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This is How To Achieve No More Bloating

Bloating is one of the most common digestive complications people experience, and arguably, it is one of the hardest to eliminate. Sometimes, it can feel as if you tried all of the solutions in the book, but your stomach will stubbornly stay bloated and inflamed. The first step in eliminating bloating is understanding what is causing it to happen in the first place. Let us first dive into the potential reasons someone might experience bloating. 

Common Reasons Why People Experience Bloating 

Bloating occurs when there is a buildup of liquid, solids, or gas in your stomach. Bloating is often accompanied by other digestive complications such as abdominal pain, farting, burping, and heartburn. 

You may wonder how gas can start to build up and accumulate in your system. Well, gas can start to develop when you practice unhealthy eating habits, such as eating too quickly. Eating quickly can cause you to swallow air, which is how the gas accumulates. Carbonated beverages can have a similar effect. It is crucial to avoid drinking beverages with carbonation and to be mindful of your eating habits. 

Bloating can also be caused by dehydration. When your body does not get enough water throughout the day, it will start to hold the water it does have. This, combined with the salt you consume, can cause not just your stomach to bloat but your whole body. Hydration helps to promote proper digestion, so it will stave off several types of digestive ailments beyond just bloating. 

Food intolerance could also cause bloating. Lactose and gluten intolerance are two of the most common sensitivities, and both can cause bloating. Be aware of the foods you put into your body and how your body reacts to each food. 

Believe it or not, mental health complications such as stress or fatigue can also contribute to bloating issues. Regarding proper digestive health, one must not overlook the power of one's mental health due to the connection between the brain and the gut. A well-rounded health routine truly does require attention to all aspects of one's health. It is all connected. 

Actions You Can Take to Help Alleviate Bloating 

While getting rid of bloating requires finding the trigger, there are some ways to find relief from it. 

  1. Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that can expel some of the gas that is trapped in your system. Yoga requires one to go through various poses that we would otherwise not do. These different poses stretch your body and open it up, allowing the trapped gas to escape. The child’s pose is the most common and effective pose for bloating. 
  2. As mentioned above, poor eating habits will only contribute to digestive complications. The way we eat is just as important as what we eat. People tend to eat too quickly and with distraction. Mealtimes should be sacred and given the proper amount of attention so that your body can digest the food properly. 
  3. Give yourself an abdominal massage. Massaging the affected area can help move along any trapped gas or substances in the digestive tract. This can be especially helpful for someone experiencing constipation and bloating.
  4. Put your legs up on the wall and lay back on your head. This position will help to calm your body down from a state of stress and increase overall circulation. If mental struggles cause your bloating, this position will help to calm it down by pushing your body into a state of relaxation. 
  5. Stagnation will only help to exacerbate your bloating. Participating in an activity that requires your body to move will help to alleviate your bloating. Even something as simple as walking can help to promote a healthier digestive process. 
  6. Practice proper posture and make sure to stand up from time to time. Many of us, at our jobs, must be at a desk most of the day. However, we need to remember to stand up and move around from time to time. Staying stagnant in your office chair all day can negatively affect your bloating. Remember to stand up at least once every hour and pay attention to your posture. 

Supplements and Items to Help Guide You On Your Debloating Journey

Debloating is not a one-step process, but our 3-step wellness routine might help you get one step closer! It contains three different supplements for bloating and your overall well-being. 

The first step to our Sexy & Trim wellness kit is Probiotic Renu. Probiotic Renu is a probiotic for bloating and helps to increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Your gut microbiome requires beneficial bacteria and protection against harmful bacteria. That is what a probiotic is for! While you can get probiotics from the food you consume, taking a probiotic supplement is just a convenient and easy way to protect your body even more. 

The second step in our wellness kit is Metaboliz. Metaboliz focuses on keeping your digestive system up and running throughout the day. Since it is recommended to take Metaboliz in the middle of the day, we went ahead and added natural ingredients that give you an extra boost of energy as well. 

The last step to our wellness kit is called Sexy & Slim. Sexy & Slim contains gut health enzymes aimed at helping your body properly absorb the nutrients in the food you consume and help you to break down the different macronutrients you are taking in. 

While all three of these supplements have different responsibilities, they all support you and your digestive health. Due to the digestive protection they offer, you are less likely to experience bloating when sticking to this wellness routine.

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