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Women's Wellness and Health Trends For You

There is a constant influx of information that gains attention in the wellness world. It can feel challenging to catch up and understand which ones are worth considering adding to your routine. That is why here at Bloat No More we have committed ourselves to researching and finding those wellness trends to give you the information you seek. 

We are already almost two months into 2024, and so far we have seen a huge focus on exercising and maintaining a consistent workout routine. Normally, we see a decline in those looking to better their exercise routine after the January motivation of new year resolutions have worn off, but 2024 is the year of change. 

Here are some exercise-related wellness trends people have been turning to on their wellness journeys! 

What Is an Example of a Hobby-Based Movement and Should You Be Doing It? 

Hobby-based movement refers to a physical activity that is centered around a hobby that brings you joy. This type of exercise not only helps to physically strengthen your body, but due to the enjoyment the act itself brings you, it can also offer relaxation, pleasure, and an opportunity for social interaction. 

This shift in focus is accompanied by the general desire to make ‘working out’ more enjoyable and less intimidating. The gym is not for everyone, and it can sometimes feel discouraging trying to find other effective forms of exercise to stick to consistently. Hobby-based physical activities offer people the chance to gain consistency in a manner that aligns with what makes them happy rather than physical activity being a chore. 

Here are some examples of hobby-based physical activities to consider:


Are you someone who loves music or loves to dance? Taking a dance class at your local studio or simply turning on some music in the comfort of your own home and letting your body get loose is a great form of physical activity. Dancing is a great way to boost endorphins and for those music lovers out there, dancing will feel less like a workout you have to complete and more like an activity you love to do. 


Yoga is an already commonly known form of exercise, but for those new to the wellness world, it can be easy to overlook. Yoga is a great hobby-based physical activity for those who enjoy meditation and who want to connect the two different activities. If you are someone who loves reflection, and activities that take you somewhere mentally as well as physically then yoga is the hobby-based activity for you!


Gardening is no walk in the park. Gardening requires dedication, attention to detail, and believe it or not, it requires one to get physically active. Fostering a healthy garden that thrives will require you to work outside every single day. While it may not feel like your traditional form of exercise, gardening should not be overlooked for the physical endurance it requires.

Let us remember that above all else, exercising and strengthening our bodies should be a positive experience. This rise in hobby-based physical activities goes to show others are prioritizing pleasure along with wellness. 

Health Trackers in the Form of Jewelry Are The New Bling to Add to Your Collection 

Wearable devices that help to track your physical activity and overall health conditions have taken the world by storm! While devices such as Apple watches have been around for quite some time now, there are some new companies and devices on the market that offer similar and more expansive health tracking options. 

These devices tend to be in the form of a jewelry piece ranging from watches to even rings! This convenient and stylish take on wellness has made tracking your wellness status convenient and easily accessible. 

If you are someone who is looking to make extensive changes in your health and have specific goals in mind, then a health tracker can be a great tool for you! They offer you the chance to track things such as how many steps you take a day, how many calories you burn, and so forth. While calorie counting is not needed for overall wellness, it can be a great tool for those looking to stay in a calorie deficit. 

However, they are not only for the wellness junkie. Certain features such as knowing how many steps you take a day can be a great tool for everyone! In general, humans should be aiming to hit 10,000 steps a day, but without such a useful tool such as a health tracker, discerning if you hit this amount can be quite challenging. 

While a health tracker is not necessary to achieve your health goals, it can be a great source to turn to. 

Why People Are Taking Advantage of the Outdoors and All It Has to Offer

Spending time outdoors offers a host of benefits for one’s health. By spending time outdoors you are boosting your endorphin levels, you are connecting with the earth, and you are increasing your vitamin D levels. Now take these benefits and combine them with physical activity. 

Outdoor physical activity is hard to compete with in terms of benefiting one’s overall health. People have started to realize the benefits of spending time outdoors and have used that to their advantage by doing their physical activity outdoors. 

Some forms of physical activity that can be done outdoors include:

  1. Hiking 
  2. Running 
  3. Tennis
  4. Rock Climbing 
  5. Swimming 
  6. Cycling 

If you are someone who works in an office, it can sometimes feel hard to make time to spend outdoors. That is why outdoor physical activity is so awesome, because you are making time for both moving your body and connecting with nature all at once! Many of the activities listed above can be done alone or also with other people, making this a wonderful chance to be social during the week as well.

We hope that you have found inspiration for your workout routines! Be sure to check back for more wellness trend blogs where we break down the latest wellness activities people are raving about!

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