only become used to it but will welcome the extra TLC you are showing it. Invest in yourself today and sit down and write all the night routine ideas you have. Choosing to do something is always the first step to success. 

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