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These Workouts and Their Benefits for Healthy Living

While any and all workouts are beneficial for a person’s health, it is crucial to have variety in the types of workouts one participates in. If you are always doing the same type of workout, odds are you are neglecting certain muscle groups that would benefit from a different type of workout. A variation in workouts also decreases the chances of injury and helps to enhance the progress over time. Repeating workouts can also lead to boredom, and sometimes, people tend to feel less motivated due to the monotony of their workout routine. Today, we are going to highlight different types of workouts and their benefits for men and women’s health. 

The Difference Between Low-Impact and High Impact Workouts 

High-impact exercise refers to any exercise that requires jumping or running – hence anything that is hard on a person’s joint. On the other hand, low-impact exercise refers to any workout that has lighter movements such as walking or stepping – these exercises do not impact a person’s joints. Each type of exercise has their benefits including: 

High-Impact Exercises help to strengthen one’s bones. Bones act the same way as muscles in that they strengthen the more they are strained and challenged. High-impact exercises also tend to lead to a high calorie burn and can help with heart health due to the intensity that tends to go along with high-impact exercise.

Low-Impact Exercises put a lot less strain on your body, but can be just as strenuous as high-impact exercises. For example, swimming is considered a low-impact exercise, but done at a fast pace and without leisure, you can achieve burning calories at a similar pace to a high-impact exercise. Similarly to high-impact exercises, low-impact ones can help support heart and bone health. It can also help to support joint health, because it allows anyone who struggles with joint strain to still experience the benefits of exercise. 

Both types of exercise have their downfalls and benefits. This being said, there is an advantage to getting a mix of both types of exercise. Incorporating only one type in your daily routine can cause burnout or a lack of strength in areas that would otherwise benefit from having both. Every person and body is different in its capabilities and needs. The beauty is that we all get to decide the type of mix that is right for ourselves. If you are unsure, reach out to a physician to discuss the combination and types of exercise that your health would benefit most from. 

Low-Impact Workout Ideas and Their Specific Benefits

  1. Walking - Walking is often neglected as a form of working out, but is actually incredibly beneficial to one’s health. It can reduce your chances of developing heart disease, help you to maintain a stable weight, and can strengthen your muscles without strain. Walking is a wonderful choice to add to your routine, because it requires no additional equipment and can be done at any time of the day. Walking is a great way to reap the benefits of exercising such as boost in mood without having to dedicate yourself to a gym membership
  2. Swimming - Swimming can also help to support your heart health in addition to your lung and muscle strength. Due to the nature of swimming, your lungs begin to get stronger the more you swim, because of the amount of time and strength you are spending keeping yourself afloat. Swimming can be a great way to build endurance in a similar way to running without the added stress to your body that the jumping motion in running requires. 
  3. Cycling - Have you ever realized the lack of strain it takes to go a bike ride or to go cycling at the gym? Cycling is a great way to build endurance and get your heart pumping all from the seat of the bike. In recent years, group cycling classes have gained popularity and are a wonderful option for those looking to get into cycling. 
  4. Yoga - Yoga is the ultimate way to get flexible. Yoga classes and routines will take you through a number of different poses and exercises that will strengthen your body all while promoting flexibility. Due to the more relaxed nature of yoga, it can also be a great time to reflect. It can act as a workout for your body and your mind. 

High-Impact Workout Ideas and Their Specific Benefits 

  1. Running - Running is incredibly helpful in shedding calories and strengthening your heart. People also tend to note the mood boost that comes with running for prolonged periods of time. Similarly to walking, running is a great option for those looking for a workout that requires no added equipment. This being said, runners tend to be prone to injury due to the overuse of their muscles and joints. 
  2. Zumba - Zumba also will get your heart pumping, and can be a very enjoyable way to get your workout in. Zumba combines dancing and general workout methods to create an uplifting environment. If you are someone who struggles to stay dedicated to workouts, zumba might help you stay motivated due to the lightheartedness of it. 
  3. Soccer - When playing soccer, you are constantly running back and forth across the field. The aspect of running makes soccer a high-impact exercise that will help you to shed calories at a fast pace. For those who enjoy playing sports as part of their workout routine might want to consider adding soccer for their cardio. 
  4. Pickleball - Pickleball has recently gained popularity for its entertaining aspects and health benefits. Not only is pickleball a wonderful way to spend time with your loved ones, but it benefits your health in a similar way to other high-impact workouts. 

Taking care of yourself and monitoring your strength is important to remember when it comes to incorporating high-impact workouts into your routine. Burnout and injury can become commonplace if you choose to jump right into a high-impact workout routine too quickly. Men and women’s wellness requires awareness of one’s limits.

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