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The Yearly Reset With The Best Digestive Enzymes

We have made it to the last couple of days of 2023, and this last week gives us a chance to prepare ourselves to enter the new year feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Today, we are going to break down some ways you can reset your mind, body, and surroundings so that you feel fully prepared for what is to come. There is no better feeling than knowing you are giving yourself and your home that extra care it needs to feel content. 

Resetting requires reflection and acceptance of what has passed, and hope for what is to come. We have separated these reset activities between three different categories: your mind, your body, and your environment. So let’s dive in! 

Utilize These Rituals to Reset Your Body for the New Year

Get a Massage

Near the end of the year, our body is most likely experiencing peak stress. Stress can impact more than just our mental health. It can cause physical distress that is evident in the way our muscles become taut, our bodies become inflamed, and our digestive systems become blocked. Getting a massage can be a great way to relieve the stress and tension in your body in order to minimize these adverse effects. It is also a great form of self-care which is an essential part of all reset routines. 

Take A Moment to Meditate 

In order to understand the systems within the body that might be struggling, we must be able to get in tune with said body. The best way to do so is by meditating. Meditation offers a chance for self-reflection and to really feel what is going on around you as well as inside of you. When meditating, be sure to take extra note of the areas of your body that might be giving you discomfort and use this time to reflect on certain ailments you might have noticed over the past days or weeks. 

Have a Full Self-Care Day 

Self-care activities rest more than just your mind. They help with making sure your body is at a great starting point for the year ahead. Certain self-care rituals such as flossing, dry brushing, exfoliating, taking your bloating supplements, and/or nail trimming tend to get overlooked over the months. Now is a great time to do those self-maintenance activities you have been putting off. 

Narrow Down Your Vitamin List 

Have you been ignoring those symptoms that point towards a leaky gut? Taking your supplements such as top rated digestive enzymes can help guide you towards a healthier tomorrow. While these ailments will not be transformed overnight by said supplements, figuring out your supplement routine before the beginning of the year will help motivate you to actually follow the regime and in turn benefit your physical health. 

How to Prepare Your Mind for the Year Ahead

The end of a year can be quite a nostalgic moment, and if utilized correctly, can be a vital opportunity and catalyst for change. Be sure to use these last couple of days of the year to self-reflect and get in touch with your emotions. Here are two ways to prepare your mind for the year ahead. 

Write Down the Yearly Obligations 

Have you ever made it towards the end of a year only to realize you have fully neglected all of your doctors appointments? This can cause a great deal of anxiety, and that is why this year we are urging you to get ahead of this anxiety and write down all your yearly obligations. Certain tasks such as dentists appointments and yearly check-ups only have to be done a couple times a year, and planning these out ahead of time will make your life much easier. 

Decide What Your Priorities Are 

As humans, we sometimes try to tackle all of life’s complications at once, leading us to conquer none of them. In order to achieve quality success in certain areas of our lives, we must choose those that are worthy of our attention. In order to lead a more intentional and successful 2024, take the time this week to narrow down what you want to prioritize and focus on this year. Then, narrow down how exactly you are going to show these areas of focus the attention and dedication they need.

The Importance of a Clean Atmosphere and Tips of How to Achieve It 

Cleaning your personal environment is the last step to prepare yourself for the year ahead. Now that we have decluttered our bodies and minds, it is now time to declutter your space. A cluttered space will only contribute to adverse issues such as anxiety, lack of motivation, and irritability. Here are some steps to making sure your home is ready to support you in the new year. 

Get Rid of Unwanted Clothing or Items 

As the seasons change and our desire for new clothes and items increases, it is to no surprise that by the end of the year our closets and home areas are overflowing with items. This is a great time to go through your kitchen, room, and other areas and decide what should be donated in order to make room for new additions in the coming year. The lack of clutter will help to ease your mind and will motivate you to use the things you do have and want. 

Sanitize Your Areas

There is no reason as to why you should wait for the spring time to come around to clean. This week is a great time to really get into cleaning mode and clean those areas of your home you have neglected. Turn on some music and make it an event rather than a chore! 

Go Through Your Products 

From kitchen supplies to skincare, there might be some empty bottles laying around that should be in the trash. Go through your different products and really ask yourself if you see yourself using said product in the next year. This will help you to better understand the products that are worth repurchasing and which ones were simply impulse buys. 

Organize Your Storage

The storage areas of one’s home are the ones that tend to overflow with those items that we only look at once or twice a year. Try and go through these areas and really organize them so that when the time comes that you need a certain item, you will know where to look. 

These are just small steps you can take to prepare yourself for the year ahead. Doing these activities in the coming weeks will really transform those first weeks of the year from planning mode to active mode! Why wait until January 1st to transform your routine and your life?

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