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Trending Stress-Relieving Methods for Healthy Living

Stress impacts your quality of life, health, emotions, and behavior. Learning how to manage your stress levels properly is crucial to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, there are ways to lead a stress-free life! Keeping stress at bay requires adopting rituals that will set you up for success and happiness instead. In 2024, people have turned to several different trends to help them achieve a more stable and peaceful lifestyle. These trends, which include adopting a low-dopamine morning routine, creating vision boards, and budgeting, all have the potential to dramatically increase your quality of life. 

What is a Low-Dopamine Morning Routine and How Can It Help Your Stress? 

How a person chooses to spend their mornings impacts their trajectory for the rest of the day. To promote a low-stress lifestyle, people have turned to this concept called a low-dopamine morning routine. A low-dopamine morning routine aims to prioritize relaxation and a calm environment to start your day off in a balanced state. 

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of pleasure and satisfaction in our bodies. A low dopamine routine means eliminating activities that trigger this reaction. Low amounts of dopamine production in the morning can help curb the craving for stimulation throughout the day. 
This shift in focus will help you to keep the momentum going throughout the rest of your day so that you can have a more relaxed yet focused mindset rather than needing to find ways to feel stimulated. 
The stress hormone cortisol is already naturally heightened in the mornings, so avoiding activities involving large amounts of stimulation can help offset the impact of the cortisol increase. For example, mindless scrolling on social media is an everyday activity many people participate in during their morning routines; however, this can further increase the stress and stimulation needed for the rest of the day. 
Be sure to take note of the different aspects of your morning routine and how they impact your mood and overall day. Here are some low-dopamine-friendly morning activities that you can consider adding to your routine: 
  • Grounding - Go outside and take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and feel the earth beneath your feet. Becoming one with nature first thing in the morning can greatly reduce stress and promote overall relaxation. 
  • Meditation - Meditation is a beautiful option as it can be done in various ways. You can meditate in bed or later in your morning routine. 
  • Stretch - Sometimes, doing a workout first thing in the morning can feel more like a chore than a privilege. Instead, try stretching your body first thing in the morning. It is a restorative activity and a great way to welcome your body to the new day slowly. 

How Creating Vision Boards Can Help Promote a Sense of Peace 

In 2024, people are determined to reach their goals, and here’s their secret to success…vision boards! Vision boards have risen in popularity and are helping people visualize their goals and future. A vision board generally contains photos or words that portray what you hope to achieve in your life. Once created, the vision board will typically be placed in an area that one looks at frequently to remind of the goals and future one desires. 

The more time you spend focusing on and surrounding yourself with what you want in life, the more likely you are to achieve it. Vision boards are just one way to help you get there. Here are some potential goals that are generally part of a well-rounded lifestyle that you can include in your vision board. 

  1. Finding a consistent workout routine that makes your mind and body feel good. 
  2. Work on maintaining your relationships in life. 
  3. Commit to limiting your intake of processed sugars and fats in your diet. 
  4. Spend more time socializing and exploring your surrounding areas. 

Every person’s vision board is unique to their own goals. It is crucial that you are intentional about your vision board and what you add to it. Be sure not to overwhelm yourself by trying to take on too many goals at once. Really take the time to decide what you would like to achieve and give yourself a certain period of time in which you would like to achieve these goals. 

This practice can be a great way to reduce stress that might be rooted in your feelings of uncertainty in life. Creating a plan and committing to goals can help you feel more secure in your direction in life and, in turn, reduce your stress levels. 

Calculated Budgeting to Boost Financial Stability and Reduce Stress Levels

Saving and prioritizing financial stability is trending this year and you might want to join in. Financial instability is one of the most common reasons people experience high stress levels, but budgeting can be incredibly helpful in mitigating this issue. Budgeting requires one to be honest with themselves in terms of their current state in life and their desired future. It is also important to sit down with yourself and determine what categories are most important to you. 

For example, rent, car payments, and utility payments, are all examples of non-negotiable bills that people tend to have to pay. Figuring out your financial flexibility beyond your non-negotiable bills can only help you to achieve your financial goals moving forward. It is crucial to understand your own personal bandwidth so that you may live within those parameters. 

Giving yourself this transparency can alleviate anxiety that is rooted in uncertainty and feeling like you have a lack of control on your financial situation. 

Stress is a common symptom that can be caused by a variety of different factors, but the important thing is that you are aware of your emotions. Learning what triggers you have in your life will help you to better navigate which stress-relieving activities make the most sense for you and your goals. These are just some of the many trending stress-relieving trends that have risen this year. Be sure to check back for more blogs on the latest trends in the health and wellness world!

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