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Women Wellness Supplements For a Healthier Future

As a woman, there are many vitamins that are vital for living a healthy lifestyle and sometimes getting these vitamins by way of food can be challenging. Not to worry, thanks to vitamin supplements, women can now reach their health goals without having to constantly try and find ways to incorporate them into their meals. 

Although, knowing which supplements are beneficial to take can prove to be frustrating without guidelines. For your convenience, we have created a list of the women wellness supplements we think are most beneficial to have in your medicine cabinet. 

For Those Who Want to Support Their Bone Health:

One of the most important vitamins that many women tend to lack in their diet is calcium. Calcium supplements are especially vital to include in terms of women's wellness supplements, because almost all of our body’s calcium lies within our bones and teeth. Since women are more susceptible to osteoporosis it is especially important we get our daily intake of calcium. 

Calcium also supports muscle and hearth activity, cell function, and protects against blood clotting. It is recommended that all women boost their daily intake, but especially women older than 30, as that is when you start to lose bone strength and mass. Along with any calcium that is included in your daily diet, 500 milligrams of calcium is the best guideline for any supplement you consider adding. 

For Those Who Are Looking for a Healthy Heart:

Along with calcium, fish oil is another recommended women wellness supplement. Fish oil is vital due to its high volume of omega-3’s which are great for heart health and blood vessel health, as well as lowering your risk of getting heart disease. Some research has found that a lack of omega-3’s plays a role in moodiness and one’s demeanor. Fish oil supplements are recommended especially for women who tend to lack fish in their daily diet and women who are at risk for cardiovascular disease. 

For Those Lacking Veggies and Fruit Intake:

Folate is a water soluble B vitamin that is a key women wellness supplement to incorporate into your routine, because it helps you get those pesky vegetable leaves and fruit nutrients needed to support our cells in DNA function. This is especially vital to take during child-bearing years, and all women should work to incorporate it to support all of the DNA tissues like their hair and skin. Aside from folate, all B vitamins are your best friend.

Much like with folate, B vitamins help you consume those needed fruits and veggies. If you’re a woman on a go, these will become your best friend as they help support your energy levels, and will keep you up and moving for all your meeting filled days. One of the most popular B vitamins is Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is especially beneficial for women who struggle with anemia. Our product, Metaboliz has Vitamin B12 in it for maximum health support. Biotin is key for any woman who is looking to create a healthy environment for their hair to thrive.

B vitamins are especially recommended to women over the age of 50 as it is harder for them to absorb these nutrients through normal food. This along with women who find themselves reaching for that second cup of coffee before the end of the day can benefit from this vitamin. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

For Those Who Don’t Get Outside As Much As They Should:

Are you someone who doesn’t regularly get their daily dose of sunlight or tries to avoid dairy because of stomach issues? Well, if so, I have just the thing for you! Vitamin D! It can be made within our own bodies by standing out in that sun, but if you are trying to protect your skin or simply do not have the time for that, a vitamin D supplement is just the thing for you. Along with promoting healthy bones, it also helps boost the body’s overall health levels. 

For Those Who Want to Protect Their Eyes:

As we start to get older, it can be frustrating when our eyesight starts to disintegrate, but luckily the supplement lutein is here for us! Lutein can be found in various dark green leafy vegetables as well as egg yolks, but also can be taken through a supplement for your convenience. It helps with protecting against free radical destruction and the general health of breast and cervical tissue. Along with these benefits, lutein has also been found to protect against the sun’s harsh light.

Overall, the list of women’s wellness supplements go on forever, but even taking just a couple steps into this list will help you work towards a healthier tomorrow. It is never too late or too early to start taking care of your body, as it is the pillar that supports us every step of the way. The next time you take a trip to the store, be sure to keep these supplements in mind for a healthier future. Want to make it easy with just 3 steps a day? Check out our 3-step wellness kit for all of your health essential needs! 

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