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The Women’s Wellness Travel Guide

With 2023 well underway, you might be thinking about that mid-year getaway you have planned. In theory, vacations should be a time to relax and unwind, but sometimes the time leading up to a trip can become stressful. We have compiled a list of ways you can better prepare your mind and body for your trip ahead, as well as some must-haves to pack in your carry-on

How to Best Prepare Your Mind For Your Next Vacation 

1. Create Boundaries 

It can become second nature to make yourself readily available to those in your life during your day-to-day routine; especially those with whom you work with. However, added stress and responsibilities is the last thing you want before heading out for vacation. Within reason to your specific life, make sure that you are not taking on added responsibilities and expectations during your trip, as this will only cause you to have to focus on work when you should be soaking in your vacation time. If you tend to be someone who cannot fully unplug, it might be prudent to leave your laptop at home.

2. Exercise Regularly Before Your Trip 

Exercising helps our mind release endorphins, and can help us to exert any excess stress we might be experiencing. This will be especially helpful those days leading up to your trip, because it will leave your mind at ease and generally happier than you would feel otherwise. A pre-vacation workout routine can also help you to achieve quality sleep. Sleep deprivation can significantly decrease the quality of your trip. Help increase your natural energy levels, and achieve better sleep by getting your body moving that week before you head out. 

3. Prepare Your Surroundings 

With the hustle and bustle that comes with packing, our personal spaces can become cluttered and disarrayed. The last thing you want to be worrying about while on your trip is the enormous load of laundry that needs to get done upon your arrival home. Instead, try to leave your personal spaces as tidy as possible, so that you can leave with a clear mind, and arrive home to a clean environment. 

4. Make a Checklist 

Vacations take preparation, supplies, and sometimes even grunt work. It can all feel overwhelming; especially if you leave it for the last minute. Try making a checklist ahead of time from your trip to avoid getting overwhelmed from all the little details that need to be taken care of. 

How to Best Prepare Your Body For The Vacation Ahead 

1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! 

Hydration is something that should be prioritized consistently throughout a person’s life, but especially before a trip. A person who is dehydrated is more likely to experience constipation, dizziness, fatigue, mind fog, and inflammation. These symptoms will interrupt a person's vacation time. When traveling, we are thrusted out of our daily routines, so even if you are someone who is an avid water drinker, odds are this will become more challenging to stay dedicated to during a trip. Make sure you are prioritizing hydration before, during, and after your trip. 

2. Take a Probiotic Supplement 

A supplement for bloating that contains probiotics will help your body gain the defenses it needs to protect and strengthen your gastrointestinal system. Probiotics are live microorganisms that act as beneficial bacteria to the gut, and can help to combat any harmful bacteria that might be built-up in the gut. In general, probiotics are essential to creating a healthy digestive process, which is why it can be a great way to prepare your body for the trip ahead. 

A new environment outside of your home means that you will be eating out more and consuming foods your body is unfamiliar with. This is bound to cause some disruption in your normal digestive process, but having a supplement that helps with bloating such as Probiotic Renu will make all the difference. 

3. Support Your Immune System 

The stress and reduced sleep quality that comes with traveling can really take a toll on your immune system. In order to avoid getting sick from your adventures, make sure that you are strengthening your immune system beforehand. Taking vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc supplements can be a great way to boost your immunity levels. You can also take a more natural route and incorporate these vitamins and nutrients into your meals leading up to your trip. Yogurt, citrus fruits, and ginger are all great immune-boosting ingredients that are sure to brighten up any meal. 

The Items That You Need In Your Carry-on For Your Next Trip 

In hopes of making your packing an easier feat, we have compiled a list of the wellness items that we consider essential to pack in your carry-on. 

1. Greens packets 

Have you seen the packaged powders that contain vitamins and nutrients from different vegetables and greens? While these packages do not give you the same nutrients that real vegetables and greens would, it is a great option to boost your health while on-the-go, especially if you are going to be having long travel days. 

2. Travel packed supplements 

Supplements can be a hassle to pack, but should be prioritized due to their health and wellness benefits. We recently launched our travel pouches where you can store your supplements to avoid having to take the whole bottle of supplements on your trip. Not only are these travel pouches efficient, but aesthetically pleasing, making them the best vitamin-storing option! 

3. A book or journal

Stashing your favorite book or a journal in your carry-on can be a lifesaver on vacation. If you are ever in need of a stress reliever, you can turn to the book in your bag for an escape, or use your journal to write out your thoughts. 

4. On-the-go Snack 

Avoid experiencing mood swings from a lack of nutrients by stashing your favorite on-the-go snack in your bag. When traveling, you never know when disaster might strike, and you do not want to be left stranded in a situation without any sort of food. 

Vacationing should be a time for relaxation and enjoyment, and we hope that we have helped relieve any pre-travel stress you might be experiencing! 

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